Gen.G to hand T1 their first loss of the split – LCK Spring Week 7 – News

LCK is entering the final third of the split this week. In this preview, we will be looking at the rematch between T1 and Gen.G, and another bonus match. Faker and the crew are still undefeated this season. Will they lose their first series?
The second series we will analyze is an important one for playoffs between Fredit Brion and Nongshin RedForce, as both teams are currently sitting 4-8 and fighting for the last place in Playoffs. Let’s jump right into it!
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Gen.G will have a second chance to fight against the number 1 in the LCK T1. Chovy and his team are hoping to close the gap in the standings, as they are currently behind with a 10-2 record. In Week 6, Gen.G easily swept both DRX and NS, signaling that the team is performing well.
Last time, Gen.G had a COVID situation with their players when playing against T1: Doran, Peanut and Lehends all could not play. As a consequence, Gen.G could do little to fight T1. This time around, however, the series will be a lot closer.
All eyes will be in the mid lane: Chovy will face the legendary mid laner Faker in one of the most anticipated matchups in the LCK. Whoever prevails in that lane will likely swing the series in his team’s favor. Expect high priority champions like Corki and Akali on the ban list, as well as Twisted Fate. Denying global presence will be the focus.
The other hype matchup is without a doubt the bot lane: two of the very best from the LCK will finally face off. Based on current form, Keria has been the most consistent player on T1, and his shotcalling has also been extremely clean. While I think Gumayusi and Ruler are on equal footing, I think that Keria is a tier above Lehends.
It’s really hard to make a call on this series, especially considering how meaningful the results would be. On one hand, T1’s win would almost likely guarantee them a first place finish, while for Gen.G it would mean that they have the potential to become champions. With that being said, draft will play a huge role: getting more power picks than the enemy will be the key to victory for both teams.
If I have to make a choice, I would go for Gen.G. I think that they have worse macro, but are way more motivated then T1 to earn a win this series.
Below you can find the best LoL odds for the series:
Fredit Brion and Nongshim RedForce will face each other in their second head-to-head of the LCK 2022 Spring. Last time out, Fredit Brion won 2-1. However, Nongshim had played with a substitute mid and bot, while also having Ghost (starting ADC) playing as support.
This time, NS should have all the main starters and by looking at their roster, they should have a much easier time beating BRO. Canna should prevail on Morgan in the side lane, especially now with the Hullbreaker meta: NS can pull off much better splitting. Morgan haven’t played Graves this split so far, while Canna has shown to be very comfortable on it.
BRO’s main win condition is its mid laner Lava, with both junglers playing for its mid laners. The two most powerful picks for the two mids are Corki for Lava and TF for Bdd: I’m expecting both teams to ban each other out. Therefore, we might get hard-scaling mages like Viktor, Ryze and Azir in the mid lane.
As for bot lane, I think that Ghost and Peter have shown quite a strong laning phase during the split. I think the two bot lanes are on a similar level, but whoever gets Jinx (if open) will have a slight advantage overall. Having said that, I’m giving this series to NS: they have more flexibility in their drafts and they’ve shown better performance in the last weeks.
Attention: odds haven’t come out yet, so we’ll add them once they are available.
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