George Hotz | Programming | tinygrad: on the Google Coral Edge TPU | geohot/edgetpuxray | part 2

StrawHatFleet: hi george tanoshiizo: yo Garduaf: PotFriend supimchaz: big pimps Mordeous: o/ Orped: hey @georgehotz brandesgracadao: hey geo hicaro____: bro, have you ever felt burnout? ShadyBytes: About to build the tiny corporation pimpmastashaft: nice merch baby_knight5: what macbook does George use? Anyone know? grecky_boh: hey my favourite streamer Knigh7z: python DansGame EdwardApollo: nice hat NextFX_: A Monday stream wow jaime_10a: no more , dingleb3rr135: How’s my favorite engineer? dothrakiwore: bro this add are killing momentum oluckyman: hi guys codinguseto: Happy helloween brysonreece: Saw you were leaving Comma on HN! iuthi7ve: emailed you a portal urmomsfavkid69: @shadybytes that's actually not a bad idea codepour: One more chance for Coral? br1anwiz: interesting blog post the other day george hamburglarboyz: ^ jaime_10a: good luck on your new journey gcamposl: hello trapper StrawHatFleet: verge is a joke TocVic: <3 jaime_10a: LUL rara101_: @georgehotz its amazing how u started as a hardware guy first and then broke into software rara101_: salute man baby_knight5: @georgehotz what macbook do you use bro sc0d3r: FallWinning FallWinning bellum128: hasHmm urmomsfavkid69: George reading news??? LarryCapoIla: Explain yourself @georgehotz !!! avrong: Comm ai? EdwardApollo: I wish I didn't agree.

I'm hoping that blog post isn't the death throes of comma. Is the ship sinking? brysonreece: What field are you iterating on next? Metaverse? /s jaime_10a: did you have any issues the last weeks? vieveks: heyy George , fan from India Quexller: Yea m_cs_me: george is popular enough that the verge covers his blog posts? oof grecky_boh: hey my favourite streamer rara101_: @georgehotz its amazing how u started as a hardware guy first and then broke into software gliched_robot: wait stream on weekdays. Are you taking a break from work? princeamir__k: What are your thoughts on Andrew Tate? Eskpil: it made me watch three ads tsodinCry sc0d3r: Yo our bro Elon bought Twitter gartenza: Do you track stats on your blog? How many hits you getting a post? Curious.

Rara101_: @georgehotz you were a hardware guy first right? tulkascodes: @rara101_ I mean I assume the inverse is harder blasio115: LUL ikki1100: lol mongidawg: LUL darkpolyrhythms: LUL BarlowTwin: Are you aware or Professor Andreas Gieger’s self driving lab in Germany ? threecoff: interested in these low powered TPU things supimchaz: based dothrakiwore: he is pornstar LarryCapoIla: Imagine this team: George Hotz, John Carmack, Karpathy… ez AGI rara101_: @georgehotz you were a hardware guy first right EdwardApollo: Is your blog post the death throes of comma? Or are things in a solid place and it will spread it's wings w/o you? rara101_: what u know about boolean logic and logic gates? nudax: god evening! kilian_de: woop woop smurfd0: wooho 311 vieveks: did you hear andrej karpathy lex podcast ?? headsofclouds: Thoughts on John Tyler, 10th president 1841 to 1845? br1anwiz: so hyped for new error messages! jaime_10a: blazingly fast jjccccccj: did u watch karpathy at lex fridman? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Full time streamer Pog enot1kson: @princeamir__k we don't care about losers here EdwardApollo: I just bought that beautiful Crosscountry , I want it to win aciddudexxx: hi daddy george argosopentech: CPython 3.11 is faster like you wanted, better error messages too.

Tenvelden: rip rara101_: @georgehotz cant believe u have up ur job at google smfh rick_jamezzz: 3.11 is out already codepour: Comma just moved into a mansion HimanshuDotSh: lel rara101_: i would never quiet a google job to start a company coffeemixer41: !commands phelixtaken: 7 mil oof EdwardApollo: tbh, as long as the trajectory looks good ngl I agree with you leaving. You're a stubborn mf πŸ˜… pimpmastashaft: youre just the puppet. jk Fortidei: Adeeb CEO? rara101_: @georgehotz cant believe u have up ur job at google smh aciddudexxx: sell more coma bodies sc0d3r: how does he see those text I am on 27 and I cant see shit j0ebee_: j0ebee_ subscribed with Prime.

They've subscribed for 8 months! silentdribbler: revealing nuimbers just like this malmeani: George StrawHatFleet: start comma 4 jaime_10a: but werent you the walking ad? aciddudexxx: coma body 2 malmeani: why not do liquid cooling for your data center? nytherino: is this mac new? gliched_robot: everyone fires employees, gorge steps out himself gigachad phelixtaken: what scaling do you use on your monitor? is_php_vegan: yo bro, have a nice day. hope you took the sink with you from Major_Spicy: Fk Amouranth, Georgehotz is online Pog LarryCapoIla: There are infinite X… some people just get stuck in circles codepour: @jaime_10a He could be until Comma was small. As it gets bigger it needs a different mindset at the leadership level BarlowTwin: Did George leave comma ? yigitcanayaz: How you don't know Andrew Tate? He's the best Machine Learning Engineer that I know. aciddudexxx: can you send me a comma body pls dunstableramsay: @BarlowTwin yep! his diva post is on github ignStonechat: hi πŸ˜€ sc0d3r: @yigitcanayaz Kappa VennKoan: i'm not happy unti my commute is just nap time SchaumPartyBesucher: ok u like doing the 80% but not the remaining 20%. i understand yigitcanayaz: I won't work for you.

I will work for Andrew Tate. The Top G. jaime_10a: do you still own it though? EdwardApollo: the long tail is a bitcg iedude5555: Yo @georgehotz from Cape Town, South Africa! Huge fan of your work. pimpmastashaft: elon is gonna fire people. george fired himself kilian_de: normal ppl = trash πŸ˜€ dogukanburda: fcuk normal people dunstableramsay: SwiftRage NORMIES R DUM phelixtaken: what scaling do you use on your monitor? supimchaz: me normal me eat whopper LarryCapoIla: Key engineers leaving self driving projects…

Not very assuring for that future to happen dr0ptable: zero to one is an excellent book AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Will you become a rapper now VennKoan: but the comma body was like a .1 nudax: so what is the next project? jdmehl0: heresy UserNameThe3rd: Are you like zuck with supershares? c0smicsag3x: oreo is disgusting vieveks: you took me outa depression coffeemixer41: the whopper is better than anything from McDonald's imo br1anwiz: what do you want to do with your newfound time? Honnedietonne: is it very asynchron? EdwardApollo: tbf normal people do suck dunstableramsay: @georgehotz u see the hacker news discussion on your post? u care? smurfd0: stream done πŸ˜‰ LarryCapoIla: Your screen resolution is too high, I can't see crap even with 5K 27" screen…

Urmomsfavkid69: Zuck em jmadzen: Did you listen to the latest Lex podcast with Karpathy? knickerbockerr: Zucc him rardev: it's not a mistake if you wait long enough /copium Major_Spicy: COPIUM c0smicsag3x: will george the 14th also own comma? grinsepilz: there are bigger mistakes RokosBasiliskk: yo wassup george hello everoyna silentdribbler: just average down now Kappa br1anwiz: George od'd on copium statiegeld123: im considering buying meta stock now its cheap jaime_10a: now seems like a good bet to buy gliched_robot: did you test the 3.11 python. I am really excited about the direction python is going motor_city_cobra: The "normal people" have become animals. You can blame them but you can also blame the well to do for not giving them a coherent direction. knickerbockerr: Arbitrum szn starting soon boys AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: jhahahaha EdwardApollo: wow ^ abdul0044: when is random time questions so we can flood you with questions LarryCapoIla: Vine is coming back under Elon!!! tiredbeaver: @rara101_ lol tanoshiizo: HUH dunstableramsay: @rara101_ sports12GotEm sc0d3r: shit LUL codepour: Npw you can pay 20 dollars a month for a blue check blasio115: LUL aciddudexxx: good form elon headsofclouds: Introduce a little anarchy into the system tiredbeaver: elon is cringe StrawHatFleet: will elon be chinas puppet? ofboydak: maaan, elon just posted conspiracy site supimchaz: yo wtf Droiagon: George Twitter CTO inc dunstableramsay: monopoly on information?? wtf does that even mean? Major_Spicy: Mods? monkaS hurzg: free information for a free world JeanFrag: AYOOOOOOO AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: bruh marschr: zuck got too much into the "dump money into remote tech" but ar/vr is waay down the road tiredbeaver: @rara101_ LOL UserNameThe3rd: NYT opinion pieces are actual garbage god_of_that: but arn't you better positioned to tackle AGI with comma super comp? grinsepilz: now elon has the monopoly phelixtaken: what scaling do you use on your monitor? genn2k: LUL aciddudexxx: mods sleeping on both ears headsofclouds: Pretty much all news media is in a bad state rn jaime_10a: have you met him? VennKoan: China can give preferential tax treatment gliched_robot: mods JensWoeste: Bloomberg/Reuters has a monopoly on financial market data.

Total gatekeeping by the financial industry EdwardApollo: god wtf are these br1anwiz: we need some mods yigitcanayaz: Are you conservative threecoff: damn this is a big collection of cock ascii aciddudexxx: I can mod george sc0d3r: @threecoff LUL nidaleejungler: holy viewer count nidaleejungler: what's going on grinsepilz: don't feed the troll guys tiredbeaver: @rara101_ yes sc0d3r: does George see the chat? sc0d3r: LUL gliched_robot: is path towards AGI exponential? or linear? omarbadraaan: Mods… sc0d3r: at all abdul0044: isnt comma body like a new high leverage project where you can work on ? qq818: are you gonna flip burgers now? jaime_10a: depending on what human you compare to AGI is already here yigitcanayaz: β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ”€β”€β–€β”€β”€ β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–“β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–„β–„β–€β–€β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β–„β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–‘β–„β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ ░░░░░░░▀▄─▄▀▒▀▀▀▄▄▀──DO─ β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–€β”€β”€β”€YOU─ ▒▒▒░░░░▄▀▒░░░░▄▀───LIKE─ β–“β–“β–“β–“β–’β–‘β–ˆβ–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–„β”€β”€β”€WHAT─ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–€β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–€β–„β”€β”€β”€YOU── β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–€β–„β”€SEE?── β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–“β–“β–’β–’β–’β–€β–€β–€β–ˆβ–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ β–“β–ˆβ–ˆβ–“β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ β–“β–“β–ˆβ–“β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–“β–’β–’β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€β”€ β–‘β–’β–’β–€β–€β–„β–„β–„β–„β–ˆβ–„β–„β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€ RagePit_: you hear back from openai? threecoff: they let you use the bathroom atleast 3 times I heard dogukanburda: dogukanburda subscribed with Prime. supimchaz: im thinking about building a cabin and peacing out tiredbeaver: @yigitcanayaz lol AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: this chat bro StevenTijpels: wait is 18$ an hour low? urmomsfavkid69: no, not that.

Ffs origindota: @RagePit_ what did he ask openai? BarlowTwin: Did George live comma ? Why this new job chat UserNameThe3rd: Amazon might lead the way with automation with the turnover they’re at sc0d3r: LUL this chat is nuts EdwardApollo: I'd have to imagine like with anything AI related, it starts linear and then slows down asymptomatically hernani_fb: there are no mods? Oldst3r: no mods LUL motor_city_cobra: Do you think there is any alternative or enhancement to Markov Decision Processes? knickerbockerr: Bro ur so high nudax: you look healthy, good to see you.

Spectraa_2: get some mods holy shit gcamposl: geo, show your setup plz jaime_10a: What about Stability AI LarryCapoIla: They are scared you'll steal everything haha tiredbeaver: @rara101_ relax bro sedaboni95: How do you started? RokosBasiliskk: intern πŸ˜€ UltraScientism: nice moderation oluckyman: @georgehotz could you please zoom in the terminal little bit more deadpool_reynolds: what the.. gcamposl: geo, show your workstation plz pauloreloy: some stupids sending porn ascii art man jdmehl0: No secrets in AI. That's stupid dunstableramsay: i trusted your shitty takes on protein folding and now i lost my PhD fellowship hernani_fb: yha get some mods AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @georgehotz send that giuy to the shadow realm Zurree: oh my thats HUGE Kreygasm gcamposl: geo, show your setup plz grinsepilz: don't feed the troll guys pimpmastashaft: it's mostly rara Orped: lol sc0d3r: no the entire chat is high Kozie1337: LUL br1anwiz: Thank you!! sansquick: @cmyuiosu c0smicsag3x: thank you kozgn: LUL javascriptfoe: Is he high or am i Bitcoin__: LUL AliBahrawy: savage gliched_robot: thank you coffeemixer41: finally abdul0044: isnt comma body like a new high leverage project where you can work on ? jaime_10a: EZ ban kilian_de: banned from live aritter2: Will tiny corp be open source? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol deadpool_reynolds: at least he won something Droiagon: he cant post not even 70 years from now? tulkascodes: scroll up there's more grinsepilz: LUL chalant_: want to build my ML instantiation for sharessss urmomsfavkid69: #start_tinycorp gcamposl: geo, show your setup/workstation plz HurricaneFP: What are the thermals like on the comma 3 motor_city_cobra: Do you think there is any alternative or enhancement to Markov Decision Processes? jaime_10a: HUH Droiagon: Do what elon does and hire a CEO EdwardApollo: Who will run comma during your leave? omarbadraaan: Hey George can you mute @yigitcanayaz too he's spamming the bs as rara? rick_jamezzz: I remember that stream lol so bad dunstableramsay: @georgehotz did you check out hacker news today? pimpmastashaft: nice autumn colors javascriptfoe: Lookin good foti_kasparov: Is Karpathy at Comma a possible scenario? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL abdul0044: arent you more excited to work on atoms than bits ? kaygee195: Sup Hotz AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: yes! StrawHatFleet: yes jaime_10a: sounds fun aciddudexxx: yes statiegeld123: yes motor_city_cobra: Do you think there is any alternative or enhancement to Markov Decision Processes? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @georgehotz debunk them! dunstableramsay: yeah Hacker News comment introspection / psychoanalysis foti_kasparov: foti_kasparov subscribed with Prime.

They've subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 1 month streak! celebrations s4ndmaan: you look beautiful aciddudexxx: @s4ndmaan thank you jagger_rsw: karpathy or carmack EdwardApollo: Karpathy is incredible vieveks: did you see karpathy lectures?? 0xcap: br1anwiz: would you ever do a lex podcast again? 0xcap: not even the creator RokosBasiliskk: i guess he'll go back to tesla sound like that in Lex dunstableramsay: geohot have you been working out WOW damn dude tulkascodes: maybe u can work with carmack for a while jaime_10a: How do you see Tesla dropping Ultrasonic? sedaboni95: What do you think about stability of DL methods? javascriptfoe: King s4ndmaan: you know what else is beautiful? Taylors new ALBUM EdwardApollo: I agree wholeheartedly.

You're a stubborn mf sometimes πŸ˜… UltraScientism: is that even feasible in terms of regulation liability etc? dunstableramsay: @s4ndmaan Yes! Taytay is fire! UserNameThe3rd: A true capitalist deepblue234: Hotz are you an askenazi JEW davidoniumz: So valid to think like that, keep it real dr0ptable: dr0ptable subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 8 months! marschr: basically, the rick n morty clip TrinidadHype: yoooo javascriptfoe: Sativa today ay pimpmastashaft: supply chain ish is boring codepour: Sounds something I heard at FAANG urmomsfavkid69: Make the world a better place Droiagon: unabomber vibes CHEETOBANDlTO: Come for the tech insights. Stay for the libertarian monologues silentdribbler: where do you see your self in the crazy / genius scale? the_vigilante: So who’s gonna be in charge of improving comma? motor_city_cobra: What is GPT-3 so intelligent? I wouldn't you expect the ramblings of a schizophrenic from a model that predicts the next word.

Mn2197: Why not build ML products for different industries like retail, healhcare, logistics etc ?? self driving car is hard AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: HUHH li0r: come to Twitter Kappa silentdribbler: yourself{ hiphopsucks: another celeb thread… foti_kasparov: Do you want Peace in the World? abdul0044: working on atoms vs bits javascriptfoe: Cap kaygee195: What’s next for you hotz after comma headsofclouds: 4chans all bots now nidaleejungler: stop lyinf qq818: sure thing mr hotz Kappa nidaleejungler: lying deepblue234: he is not jewish with HOTZ surname wtf vieveks: why don't you make a rocket now aciddudexxx: what do you think about ye afterworktech: I was thinking that I was listening to George when I was listening to Andrej. So many of the same idea's… dunstableramsay: Thoughts on Ye on Lex? Do you hang with Ye too? billy_keet: What if add more comment in your code ? EdwardApollo: what does being Jewish have to do with anything smurfd0: 1200 commits in tinygrad, nice pimpmastashaft: kanye, trump and elon own social media.

The holy trinity rick_jamezzz: Yea your attitude kinda sucks but people say the same about me so I can’t judge you UserNameThe3rd: We should start programming before things start going downhill jaime_10a: Opinion on Tesla dropping Ultrasonic sensors? Riqour: LOL jagger_rsw: have you already commented on twitter situation? πŸ™‚ rafaeltsan: @headsofclouds *feds blasio115: LOL BiscuitCoin: As a bot, I find that offensive. is_php_vegan: strong Rick Sanchez vibes.

Love it StrawHatFleet: Ye gang li0r: TRU threecoff: let sleeping ye's lie Riqour: are you a crip? princeamir__k: Scams exist not because there is Scammers but because of the idiots who buy those ideas CHEETOBANDlTO: George your consent to the social contract is implicit by living under it read John Locke Kappa Kappa Kappa urmomsfavkid69: i used to love kanye rturner29: lets get to coding jdmehl0: See the deep mind matrix multiplication paper? sansquick: goofy takes rardev: if comma could reliably report odometer readings and vins for all vehicles (even EVs) it could compete with products like calamp.

Working smart fleets are a huge pita atm RokosBasiliskk: are you gonna buy blue check on twitter? πŸ˜€ iedude5555: Yo @georgehotz from Cape Town,South Africa. Love your work! leq1t3: What u gonna do today? javascriptfoe: They’re hella in everyone else’s business like how do they have time br1anwiz: words are one of the few mediums we have to convey meaning RokosBasiliskk: πŸ˜€ grinsepilz: people take words from famous people to serious aritter2: they kick you out in 90 days automatically li0r: George will make his own check qq818: the blog post sounded a bit schizo AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lets debunk hn personality comments πŸ™‚ JMSWRNR: MAD TASTY Spectraa_2: go back to jailbreaking iphones dude foti_kasparov: What is your business model to make money with Tiny Company? motor_city_cobra: How much training will a cooking and cleaning robot need? GodzillaInFlippers: Any comments on Argo AI imploding? afterworktech: I love that cap! jagger_rsw: re twitter, would you like for it to improve, or to have a lot of fun watching elon trying? coolcake2: lol CBD for real? abdul0044: Alex is still at comma , right ? aritter2: do you add the M1 matrix instruction to tinygrad? vothegod: return of tomcr00se let's get it aciddudexxx: @coolcake2 I believe he said PCP supimchaz: zooted off that delta 8 UserNameThe3rd: @coolcake2 he lives in California what do you expect urmomsfavkid69: George taking over Facebook soon li0r: Twitter has to improve their videos compression, its fuked up argosopentech: Elon is bringing back Vine.

Headsofclouds: Ever heard of the fediverse? EdwardApollo: Lex Fridmans approach stairway_21: satisfaction PanTrakX: VoHiYo coolcake2: @UserNameThe3rd THC LUL javascriptfoe: Spittin Bars like a car rardev: isnt engagement the closest way quantify quallity? s4ndmaan: where is your Boston Dynamics DOG? dr3amup: musk needs money doe argosopentech: I want a social network that gives content not created in the last week. grinsepilz: LUL nima10khodaveisi: what do you think about decentralized social media? StrawHatFleet: 10x rapper headsofclouds: My advice for twitter would be to turn the whole thing into a fediverse instance driftwolrd: tomcr00se abdul0044: Alex is still at comma , right ? foti_kasparov: PEOPLE THRESHOLDING dr3amup: musk: "twitter better have my money" LarryCapoIla: Trump Unbanned ➑️ Engagement πŸ“ˆ motor_city_cobra: Do you think there is an aether? pimpmastashaft: the amount of notifications they send should be illegal DerAlch1m1st: tf is he talking about haha drwrapper: Twitter is just for Bots sc0d3r: @LarryCapoIla Thats muh boy Dracule_X: @rardev what is even quality? how do you measure it MoistVnLipwig: why i hate most a/b-tests argosopentech: I want an AI to block intrusive notifications.

EdwardApollo: Is there anyone you ever regret firing from comma? deepblue234: AI fact checker urmomsfavkid69: did comma become corp punk? abdul0044: i hope the comma team is still excited about the taco goal dunstableramsay: bro, go on Rogan and vent it all out – autonomous vehicles, AGI, censorship, normies … get it all out, my dude LarryCapoIla: I agree with Elon on not having permanent bans… maybe a year or two at most Tyl3r44: both sides Kreygasm headsofclouds: If you want to see what Twitter looks like behind the scenes just search β€œphone farm” on youtube argosopentech: Some of the context they give is actually useful, like inside jokes you're not privy too that you could misinterpret otherwise.

Notnwni: xdd StrawHatFleet: ban taliban atleast motor_city_cobra: Do you think we will be infants compared to GPT-7 and it will guide us and moderate all content anyway? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: isnt that putting too much meaning to words though like you said earlier smurfd0: … designed for good… rardev: @Dracule_X yea that was kinda my question. he said prioritize quallity instead of engagement but, how? DerAlch1m1st: huh? argosopentech: I would never want to run a company based on user generated content. rafaeltsan: When is the tomcr00se concert ? (since you are not full-time at comma anymore) anonyalpha: read your post on HN, most people admire you there RokosBasiliskk: should anybody be banned permanently on twitter? grinsepilz: people think that reality is black or white, but actually it's grey … so fact checking is hard s4ndmaan: yeah let's gooo aciddudexxx: ofc RokosBasiliskk: do cold war i like that one c0smicsag3x: ! javascriptfoe: @rokosbasiliskk yes lmaooo DerAlch1m1st: oh hell no i leave AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog rafaeltsan: damm right ! Raiwo: PogChamp StrawHatFleet: probably not i don't leave my room UltraScientism: all 20 of us dr3amup: steelmanning trump: he cares for at least some percentage of his family s4ndmaan: plaay Anti Heroii aciddudexxx: dropping out rn JeanFrag: no rmarrmarsbars: I'm in SD and I would foti_kasparov: College is free in EU billy_keet: What is your tag frequency ? motor_city_cobra: How good will GPT models get? li0r: what will "The Tiny Corporation" be like? br1anwiz: If you did a show no one would go for the music though.

It would be IRL twitch char MrKerow: do a freestyle over kanye type beat javascriptfoe: How old are you dunstableramsay: "And even if you are an atheist, you probably still accept the bible is the closest thing we have to a human origin story." – geohot, 2022 s4ndmaan: pls play swiftiiie for mee strangesometimes: @georgehotz don't you think that the self-driving cars industry is stagnating? Seems like it needs some new interim device/sensor before a new thing in CV happens. aritter2: sing about tiny corp DerAlch1m1st: now code something anonyalpha: talk about your post on your blog dude driftwolrd: tomcr00se x drain gang BootsForCats: 1000 or less employees motor_city_cobra: What's you favorite song right now? Do you like Beach HOuse? codepour: My Myself and I tiredbeaver: UserNameThe3rd: Tiny until its big typerf: three employees and of them being a cat threecoff: we chillin GodzillaInFlippers: Thoughts on Argo AI imploding? BiscuitCoin: When am I getting Tiny chips? li0r: more than 3 is too much imo s4ndmaan: Anti Hero is the way luxymore: george pls dunstableramsay: "high from CBD" – my 14 year old normie neighbor motor_city_cobra: Do you take creatine? It's the best.

LarryCapoIla: Do programming tutorials, that's the path for retired AI engineers afterworktech: Andrej talk with Lex was fire. tiredbeaver: bold to assume you're as smart as karpathy LUL Droiagon: more like Elon leaving Tesla StrawHatFleet: churchill hotz javascriptfoe: Just based on your two beverage choices I’ll infer you live in Los Gatos, CA typerf: It is time to sign Karpathy dunstableramsay: @StrawHatFleet SwiftRage dogukanburda: did you get bored from comma ? asking for both business and ai aspects abdul0044: so you are saying if taco drive doesnt work till EOY, you will setup a war room motor_city_cobra: A man of war reterritorialized deteritorialization itself.

PeepoFino: @georgehotz what is your favorite song and why is it summertime sadness? dunstableramsay: so in other words, you don't have the capacity to be the real ceo of a real company Droiagon: it is a nightmare, but you gotta hand it to Elon he is one of the few was able to make the transition anonyalpha: hahaha AstralPilot: LUL santi_264: lol peepoFino: that's me fr fr statiegeld123: lol afterworktech: too much Iam_Zenith: Damn is_php_vegan: based enricofreitasss: LUL Mordeous: george out! tbryan2: What blog was that fubsteru: LUL LUL motor_city_cobra: What personal projects do you want train on Comma's super computer? anonyalpha: did you burn comma? dunstableramsay: @Droiagon yep, after he was forced to by the courts.

poor guy just wanted to cash out on his Tesla stock s4ndmaan: Elon sold out RagePit_: you get any 4090s? nidaleejungler: you're way better than Elon Musk aciddudexxx: !blog UltraScientism: who owns it now? afterworktech: dogukanburda: asking again, how did you get bored from comma ?business or ai aspect grinsepilz: has comma to do with argo? robbsalm: Are massively parallel programms overhyped or Moore s law is slowing down c0smicsag3x: Will you target some Defi on stream then? javascriptfoe: Aye you keepin shit exciting and that’s dope li0r: 4090 is tiny pimpmastashaft: who owns the insurance on the hq lol? afterworktech: burning connectors on 4090s CHEETOBANDlTO: Everyone saying self driving has hit a wall. U agree??? peepoFino: I only care about the quality of my sugar PJSugar dunstableramsay: PS3 HACK WOOOOOO the_vigilante: Who’s the largest shareholder? StrawHatFleet: that haircut tho markalank: make it ra1n ldonteven: Hi George big fan ty for accepting add on linked in peepoFino: BibleThump c0smicsag3x: Will you target some Defi on stream now George? urmomsfavkid69: i hope to see the raw hacking mentality in the world rn.

Just building cool shit and chilling li0r: make it t1ny foti_kasparov: Have you thought about bringing Jim Keller in the Tiny Corporation? peepoFino: free ma boi kanye BibleThump Spectraa_2: my Big Brother saisunil2303: high AF mtasic85: Cheer5000 love you man, just read your blog post about comma. wish you all the best bro. afterworktech: you need to make sure that comma does not goes bad. CHEETOBANDlTO: @georgehotz Do u agree that self driving as a whole has hit a developmental wall? Twixasz: whats your networth Dracule_X: idk what an integral is dogukanburda: you dont have to care about any organization or formation dunstableramsay: ima start a Gofundme for you right now j0ebee_: Who's going to be the new CEO for Comma? BabyfaceKappa: 500-600k nothing KEKW ldonteven: First to crack sony as an individual vollous: How do you get money to live? Spectraa_2: -500$ lol marschr: gotta make thoses ASICs sc0d3r: What is the color of your Bugatti? is_php_vegan: 42069 stocks outstanding UltraScientism: @BabyfaceKappa 500-600k in bay area s0rrz: @BabyfaceKappa with his skills? yes motor_city_cobra: Should the robot's model be written in C++? RokosBasiliskk: you said you never cared about shipping product? what was that Desther123: did you tell your investors that you dont care about shipping? LarryCapoIla: Let's goo Lutefisk123: @Dracule_X You're missing out on an integral part of math, hahA StrawHatFleet: history BatChest supimchaz: yay UltraScientism: Algol Dracule_X: @Lutefisk123 good one lol aritter2: fortran is still cool peepoFino: greekReed ldonteven: best of luck knickerbockerr: Lfggg drwrapper: machine code is first typerf: don davidoniumz: Concentrated mode engaged TrinidadHype: smoketvNotes mtasic85: mtasic85 is gifting 10 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 10 in the channel! peepoFino: ah yes greekReed mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to MustiFreak! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to erverververv! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to stochastic_agent! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to SvenSupreme! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to the_vigilante! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to hicat_pl! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to phil800! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to CaptainAshtar! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to DagNabbit__! mtasic85: mtasic85 gifted a Tier 1 sub to hellphish! Lutefisk123: @Dracule_X πŸ™‚ peepoFino: dodged EZ Clap typerf: Don't forget LISP hellphish: @mtasic85 thanks!! afterworktech: @mtasic85 thank you for gifting subs mashafique: yoo @georgehotz looking good brother ldonteven: okie Dracule_X: C is a high level low level language RIDDLEguy111: if your departure means more streaming im all for it dunstableramsay: gifting subs in a multimillionaire's channel …

Ok… TusKaN_BaNaNas: TusKaN_BaNaNas subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months, currently on a 1 month streak! elcolumbio: and Rust? Iam_Zenith: IS there any one watching jeorge from Morocco ? ldonteven: C# Html? robbsalm: robbsalm subscribed with Prime. urmomsfavkid69: no python is blazingly fast bro Dracule_X: pseudocoish peepoFino: ah yes greekReed rafaeltsan: @elcolumbio LUL LUL LUL tiredbeaver: have you written Rust gliched_robot: transfer between computers ( same code different computer) that's the power. dunstableramsay: Compute peaked with Java javascriptfoe: @dracule_x and c++ is a low level high level language 🀣 stochastic_agent: Julia Pog ldonteven: ye python slow hurzg: isnt that supposed to be Julia? CHEETOBANDlTO: cython? is_php_vegan: cant wait for javascript of ml dunstableramsay: Jython ldonteven: does makelogical sense tiredbeaver: @is_php_vegan probably inevitable StrawHatFleet: Darksyde Phil? dunstableramsay: transformers are more than meets the eye ldonteven: does not with python matrix_multiplication: oh someone called me ? javascriptfoe: Imma wait for the snap of ML mtasic85: lol urmomsfavkid69: Go is the closest lang to a C and Python mix stochastic_agent: @mtasic85 Thanks my man dunstableramsay: @matrix_multiplication faster Faster FASTER motor_city_cobra: Have you heard of Deleuze? ldonteven: problem with neural networks rubbish in rubbish out foti_kasparov: Just imagine…Jim Keller and Jurgen Schmidhuber ldonteven: too many small picture thinkers leq1t3: Do you think comma will solve selfdriving without you? or do you think this is an unsolved problem? aritter2: jax is simpler drwrapper: What's the code for a medieval peasant boy whose lost? Dracule_X: is this function math notation.

Cartesian product of input and input? drwrapper: Page not found marschr: what about loihi and other ASIC archs? dunstableramsay: Zzzzzzzzzzzz kaygee195: You should focus on AGI now that you’re free from AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: i remember that mtasic85: ASIC almost like DSP tbryan2: I wonder if PyCaret will be the β€œC/Python level framework” youre talking about drwrapper: We just need a desktop robot, to do all our repetative work Dracule_X: @drwrapper cat girls are coming, it is inevitable zorg666: @mtasic85 frankly ASIC is too vague of a term to be very meaningful, a lot of substantially different things can be called ASICs jagger_rsw: is integer based neural network possible? or floats are somehow fundamentally needed? StevenTijpels: @drwrapper bash scripts? mtasic85: @zorg666 true peepoFino: greekReed drwrapper: I want an intellegent macro system ldonteven: tiny grad oky mo_askar: Tinygrad is simple, I am almost done with Cherry on FPGA zorg666: @jagger_rsw it is possible for inference, lookup quantization susboysam: susboysam is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 6 in the channel! susboysam: susboysam gifted a Tier 1 sub to jergrn! susboysam: susboysam gifted a Tier 1 sub to noobvincent! susboysam: susboysam gifted a Tier 1 sub to upperm0st! susboysam: susboysam gifted a Tier 1 sub to kamileeeon! susboysam: susboysam gifted a Tier 1 sub to oluckyman! ViggyTheBear: PogChamp pimpmastashaft: no fab vador96: mmmh how would you compute gradient then afterworktech: @susboysam thanks for gifting subs noobvincent: @susboysam Thanks for the gift sub! ldonteven: r u goign to hire from taiwan is_php_vegan: yeah, Karpathy tried to find backprop iplementation in Pytorch and he gave up on his recent stream s4ndmaan: and Qualcomm is not an option anymore leq1t3: They are talking about integer based ann i think ldonteven: u want a %contract? peepoFino: here EZ / DrFax: I am sure Hotz has family from Eastern Europe.

@georgehotz yunghummer: make another 3dfx gartenza: Spoke with Tenstorrent rep over zoom last week. They aren't even expecting to sell cards publicly for a year. "Coming soon"… peepoFino: EZ Clap ldonteven: I meant the fabs motor_city_cobra: How many x size and speed do you think a new ML chip can yield? With the low hanging fruit. aritter2: support Tenstorrent? ldonteven: im not close to ur level unfortunately just a noob patrick0d: what will the money be for? christoppherrr: Hello George, grettings from Poland javascriptfoe: Damn boi deepblue234: !uptime naomieo: halloween costume? dunstableramsay: is it better to have a ceo with some humility or 0 humility? mtasic85: lol s4ndmaan: how long will u still use Qualcomm chips AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol ldonteven: πŸ™‚ peepoFino: PJSugar deepblue234: sigma yunghummer: PokPikachu afterworktech: troll ldonteven: no abhisheksreesaila: lol aritter2: first you need a car with a door that opens vertically pimpmastashaft: whats the name of the yacht rafaeltsan: he don't sell out here ViggyTheBear: the bottom left reminds me of windows xp ldonteven: reinvest Gladius88: ill join to help with the spending on yachts and h…. ldonteven: agree cryptocod3: What kind of tensors are we torching today? stairway_21: does zuck have skill? jaydoe01: define skill motor_city_cobra: How many x size and speed do you think a new ML chip can yield? With the low hanging fruit.

Leq1t3: zuck has scales deepblue234: Zuck has higher G factor bIastwave: A great example of this is Floyd Mayweather dunstableramsay: George can't even afford shoes sadge TomatoePasta: Zuck can cook meats Dracule_X: zuck has skill at making and losing RIDDLEguy111: DansGame dunstableramsay: Zuck is pure charisma Dracule_X: dollarz afterworktech: watch Lex talking to Zuck you will learn what you are looking for motor_city_cobra: Facebook was a social network company in Boston before Mark Zuckerberg pretended to found it. aritter2: zuck can buy out all the houses around him s4ndmaan: zuck is an alien, who wants our souls peekaboh: fbi got him ldonteven: ergonomic chair nice physbuzz: So wait, "polyhedral computation" is a thing? Are we just talking as a subset of convex optimization -> machine learning? cryptocod3: looks 3d printed argosopentech: John Carmack is the GOAT! stochastic_agent: LUL the_vigilante: Who codes better between you and Vitalik? EdwardApollo: John Carmack is a G naomieo: toadphKek anonyalpha: when are you going back to Lex Fridman's podcast? dunstableramsay: Have you eve seen "Zuck" change from his lizard person form? peepoFino: u got rekt innit LULW aritter2: John Carmack is like the programmer from Ready Player One Cicaeda: As a VR dev, John Carmack actually doesn't always "get it" ViggyTheBear: i thought rockstar is working with meta for GTA SA VR afterworktech: You loose nothing if you never sell Pace_i: at least Tesla changed from sensors to cameras now i wonder who said that was better ldonteven: big corporation parabola principal dunstableramsay: @afterworktech *lose DrFax: Any relatives in the past from Eastern Europe? @georgehotz Dracule_X: i you never sell you lose 100% of the investment afterworktech: @dunstableramsay grammar police Dracule_X: if* ldonteven: humble kades__: hello george hotz VennKoan: Google Jax motor_city_cobra: How much size and speed do you think a new ML chip can yield? With the low hanging fruit.

Afterworktech: very cool argosopentech: Could you use something like AlphaTensor to decide how to sequence the operations? afterworktech: Apple M chips are magical the_vigilante: If you have more than 100 shares, you might wanna look into selling some covered calls, or even do the wheel strategy grinsepilz: is it in memory processing? torstenvwn: hi how are you? hows comma Ai doing hidden: What do you think are the chances for the Ravens winning the Super Bowl ? DrFax: Zuck them all M1s urmomsfavkid69: How fast is tinygrad on a 3090? FlyGuy49: Will this be on YouTube after? foti_kasparov: Hey guys! Is Karpathy also streaming or just posting regular videos? afterworktech: @FlyGuy49 yes afterworktech: @foti_kasparov as far as I know just youtube for now deepblue234: Zucc ihavethepower321: have you seen neural magic? foti_kasparov: @afterworktech alright thanks! smurfd0: VennKoan: I don't care about fast, I care if I can fit a larger model into the 24GB of memory is_php_vegan: @foti_kasparov just posting, no streams yet atomic_chambers: Is neural accelerator just a fancy term for faster dot products? kiprasMEL: kiprasMEL subscribed at Tier 1.

They've subscribed for 5 months! hi george! aritter2: yeah FlyGuy49: @afterworktech thanks, is there an easier way to read the comments than through the CC on the yt videos? kiprasMEL: @FlyGuy49 yea, sub on twitch & rewatch from here haha FlyGuy49: Ah, didn’t know you could do that. Thanks @kiprasmel afterworktech: @FlyGuy49 you can on youtube do like next to save three dots – show transcript it will show the chat on the right dunstableramsay: Is autonomous driving solved? AgresticNA: what kind of hardware do you have? jdmehl0: How do they get the 11 TF figure? aritter2: why use GPU instead of the neural engine? foti_kasparov: @georgehotz Does tinygrad support the new Matrix Multiplication from DeepMind paper? nytherino: did you see this ? mathiasmendozavargas: Hey George, what are your thoughts on Elon buying Twitter? Bitcoin__: Does Python 3.11 improve any factors of your project? the_lazyfish: what about cutlass ? Kultiviert: why did you quit comma ai mr.

Georgie BibleThump naomieo: is comma over? Almariing: hey πŸ™‚ afterworktech: chill comma still going grinsepilz: focus on tinygrad patrick0d: "tensor? I 'ardly know 'er" FlyGuy49: It’s explained in his blog post dunstableramsay: I know you won't leave autonomous driving until it's solved, just like Elon will be the last to cash out of Tesla. swsh: Is anything out there using AlphaTensor's algos to speed something up yet? laflamenotscott: just saw the news on HN yo dogukanburda: thats why you worked lazyloading so much ? peepoFino: MiniK dogukanburda: now getting it naomieo: LUL gartenza: Does the simplicity to add custom accelerators to Tinygrad lend itself more useful to inference or training or does it not matter? abitranis: hello there… stochastic_agent: Not enough business developers Kappa s4ndmaan: you are even hiring web people TocVic: <3 Mr_Yan19: melkeyFistPow sAi42: Hey! <3 grinsepilz: next "OSS is Dead" Zurree: Bruh i only know HTML mtasic85: ShowLove1000 dunstableramsay: @grinsepilz SwiftRage kiprasMEL: man that's so cool that these ops are composable. i don't know the math behind this but makes a lot of sense ihavethepower321: do you mind explaining what are kernels? iyajainfinity: What makes tinygrad better/different from otehr compilers like XLA? Many compilers do kernel fusion.

Atomic_chambers: And you fuse to 1 via lazy eval? UltraScientism: is this rediscovering full program optimization and inlining? atomic_chambers: Am I getting that right pimpmastashaft: hiring spiders s4ndmaan: @Zurree don't be a noob Zurree: Sorry dogukanburda: yes figured it out on sobel filter and gausian kernel nytherino: does that mean tinygrad also would have better precision? afterworktech: @mtasic85 thanks for the bits! gliched_robot: That's what Jax goes right ? s4ndmaan: @Zurree don't be sorry, do smth bout it dunstableramsay: honestly can't tell if he'd rather have talent or clout + sycophants. bye. atomic_chambers: Sick. Thanks for the explanation nytherino: cool dogukanburda: tinygrad dont compute on x.numpy() ? awllace: what was your last meal @georgehotz ? zorg666: XLA is way too complex Zurree: @s4ndmaan, Zurree: thats why im here boi atomic_chambers: Commanetes gliched_robot: Deepmind uses JAX aritter2: and JAX uses XLA NastyWASD: if hotz could make a game, what would it be? prosti221: yo george jib1337: Everything must use Kubernetes awllace: just started learning about kubernetes. im studying towards a google solutions architect certificate kiprasMEL: this "laziness" is used heavily used in haskell, they do the same "delaying until you actually need the value" urmomsfavkid69: kubernetes is too complex for no reason gliched_robot: Tiny will be huge dogukanburda: so whats next patrick0d: what does fulltime mean? what is your daily work schedule hours wise? afterworktech: Will you do that pull request for releases of tinygrad? No versions for now? petaz3ta: hi george prosti221: have you tried github copilot? s4ndmaan: could u work in infrastructure, if no one comes? xXthebigfoXx: How does cuda compilation work with LLVM? Does it compile to PTX? And how much control do you have on the final generated code? Can you manually specify group storage usage and such? nejintejag: Hope we get some more streams if you are going to work in tinygrad πŸ™‚ Always fun to have your wisdom.

Benkelly86: does this mean you're going to be streaming more??? πŸ™‚ afterworktech: ok aritter2: get Stable Diffusion faster than PyTorch on M1 afterworktech: tinygrad probably openpilot is still a long way from 1.0 or? nytherino: is there a roadmap for tinygrad? iyajainfinity: Meta got ~50% of peak theoretical FLOPs on an A100 (147 TFLOPs/GPU)with metaseq ( and no fancy compiler. jkfsda: what do you think about AVX512 for ML? s4ndmaan: talking is good, we need ai therapists abdul0044: are you still excited about taco run ? FlyGuy49: FlyGuy49 subscribed with Prime. benkelly86: love watching you work on this stuff, would be great if you did πŸ™‚ bsx1123: the verge piece started oke and then I got weird codepour: They try to shame everyone who doesn't give them a recorded interview BarlowTwin: any journalist in the chat, f u kngnz: @georgehotz is blockchain just a meme? smurfd0: one cant be good at everything.

You gotta know your strengths VennKoan: when I heard Carmack was leaving Facebook VR, I thought facebook was doomed petaz3ta: do you have a cat geo? afterworktech: you missed the call haha prosti221: uh oh aritter2: Carmack is so cool, he never really cared about whether he has a boss or not petaz3ta: cats always help peepoFino: monkaS li0r: News websites are mostly fake these days codepour: Bloomberg? aritter2: it's the tinycorp lawyer kiprasMEL: could u pull of a rahul ligma on the journos? Digz_0: MonkaS TriodePentode: Is it true that your the new twitter CTO? btester17: chat is more important than parasite journalists JuisVen: Is George leaving CommaAI? Digz_0: monkaS btester17: ignore those creatures gcb_drmario: you need to get on lex fridman again and look at his robots learningmachinelearning: Your mom afterworktech: wow kiprasMEL: Pog pitersk: prosti221: damn Kultiviert: LOOOOOOL smurfd0: congrats glotchimo: Pog jkfsda: pog aritter2: AMD should sponsor you…they still don't have a framework s4ndmaan: have you met Taylor yet? afterworktech: they want to shut you down probably before successful dogukanburda: luxonis ? larrytheroleplayer: george can you write me an algo to come up with better pick up lines Gladius88: u need to change the name, "tinygrad" has no gravitas naomieo: toadphHypers hamdaslimi: why is tinygrad so attractive to companies optimization wise @georgehotz smurfd0: 1200+ commits atomic_chambers: @larrytheroleplayer Use gpt lmao afterworktech: aritter2: afterworktech: go star peepoFino: tiny george greekDitch greekDitch zakk_ichosedtwitch: timeout SgT_Vimes: Stocks for stars? b4l4g3: which one is your favorite programming language? nejintejag: Lets do some Coral Edge Tpu stuff !!! abhisheksreesaila: tinygrad is a great great.learning tool; whenever i need learning from scratch, this is the place to go! LotusPixiee: oof Lettnem_: Caffe2 peepoFino: nice OpieOP zakk_ichosedtwitch: timeout larrytheroleplayer: I'm working on a program called Hot or Not: It's for dads to post pictures of their thermostats and other dads can judge if it needs to be turned up or down smurfd0: who remembers the punch cards πŸ˜‰ glotchimo: DansGame lemmywemmy: DansGame faeth1x: lmfao RokosBasiliskk: πŸ˜€ s4ndmaan: george disconnected from the channel aritter2: Tesla was using Caffe output glotchimo: DansGame PISS STREAM faeth1x: @larrytheroleplayer link to donate pls aritter2: for the hardware peepoFino: why are we dansgaming DansGame malateman: @georgehotz does the comma body have an eating disorder? It looks kind of anorexic ngl glotchimo: DansGame now wash your hands JoaoRuss0: What do you code on? And what do you compile on? (spec/hardware-wise) prosti221: that was a wild twitter moment LuL thevil0ne: I'm fat kngnz: scales are oppresive aritter2: M1, he said it JoaoRuss0: Oh thx aritter2: I guess with external monitor JoaoRuss0: and specs of the other pc he ssh's into? afterworktech: Apple dongle hell atomic_chambers: Must suck being a celebrity having to constantly change everything you say or do to get clout and acceptance glotchimo: 4Head just have the right cables s4ndmaan: @thevil0ne workout urmomsfavkid69: Do u think a fully distributed internet is possible? malateman: what food did you get? theketix: How can computers be real if our eyes aren't real? afterworktech: please stay on topic or timeout neonnn1337: !tinygrad afterworktech: topic Coral Edge Tpu stuff nytherino: did the llvm backend improve tinygrad's performance? aritter2: @nytherino it won't be faster than GPU nejintejag: What are we looking at? Googles edge TPU library? abhisheksreesaila: tinygrad – also a great education tool! just easy to consume.

Cryptocod3: Will this stuff be suitable for fpga's? smurfd0: tinygrad: adding support for google coral? (stream saturday) | Edge TPU (the geohot archive ) cucker: @georgehotz have you looked at NNFS (dot) io? legit source for NNs? zakk_ichosedtwitch: !key McBainTS: McBainTS subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months! notafacto: hey do you ever save vods like somewhere else? BarlowTwin: did TSMC reach out too ? malateman: @notafacto search geroge hotz archive on youtube. a fan archives most of his streams hamdaslimi: @malateman I thought he owned that youtube channel himynameischungus: When will the Tiny company start hiring? zorg666: @BarlowTwin that wouldn't make a lot of sense because TSMC is very careful to not compete with their customers afterworktech: @himynameischungus no hiring only if special people contact George SurfCat: bazel install NotLikeThis malateman: @hamdaslimi nah, it's a fan. it's unofficial afterworktech: at least the coral did not break yet tincan47: tincan47 subscribed at Tier 1. L1ghtxyz: does tinygrad take advantage of hardware acceleration for neural nets in phones? abhisheksreesaila: you still be involved in comma? but not day to day? dogukanburda: it was paradox109: uhh f? zorg666: yeah if memory servres tflite is a folder in the tensorflow repo prosti221: big drops SurfCat: Well stream is chugging I guess we are getting packages LUL afterworktech: is the cpu at 100%? stream a bit laggy tactiledactyl: Yo in your blog post you mention that most people would agree that the bible is the closest thing we have to an origin story.

But there are hundreds of origin stories all with a different mythology NastyWASD: fisher price PC smurfd0: the old stream had this as link with api refs and some downloads colincalvert: [stream cuts out] "Did you know about that trick?" LarryCapoIla: @afterworktech only 100% mine gets to 400% sometimes NastyWASD: that;s what happens when you use python and not c++ malateman: yo dawg, i heard you like building CaptainAshtar: HeyGuys tincan47: @susboysam ali not momammed Bioaim7: what piano do you have? @georgehotz nytherino: to check cpu/ram stats CaptainAshtar: crunchy prosti221: so much green Kreygasm aritter2: @ninjhe not yet, but the shorts were cool tiredbeaver: @prosti221 lol afterworktech: Reminder stay on topic Coral Edge TPU stuff or you might get a timeout.

UltraScientism: webcam is lagging due to cpu starvation BarlowTwin: should I tell a guy in TSMC to reach out ? Novchok: are you using the GPU or CPU right now? afterworktech: stream running at 10 fps right now FlyGuy49: stream as crunchy as those chips AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog dogukanburda: .exe and .msi are leap for humanity li0r: the DREAM Jameljami11: Im just starting to make my own projects while im learning python and it feels like there is such a large wall in front of me haha PanTrakX: @FlyGuy49 LUL dogukanburda: cmake this make -j4 that bazel dat NastyWASD: @afterworktech don't tell me how to think man prosti221: I hope they continue to release the weights jkfsda: free micro kernels Bitcoin__: Does Python 3.11 improve any factors of your project? RokosBasiliskk: alot dogukanburda: bro just drag the dmg to applicatiions adellphos: when did you start work on tinygrad? it was this year? prosti221: I think he started working on it on stream malateman: not allowed to mine crypto on servers so I just compile the linux kernel over and over to get high utilization hamdaslimi: is StabilityAI meta winding down X4vi3rG: hello from France grushka00: @adellphos 2020 i believe afterworktech: @adellphos yes 2 years tripcloth: george if they launch the nukes will the aliens save us SurfCat: It's been like 2 years now, you can see it on the gh repo adellphos: nice kiprasMEL: toggle line wrapping CaptainAshtar: NotLikeThis nytherino: clang shit? malateman: george's halloween stream is being jump scared by build errors kiprasMEL: g++ -std=c++14 ? afterworktech: please stay on topic Coral Edge TPU stuff or you might get a timeout.

Melg1: memory ola63: std D: patrick0d: whats a .cc file? ChichiNcZ: i love c++ xXthebigfoXx: are you building c++11? aritter2: is it the good c++ version? FlyGuy49: hope it aint as bad as building the open source fpga synthesis toolchain LUL felgueres: Do you use feature flags at comma? What are your thoughts on continuous integration ? smurfd0: have you built ruy? 2sin54: Finally no sub mode. Sub modes are boring roger_gasmas: what do you think about argo ai? have you heard what went wrong? afterworktech: @2sin54 trying to timeout off topic chatters or we will end up at sub only… jagger_rsw: dtolnay/ryu: Fast floating point to string conversion zorg666: ruy looks to be some google matrix multiply library for ARM kiprasMEL: > ruy is a matrix multiplication library.

This is not an officially supported Google product. dogukanburda: RUY matrix multiplication library ? zorg666: LULW malateman: it's a chess opening kiprasMEL: kek afterworktech: at last it's on github silentdribbler: I heard that assembly code runs faster afterworktech: stay on topic Coral Edge TPU stuff or you might get a timeout. 2sin54: it might be crashing due to some error smurfd0: bus error might be memory issues or pointer issues as u say RokosBasiliskk: @dogukanburda aynen nytherino: blow at the usb, fixed it last time many_mangos: apple tech support: turn it off and on again afterworktech: at least it's consistent error smurfd0: smurfd0: could it be you need to disable the um hardware stuff on the mac smurfd0: nevermind my above link Erd_: Erd_ subscribed with Prime.

tripcloth: now make it 42 afterworktech: 666 GapedBrain: be cooler if it was 7 dqfft: 33 nytherino: is coral faster than the m1? afterworktech: @nytherino no way dzidzileyla: πŸ˜€ gravistar: main is faster to type Ne0Zer0: LUL aritter2: haha afterworktech: is it heating? dqfft: coral justice penpeq: LUL nytherino: hahaha kiprasMEL: LUL aritter2: wireless edge tpu RokosBasiliskk: hoe much did you pay 15? πŸ˜€ Faiir1337: LuL afterworktech: wow L1ghtxyz: it's cached @georgehotz metajezza: How much was it? O.o ImNotTrolling: cache? Ne0Zer0: scammers be scammin Kappa Jameljami11: what is that? nytherino: change the input afterworktech: the horror nesbylol: what is a tpu ragemaster999: get real boy aritter2: why not target neural engine instead of edge tpu? afterworktech: just mute sc0d3r: @nesbylol tensor processing unit nesbylol: ty ^^ @sc0d3r aritter2: I see πŸ™ AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol RokosBasiliskk: you retired from jail break DHhTaeDi: no more jailbreak! how time changed Kappa nytherino: tinygrad sponsored by apple? RokosBasiliskk: whos calling news? MrStereoX: Wanna come work at Salesforce ? @georgehotz afterworktech: @MrStereoX don't troll pomprocks: why work for salesforce when you can work for twitch chat? ragemaster999: llvm is the solutioin Kappa Faiir1337: LuL DHhTaeDi: lmao kiprasMEL: KEKW AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: shout out younger me KEKW nytherino: hahahaha xxdvxx: LOL dqfft: banana justice fubsteru: LUL LUL Zahlex: And if you just use the documented high level API for Apple Neural Engine? Isn't it still an improvement over CPU/GPU performance? sc0d3r: KEKW George having the time of his life afterworktech: @Zahlex give some reference to this API where are the links? nytherino: the high level api for the ane probably need swift/objective c to run RetireInProgress: 173 raiders from RetireInProgress have joined! kiprasMEL: raid Pog afterworktech: @RetireInProgress thanks for the raid! 11plus4thinking: what do u think about tesla removing ultrasonic? RokosBasiliskk: you are a rapper AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL ragemaster999: george from the block tylerd654: yooo RokosBasiliskk: how much did you pay nytherino: the verge said 32 year old lol afterworktech: topic Coral Edge TPU stuff or you might get a timeout.

Oluckyman: do you play piano too? aoezalp: can we get deepnude? UserNameThe3rd: Coral to replace Qualcomm in comma 11plus4thinking: everything is a banana it always was afterworktech: arm nytherino: can you scale up again? can't see shit drausir: Quest'uomo Γ¨ sempre piΓΉ ambiguo aoezalp: is george retired? afterworktech: @drausir english only please aoezalp: I thought he never gives up TekniqueTrading: George gave up yesterday Kappa nesbylol: !tinygrad afterworktech: @aoezalp work is life. never retired nesbylol: command like this with little info would be nice for new viewers aolchatroom: πŸ™‚ afterworktech: @nesbylol nesbylol: ty smurfd0: maby? smurfd0: brew install –cask netron to view the tflite file directrix13: proprietary muladds pimpmastashaft: I got the ops afterworktech: crazy bangladesh1: hi george swsh: are there subops or something? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: true rpi8gb: Ciao George, saluti dall'Italia smurfd0: this is what u got from that program from that tflite file emperortamarinn: george youre crazy I love it smurfd0: afterworktech: @smurfd0 looks cool AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: f optionalflag: 1 fps while building? Nyx__1: i think you are building smth Stream is lagging afterworktech: we know it takes all the cpu for itself optionalflag: It might be fixed if you used GPU encoding but not sure of your hardware @georgehotz smurfd0: AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol ^ ceo_of_twitch__: @AnyoneKnowsThatBoy idk hes just so soy? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @ceo_of_twitch__ hahahah xqcL ceo_of_twitch__: lmao fede_ricozz: this is hurting my eyes smurfd0: "Typically EXC_BAD_ACCESS happens when you are attempting to access an object which has already been released." tripcloth: does coral only work w tensorflow? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: monkaS fede_ricozz: works with tflite models converted down to lower bit resolution lsteacke: goerge active on the ig these days swsh: Do you have to checkout 2 year old tf now? afterworktech: just mute? prosti221: aight wreckzy: Pog afterworktech: 15 min break eric_dubay: pog i just tuned in at the right moment Daxweb: m'mabriacato per quante ne fa in un nano secondo afterworktech: @Daxweb english only we have a 15 min break now Daxweb: Dax from Italy guilhermicas: ayo my future boss is streaming mashafique: how long has he been gone guy_ross: @mashafique couple minutes, go grab some popcorn mashafique: mhmm popcorn hidden: your eye sight has to be god like hidden: i cant see shit afterworktech: it's 5K monitor teaver2: @hidden it's downsampled to 1080p sc0d3r: who can see these texts? I wonder smurfd0: gotta go., looks like last time u only cloned libedgetpu and git submoduled it (just before 1h mark on the ) afterworktech: @smurfd0 thanks for hanging around.

Paradox109: is it me or did youtube literally just change its website design? stunner_99: Machine learning roadmap? afterworktech: @paradox109 yes sc0d3r: @paradox109 yeah they changed its like 3 times this month paradox109: @sc0d3r let see news cannot be 3 times you lieing paradox109: lol 비남고생: they're switching to material 3 finally paradox109: so they announced a week ago i see smurfd0: wrote wrong, pycoral was it… knilecrack: subchat ? knilecrack: apparently not Symon1988: Will it be finished downloading ? xD tauzN: !portal isimply2good: no trenhardbruhz: Hello sir afterworktech: we are on a break he will be back soon NatelBeats: welcome afterworktech: welcome back prosti221: fuck that scared me Symon1988: Was it google? xD dogukanburda: @smurfd0 check this out afterworktech: no scummy reporter? sc0d3r: holy shit I jumped prosti221: @sc0d3r forgot i had him in the background LuL BlehMehUghHrm: oof i pissed my pants BlehMehUghHrm: happy halloween jagger_rsw: jagger_rsw subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 26 months! sc0d3r: @prosti221 yeah I was working on my project πŸ˜€ Cracktune: tellem George afterworktech: that is how you do pr everyone watch and learn teaver2: have a good day george eric_dubay: tf > reporter Tommy_The_Elite: awe damn i finally caught george on stream RagePit_: bazel :vomit: jagger_rsw: Why no apt-get install libtensorflow? πŸ™‚ Tommy_The_Elite: luls jkfsda: journalist try not to be a scumbag challenge (impossible) AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: TRUE stunner_99: @georgehotz ML Roadmap? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: i really respect TMZ Tommy_The_Elite: more like duct cleaners isimply2good: @jkfsda Kappa szacilowski: gm guys jagger_rsw: make -j ? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: has geohot played COD MW2 swsh: rip fps Tommy_The_Elite: maybe bonkertale: are you winning king? Tommy_The_Elite: gotta yell cause they stereo volume is low AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Sadge afterworktech: you will be back I am sure of it AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Have you thought of becoming a Monk isimply2good: pensive macmike69: the streets need some new tomcr00se Tommy_The_Elite: are those some shoes isimply2good: @macmike69 real afterworktech: this is funny from reddit "Andrej Karpathy: "our chance at beating Comma ai just went up"" summerdeception: summerdeception subscribed with Prime.

Tommy_The_Elite: i got a book called coding in basic, who wants it pullaposki12: me RagePit_: kek AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: no more parties in LA maoamwins: Sorry I'm late but did George comment on Argo yet by chance? jkfsda: you could always start a darknet business Errmergerd_: happy halloween bros 乁ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯δΈΏ: hotz is a fulltime streamer now SeemsGood sangi_med: Hi Tommy_The_Elite: amazon wasnt interesting because all the shipping a darknet site would require same amount of shipping stunner_99: @georgehotz Machine Learning ROADMAP? jsvk: haha the stream lags during compilation jsvk: love it leesingods: comma Porsche? afterworktech: Midlife Crisis? ontologicaltofu: 911 > 718 Tommy_The_Elite: honda civic and literally just pimp that thing out prosti221: the mid life crisis porsche AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: zamn zaddy br1anwiz: does comma support it? majorwho: Sick TheMeladrone: Treat yourself mafio1: let xzibit pimp it teaver2: @AnyoneKnowsThatBoy i bet u watch oda RokosBasiliskk: no no you need S series benz AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: future you is gonna buy it George vultexxxxx: that car is sick afterworktech: nope Tesla only K0enich: buy broccolight: beautiful HuhuBoss: 911 AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: that grey is litty fr fr knilecrack: no mafio1: doesnt support comma3, it sucks Tommy_The_Elite: def qq818: no avrong: yesh br1anwiz: isn't it automatic too majorwho: Get the porsch and let it selfdrive jkfsda: yes Snowlav: no szacilowski: boooring color knilecrack: though it's a nice car RokosBasiliskk: why not tesla plaid? hir0andobey: give it AI driving with comma Tommy_The_Elite: its a conv, it will get mistaken for boxster ulfbert_inc: nice car teaver2: its rly good tho knilecrack: Alan from two and a half men Errmergerd_: lol is_php_vegan: looks nice, ngl.

Hope it is manual macmike69: cop some yeezy drip majorwho: Comma porsch AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol knilecrack: PORSHA xbtprizes: 996 boxster s goated prosti221: bitches like teslas nowadays LuL suupascott: look up using theft vin tool imr0ot: LUL bonkertale: hahahaha prosti221: LuL RokosBasiliskk: get a plai baby majorwho: Hahah ma men kiprasMEL: based AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: call up Ye and ask him Errmergerd_: topg Croww__: hello Tommy_The_Elite: i would go with a vw beetle, just think about all the kids you got beating up on each other and it makes it all worth it afterworktech: Plaid is nice RokosBasiliskk: and fast knilecrack: if you can why not wreckzy: probably not Cracktune: f a porche. who cares RokosBasiliskk: not fan of porsche majorwho: Yeah the porsch suits u well nytherino: only if it is a 911 or vintage knilecrack: buy it only if you can buy two leesingods: Money that could go into improving the future agi created by comma afterworktech: buying a porsche is like buying a horse.

At least by a tycan AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @georgehotz Motorbike would be better for a mid life crisis dogukanburda: get another maison margiela too srsly syunW: buy a lambo porsche are for poors Cracktune: unless you tryin to get that Can Bus lolol Tommy_The_Elite: i think i still got a blackberry porsche around here somewhere RokosBasiliskk: actually taycan good kiprasMEL: B A S E D Cracktune: Ayn Rand char! lolol macmike69: lambos are cliche prosti221: but that 0-60 in EVs is nice though szacilowski: huracan 0x5448580a: buy a motorcycle jkfsda: the environment had it's run RokosBasiliskk: yoo huracan leesingods: Mclaren 720 RokosBasiliskk: huracan cheap hockeyhurd: Ferrai SlayerNebula: they have hydraulics imr0ot: get a huracan perfomante knilecrack: aventador afterworktech: Tycan looks so good on the road HuhuBoss: Porsche 911 GT3 SlayerNebula: to raise szacilowski: huracan sto phelixtaken: lambo urus AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: YEAH get a McLaren phelixtaken: the urus is high mafio1: bugatti rturner29: get a c8 corvette inchoateAPPLE: maserati granturismo Tommy_The_Elite: luls prosti221: im recording you george KappaCool br1anwiz: Maserati is where its at kiprasMEL: its true.

AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: oh no no no PepeLaugh mLs____: buy a Rolls Royce phelixtaken: lambo urus is the way to go if u dont want low haha afterworktech: Lucid Air 500 miles haha 0x5448580a: LUL RokosBasiliskk: BuddhaBar imr0ot: LOL jacobiu7: lol Cracktune: lolol wreckzy: D: brandesgracadao: :\ RokosBasiliskk: HURACAN jeiziziah: facts Tommy_The_Elite: im the clit COMMANDER TocVic: BibleThump themjtspecial: that escalated quickly majorwho: U know the Bugatti mistral that’s a sick car ordoven: forsenBased damn flavioschneider: I'm sure they grow oil on trees sc0d3r: God damn such a hot take EylonLuk: @georgehotz have you heard about the superstonk subreddit? dogukanburda: Fax bablo_blyat: mymans hilarious AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Does George believe in the moon landings dogukanburda: Get a f150 bablo_blyat: i come for the hunmor macmike69: forget a car just sell out and get a job at a quant firm AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL x_Coding: hello rturner29: c8 corvette.

Look it up Tommy_The_Elite: just get the car to drive itself, oh yeah already did that Cracktune: is this C ? afterworktech: have you been in Plaid? don't judge before driving it Cracktune: printf ? Cracktune: fair AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: who rememebers cheapETH 乁ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯ε…«ε…₯δΈΏ: 🀯 he is C EylonLuk: have you heard about the superstonk subreddit? Tommy_The_Elite: i do i do TheMeladrone: do you even C? Not without ma glasses phelixtaken: c ha afterworktech: inside materials and sound proofing have been improved dramatically in the Plaid Tommy_The_Elite: i remember when op skins got banned and i could trade a 40 cent skin for like 3 eth x_Coding: @TheMeladrone he needs C# for that AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol Tommy_The_Elite: damn krypto kitties sucked up all my eth SlayerNebula: You're not ceo of comma anymore? Spectraa_2: lag knilecrack: you can't take lambo to roadtrip br1anwiz: "I don't need a debugger, I know how to use print" – George x_Coding: @Spectraa_2 because of compile it think prosti221: I like the downtimes LuL matt_wesley: Theyre typically charged by fossil fuels upstream anyways prosti221: when im not late anyway AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @georgehotz have you read 'the art of motorcycle maintenance'.

You'll want to buy a motorbike and go on a roadtrip afterworktech: buy a NIO then they have battery swap phelixtaken: yeah lets make a small accu and call it 5 minutes πŸ˜€ Tommy_The_Elite: uber show up in like five macmike69: lambo is the default car ppl get when they get rich its too cliche imo hurzg: liquid charging would be nice teaver2: oldschool = gigachad AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol macmike69: what ab a ferrari? leesingods: definitely ferrai better jkfsda: wouldn't remote work be great if we just fired all the underperformers? majorwho: @georgehotz how about a bugatti Tommy_The_Elite: just get a car that runs on steam and george can fuel it himself, dun dun dunh rinsemaster: I have no idea what is going on in this stream, but I have to say it is captivating! AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: none leesingods: Ferrai 488 spyder radomzis: what about hybrid ? phelixtaken: ferrari superfast is nice lol bonkertale: can you put a comma on a ferrari? szacilowski: yea culture, but who and why wants to build culture at work? prosti221: why buy a ferrari if youre not gonna drive it though LuL Tommy_The_Elite: ok i gotta go see if the rockets are lubbed and being used on many a bad little cheater dudes ttyl AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: D: knilecrack: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ shuttleword: LUL knilecrack: my man] rturner29: The new supra is pretty nice and zippy majorwho: D: plainsofcelestis: D: AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: insult was super effective SlayerNebula: at least hedonists are honest majorwho: based tho vox_gpt4: there are kids watching aolchatroom: how's the land going? br1anwiz: @vox_gpt4 why? rturner29: Lexus Lc500 another good one Jengis__: we're far from god these das Jengis__: das Jengis__: days flippe31: cmd + p superchunk: since when does @georgehotz wear glasses? ElGreko17: since forever VVicked_: πŸ™‚ you're welcome ElGreko17: but only sometimes vox_gpt4: @vox_gpt4 cuz i like funny colored letters on the screen AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog useful chatter shuttleword: life is work jkfsda: someone should invent more colors for syntax highlighting jkfsda: maybe gradient teaver2: @jkfsda hell nah macmike69: cool kids manually choose their colors for syntax highlighting superchunk: nah, work to live don't live to work cdzsv: hi george, what do u think of karpathy's talk on lex's podcast? macmike69: karpathy said i have to do 10k hrs to get good at ML superchunk: oh george bby u have a nice head of hair superchunk: what advice do you give to a balding 25 male flippe31: I remember you doing some streams on speech to text have you looked at openais whisper at all, its really impressive? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: george needs some ayahuasca Snowlav: (((m101))) afterworktech: everyone enjoy the stream.

Have to sleep. thanks for the stream as always George! and don't take the comments online too seriously leesingods: I qouls jkfsda: no kiprasMEL: hell yea leesingods: would' AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: would we get a massage as well? hakobyte: too low br1anwiz: Why don't you tweet? qq818: depends on how kinky they would get aolchatroom: lol gravistar: yeah jeiziziah: definitely not Gazny: If I get my founder to pay for it yea Spectraa_2: talk about what prosti221: nah, we got GPT-3 therapists now KappaCool 비남고생: getting questions about react or vue shuttleword: wellness session jkfsda: I don't have anything I would ask about bablo_blyat: id pay for u to shit all over me Tachyonray: Is it expensive? aolchatroom: freestyle advice sessions AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @prosti221 can you link me please leesingods: What could the questions be about to ask you? rivetingcommentrivid: tony robbins is that u? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: KEKW aolchatroom: lol Jengis__: bro you went to RIT how can you not afford your Porsche bablo_blyat: LMao superchunk: all onlyfans is basically findom bablo_blyat: i mean shit all over my ideas gravistar: are you entering your grifter arc? prosti221: @AnyoneKnowsThatBoy im joking lol, dont think i would recommend that Tachyonray: What are you working on? gliched_robot: just read your verge article.

They do not get it. bablo_blyat: did u see the chinese code bablo_blyat: codex macmike69: can u help me get my swag up? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: you could do life coaching grecky_boh: you need haircut rivetingcommentrivid: zoom? LUL shuttleword: your innie macmike69: i wanna have more swag than '09 soulja boy prosti221: Go on dr.K's stream LuL bablo_blyat: bablo_blyat: china always do it better mafio1: coaching is a scammy term Gazny: Did we give up on our own silicon AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @georgehotz were you a runescapr or WOW kind of teenager? rivetingcommentrivid: what happened to skype man πŸ™ bablo_blyat: bablo_blyat: u can make the shittiest models as good as gpt3 with command chaining bablo_blyat: and open ended prompt superchunk: I am the shittest model superchunk: chain me daddy bablo_blyat: ;haahhahaha bablo_blyat: China better bablo_blyat: openai can suck my micophhallus hotboxxusa: Do you feel liberated by leaving comma AI? foti_kasparov: damn, corporations do not accept hacky code Ujindo: How come? VassOnMars: wait what macmike69: im late AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: peepoSad macmike69: pain typebeat leesingods: Were you not happy with the progress? Or was it something else? gliched_robot: wait no comma day next year ? VassOnMars: the fuck happen macmike69: end of an era kiprasMEL: :c macmike69: george left comma, kanye is on the downfall, what's happening to the world? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol Tachyonray: I’m not a serious engineer bonkertale: what's next? ulfbert_inc: Just read your blog post.

Thanks for sharing George. aolchatroom: he's heading to the homestead leesingods: understandable wish you the best jokesterA_E: Dope man so what's you next adventure?? gliched_robot: so why don't you demote yourself to chef research scientist or something. prosti221: a little LuL DavidMcDavid: been a while since ive been in to catch up, whats been good george? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: George can you tell us about your religious hourney nd19982: which blog post? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: `*journey jkfsda: he exposed the media Snowlav: we switching timelines, it will be ok superchunk: Whatchu doing now then george? chessmeout: @ulfbert_inc Where is the blog post? macmike69: we still love u geroge and will always be here macmike69: no homp macmike69: *homo majorwho: Comma gigafactory next? br1anwiz: did you watch any of ye's lex Fridman? dingleb3rr135: Kanye is jewish ulfbert_inc: @chessmeout chessmeout: @ulfbert_inc Thank you Cracktune: Lex did good .

Prosti221: that podcast was a wild ride macmike69: first time i saw lex mad lol dingleb3rr135: Gotta add a Kanye layer on my NLP model br1anwiz: Its the only time I've seen someone get heated on that podcast Cracktune: @macmike69 the way he would deep breathe was hilarious every time. sc0d3r: @macmike69 what podcast lex got mad? br1anwiz: Kanye prosti221: you could tell there were cuts in that interview where kanye probably lost his shit LuL sc0d3r: ok ty macmike69: i seriously thought they where gonna fight at one point sc0d3r: I should check that out asap LUL Jski101: For sure Cracktune: @sc0d3r fer shore niyazi3x: what happend to kanye macmike69: yeah lex is a good interviewer check it out if u haven't Cracktune: also yall know what a good ep of LEX was? ? When George was on, both times. Errmergerd_: He had some moments trying to tell ye what to say or how to say it. Shit pissis me off foti_kasparov: What are the key ideas you got from the Theory of Fun from Schmidhuber? prosti221: Lex also did one with Andrej Karpathy the other day Snowlav: @prosti221 I enjoyed that one as well br1anwiz: That one was great macmike69: i have to study for linguistics soundmachine88: Yes great interview with Karpathy jagger_rsw: don' jagger_rsw: don't IP start with 0x80 bonkertale: looking forward to a part two interview with Lex anonyalpha: when you're going back to Lex's podcast? Errmergerd_: @bonkertale hes done two already bonkertale: quite a while ago, part 3 then – podcast* K177: Sadge jokesterA_E: You're good bro life goes on superchunk: Am I the only one who feels that with the current globalisation homogenisation zeitgeist, most people have a proclivity for minimising their agency in the world in a way that is diametrically opposed to human nature? Tachyonray: What contract? br1anwiz: @superchunk amen brother br1anwiz: LUL chessmeout: LUL chessmeout: I agree, there is a blame game chessmeout: It's a virus in the system goon2718: Based Hotz chessmeout: Definitely.

I'm not public with it very often Tachyonray: What startup? chessmeout: Is there a perceived cost toward being public and open about those types of experiences? PSysDE: I enjoy what I'm good at which is a fairly narrow field. When things expand beyond my interests I have no problem handing it off. jagger_rsw: this is not advice to follow here, but having kids changes chemistry of brain, increases motivation and lower boredom :)) jagger_rsw: and elon would agree qwerty_spanky: Have a nice day @georgehotz by chat, it's late here in Italy declan_cd: doesn't Elon have like 50 kids superchunk: I think population decline is a disaster for the west sc0d3r: @jagger_rsw kids will make a you mad eventually mark my words LUL K177: LUL PSysDE: I think population decline is directly related to not having publicly funded daycare/pre-school.

Silensrunners: That HEX looks spooky guy_ross: i wish i could see text Kappa sc0d3r: @guy_ross we all do brother, we all do KingRichyK1: mid game children is burden but post 45 parents with kids start outscaling, happiness wise jagger_rsw: @sc0d3r maybe, but having a personal little neural net to train, is an interesting experience leesingods: I don't think you would ever love something more then your kid. I don't have a kid but would guess its up there with how you love your mom shuttleword: stream must be played at 1080 integer scaling sc0d3r: @jagger_rsw Thats why we raise cats LUL sc0d3r: tiny neural nets jokesterA_E: @georgehotz So are you gunna stream more? KingRichyK1: ghidra PogBones superchunk: ghidra defs has some NSA backdoor lmao jagger_rsw: ida pro was bought by some conglomerate, rip aolchatroom: lol hellodanylo: "docker run -it ubuntu bash" to start a new container with ubuntu image lVitals: both BloodTrail kiprasMEL: both Snowlav: what will create the most value for people u think? PSysDE: docker ps? therealbombo: it's run, not exec leesingods: NVDA I have shares at a very cheap price goldbattle: ubuntu:latest I think? hellodanylo: Do "run" instead of "exec" inchoateAPPLE: docker run swsh: @therealbombo +1 PSysDE: you exec running dockers ulfbert_inc: pull first superchunk: just get docker desktop its infinitely easier aolchatroom: docker –help Snowlav: would writing it for nvidia be excluding it from use by startups? tiredbeaver: LMAO AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol tiredbeaver: docker is neat though GuardianVicio: LUL LUL LUL LUL AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: I pray to Docker every night GuardianVicio: GuardianVicio subscribed with Prime.

aolchatroom: praise the whale PSysDE: should run via qemu leesingods: start singing goldbattle: probably want to mount your current directory –mount type=bind,source=$PWD,target=/container_dir tiredbeaver: @leesingods LMAO superchunk: qemu memu femu AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Thats why they charge for dev licenses now lol PSysDE: you can switch between big and little endian the same way.. pretty slick hellodanylo: docker users qemu for cross-platform under the hood superchunk: dynamic binary translation AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL 비남고생: BatChest goldbattle: whoa AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Docker is OP superchunk: you guys heard the new polyphia album? kiprasMEL: Pog li0r: <3 peepoFino: jokrdAmeno hr3nk: @비남고생 you did not just BatChest docker zup_zup: is tiny grad still tiny? tiredbeaver: fabrice bellard is the guy you want to thank superchunk: fabrice bellard indeed tiredbeaver: dood is smart asf gmanof14: geohot, what are you thoughts on R? The RStudio team has built a solid data science ecosystem tiredbeaver: ffmpeg, tiny c compiler, and more AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Hi George, I'm Mark from Docker's Licensing team πŸ™‚ Just checking in…

Superchunk: what an absolute bellard moment jagger_rsw: if goog code –helpfull j031t: George what technological problems are there left to solve? I have zero project ideas ghostcomrade: AGI bro kiprasMEL: @j031t i've been working on shitty codebases in work ,and there's so many ideas lol Gaisar: fusion energy JoaoRuss0: Solve the 3D waifu crysis AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @JoaoRuss0 true j031t: @kiprasmel for example? ulfbert_inc: GOOGLE_ALSOLOGTOSTDERR – maybe set that to 1 idk PSysDE: develop a formula for circumference of ellipse kiprasMEL: @j031t plenty more yet to build .. AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: ulfbert_inc: or something like that JeredAUS: That's cool and all, but can it multiply a matrix ulfbert_inc: it was in some strings output kiprasMEL: @j031t i made a tool for stacked diffs in git, because our PRs we huge &wanted to split them out jagger_rsw: there's ref to getenv() inside, maybe this JoaoRuss0: my boy @anyoneknowsthatboy with the sources hellodanylo: You can strace in Docker with extra flag.

Neura1fps: neura1fps is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 1 in the channel! neura1fps: neura1fps gifted a Tier 1 sub to sAi42! neura1fps: <3 ulfbert_inc: –cap-add=SYS_PTRACE KingRichyK1: give me the binary i can open it in ida ulfbert_inc: for your docker run command j031t: @kiprasmel yeah true I’m learning machine learning right now, think I’m lazy too kiprasMEL: @j031t same am feeling lazy as well, just gotta get into it. nice, i never got into ML, would be nice jagger_rsw: ltrace would be useful, but I guess since it's not nativa linux tiredbeaver: how does one become as smart of fabrice bellard neura1fps: I thought questions were not allowed during these streams πŸ™‚ but I’ll think of one now PSysDE: @tiredbeaver aptitude, curiosity, hard work. devscuffed: pay to win, bullish AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Or was it a Lambo j031t: @kiprasmel got super bored of web dev, super repetitive now a days imo. Started learning low level stuff, pretty fun kiprasMEL: @j031t true am feeling the same.

At least am working more w/ devtooling rn, much more interesting. same, esp from george – am getting a lot of inspo to go deeper down the stack. nice dung_beatles: can you make the Ghidra window bigger or is that asking too much neura1fps: Are you going to get a brain machine interface? I want to get one and live in a vr world with my time perception highly manipulated LUL iafh: !time KingRichyK1: oof ghidra got a long way until it reaches its rival j031t: @kiprasmel much luck to you my friend Aecxlol: aecxloOldge kornez: @KingRichyK1 it didnt finish processing of file PSysDE: @j031t I've been playing with this for web stuffs AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: f kiprasMEL: @j031t likewise fren shuttleword: f ontologicaltofu: get good at linked lists Kappa commodore256: Hey, you know if there's any low hanging fruit left that can be invented by a guy in a garage anymore? We're at peak cars, no mere mortal can start a car company like Henry Ford, we're at peak computers, there's no new people like Woz, we're at peak apps.

It's like what's left? leesingods: @georgehotz Off topic but are you dollar cost averaging ur meta shares? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @commodore256 AI Qwertclyde1029: pog leesingods: LUL Qwertclyde1029: chosen one is back zup_zup: meta to the ground we go! j031t: @psysde I’m building a small machine learning library in rust rn. Rust is great but it takes a while to understand commodore256: @commodore256 No I think AI is high hanging that will will get rid of all low hanging fruit macmike69: ew, is that assembly? neura1fps: neura1fps is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 2 in the channel! neura1fps: neura1fps gifted a Tier 1 sub to simmy7! neura1fps: <3 leesingods: The secret is revealed AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @commodore256 none of your examples were ever low hanging fruit though commodore256: Also AI is very old fashioned terminal mainframe, not really a garage thing niyazi3x: verbosity ? commodore256: @commodore256 Cars were low hanging in the 19th century, it's impossible t make new car company now, computers were low hanging in the mid 70's, Seymour Cray designed the best computers , but there's no new people like Cray AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: building a car/computer from scratch in your garage alone is defo not low hanging fruit LUL j031t: I don’t know he’s just so soy AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @j031t xqcL commodore256: @AnyoneKnowsThatBoy Steve Woz did it in 1976 j031t: Lol Hoosier_Cruiser: what up GEORGE AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @commodore256 i know people did it.

Otherwise we wouldnt be where we are today LUL PSysDE: I'd like to see a sci-fi movie w/ the starting point of someone writing code to generate verilog fpga code which self optimizes, and is able to fab an asic, repeat. kiprasMEL: why do u want low-hanging fruit anyway? jagger_rsw: try 'strings -n3' you'll find things like trace_log_file_init etc commodore256: It's low handing enough that a mere mortal can do it, now you need large organizations and at least a billion dollars commodore256: You didn't need a billion dollars in 1922 to start a car company even adjusted to inflation goldbattle: there is "tfl.log" and "_edgetpu.log" txlepathyy: what do you even gain from doing this omgpenguin: yo george.

Did you ever find your frontend engineer? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @commodore256 you just needed to be a genius AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: are you a genius? commodore256: @commodore256 Now being a genius isn't enough neura1fps: Yes πŸ™‚ commodore256: Ive been told I'm above average and I don't know hat that means because there's no real objective way to measure intelligence neura1fps: I just wanted your take on the brain machine interface field and whether you were going to get first gen one or wait. AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL omgpenguin: you never answered it πŸ™ now i have to google it. THE AUDACITY Kappa ulfbert_inc: LUL txlepathyy: I mean it's definitely good there's no objective way therealkwirny: There is, everthing can be objective TurkTurkelton: the only actual objective way to measure intelligence is how fast you can solve a rubiks cube macmike69: i can't wait for them to record my dreams! txlepathyy: @therealkwirny you'll never make good math discoveries with that attitude johnclick: 1/100,000? I'm still not taking those odds j031t: Intelligence doesn’t matter if you can’t apply it. Seems like a bigger problem nowadays, not many people driven to solve or improve things neura1fps: Thanks πŸ™ macmike69: remember nintendo ds? good times commodore256: My question is "do you think there's any more low handing fruit that one person can do in a garage? It's like being smart isn't good enough, anymore, you need to be a billionaire" txlepathyy: There are like 10,000 important problems that require 10,000 different kinds of intellgience shuttleword: roll 3 d6 mcolers: ok guy_ross: @commodore256 did you gift a sub? macmike69: bro that mic is crazy good txlepathyy: knee jerk "copecopecope" and I'm the one coping commodore256: @commodore256 no PSysDE: PSysDE is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 5 in the channel! PSysDE: PSysDE gifted a Tier 1 sub to suskoolaid! PSysDE: PSysDE gifted a Tier 1 sub to Officer_GamerYT! PSysDE: PSysDE gifted a Tier 1 sub to blessthecash! PSysDE: PSysDE gifted a Tier 1 sub to benjibass! PSysDE: PSysDE gifted a Tier 1 sub to Quermz! AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Dodged EZ neura1fps: In my dumbass mind the only fields that are worth working on are agi and bcis bc if you solve those then everything else is solved πŸ™‚ banditmax6767: dindin macmike69: bro did u wash ur hands? j031t: Holy shit this guy is rich TocVic: hot pot for dinner mcolers: @macmike69 dont gotta wash if u dont touch therealkwirny: @txlepathyy Axioms, Truths, what axioms are truth? Well i guess that's the collective subjectiveπŸ₯² AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog question time commodore256: Well, I'm broke, I can't afford to sub Tachyonray: Tachyonray is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 1 in the channel! Tachyonray: Tachyonray gifted a Tier 1 sub to pking2000! PSysDE: I don't have a question.

Just thanks for sharing your journeys on stream. dweller77: i like the glasses B) zup_zup: he's jobless – needs the gifts now guy_ross: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL neura1fps: LUL j031t: j031t subscribed at Tier 1. goldbattle: can you run –help on the compiler? was there no options there? macmike69: did u wash ur hands bro? pls be safe out here j031t: You need this more than me bro. Good luck getting that Porsche AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol dweller77: did he already talk about the Andrej podcast commodore256: I live on a disability pension, money is tight Biniano7: Hey George, I am not a programmer or have no idea what you are doing, but i appreciate your content either way.

Teaver2: @j031t that's so nice. thanks for supporting macmike69: fr man don't forget to post a pic of the porsche on the gram to flex on the haters mcolers: @commodore256 that is very unfortunate hakobyte: hakobyte is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 1 in the channel! commodore256: My monthly income is les than a thousand dolars txlepathyy: why are you choosing this to use your time on when there's other things out there hakobyte: hakobyte gifted a Tier 1 sub to ex0six! j031t: @georgehotz what color is the Porsche gonna be? Classic red or neon pink? sc0d3r: Legends say that if you wear those glasses you can type fater faster AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: flex yo shit king commodore256: George, you know Gabe Sosa? sc0d3r: Google FootGoal j031t: Ha! Get the radar jammers lVitals: yes, continue pls, ima close friend to sundar, continue pls zup_zup: George's next job is a developer advocate banditmax6767: UNDERPERIVLEGED COMUNITIES lsteacke: someone clip this and tweet it out leesingods: YES marketability!! AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Clip it and ship it banditmax6767: UNDERRESPRETENDE COMUNITIES GEOHOT CoolMacJr: @banditmax6767 i was about to type that lmao shuttleword: worth? macmike69: MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE johnclick: I thought you said you weren't good at businessy stuff xD therealkwirny: Ubuntu users be like😒 ashercarson: compile for angular neura1fps: LUL PSysDE: integrate it into scratch πŸ™‚ mooncolumn: Just joining, heard the news, what is the path to disrupt ml chips like Nvidia? How is ARM work for gpu compute? j031t: Tiny grad for underprivileged communities woohoo 비남고생: be good Kappa commodore256: Macs? What about WSL? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: i can hear his phone ringing already LUL Keitaust: @therealkwirny I be like shuttleword: get good ulfbert_inc: LUL Pleb__0: sup Pleb__0: looks like fun! Pleb__0: LUL alvaroaguilarpa: adas kiprasMEL: Jebaited AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL zup_zup: Hello, it is me, your Google πŸ™‚ mooncolumn: Is Google cloud TPU even good? therealkwirny: The real question is, why is mp3 spec not public and costs ~128 Dollars Pleb__0: im broke, but once i make it ill sponsor txlepathyy: you don't have to appeal to accessibility and sustainability purely ironically AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: inb4 LUL alvaroaguilarpa: hey geo, i have on my hand an iphone signed by you.

Was maybe one of the few after you finish the jailbreak ashercarson: I can see you can not be PR person Bacon4Life_: is that tim's apple? wreckzy: monkaS AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: FIG LUL wowsoclutch: lol s0_1t_goes: lol kiprasMEL: still counts tanth: an apples an apple PSysDE: it's wearing a costume for halloween Pleb__0: staff monkaS hide Whiskeyx123: that one guy: fig SMOrc Theaty: where is your Halloween costume AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Season 2 LUL pwbluesky: what's the foundation for your ambition, @georgehotz ? Pleb__0: PogChamp 100 blinkers AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @pwbluesky breathing guy_ross: first time chatter too Pleb__0: wtf is that question LUL macmike69: whatever happened to biohacking? pwbluesky: it's an honest q alvaroaguilarpa: will your signed iphone wrost anything these days ? i will do the 10 subs to answer the question takoidtv: Hi @georgehotz did you read the HN discussion on your latest blog post? lsteacke: biohacking george wen erichtp: thats a scary costume @georgehotz ! khronicz: Do I need a tiny resume mooncolumn: Is AI accelerators worthy tho, every company that has is dead unnamedtroll: i can write a pretty good fizzbuzz Tachyonray: I’d like to work at the tiny corporation lVitals: I have a tiny dick, hope I can get hired BloodTrail banditmax6767: i got a tiny peen, so i think id be a good fit for tiny corp banditmax6767: @lVitals lmao…

Theaty: i know how to make a taco can you hire me as engineer 1 banditmax6767: too ez wowsoclutch: lol Theaty: i will make your engineer 4's happy Theaty: with my tacos jkfsda: free labor zjaranyjoe: what kayboard are u use? JeredAUS: "Tiny Corporation. What is this? I corporation for ants?!" ~ Zoolander, Probably dweller77: what did you think of Andrej's comments about "finding bugs in the universe" viewsourc3: wow streaer black hat hacker Pleb__0: naaaaaaaaah its outputing banana πŸ’€ tanth: looks like a banana to me tbh AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Hows your religious journey going? Whiskeyx123: race lex to detect twitter bots mooncolumn: Are you going to build a compiler next after optimizing tinygrad KingRichyK1: peace bro! Flexingtong: looking at the hex of an apple? leesingods: Have you watched Season 4 or Westworld yet? Tachyonray: Happy Halloween IAmDigia: Where would you suggest starting with programming Kappa leesingods: of' Pleb__0: i see banana πŸ’€ tanth: so theres a chance Pleb__0: inb4 it says dog Pleb__0: πŸ’€ Pleb__0: HELL YEAH COCK KKona AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: cock lol kiprasMEL: KEKW TheMeladrone: COcks Flexingtong: deez erichtp: looks like a partridge in a pair tree seb_leaf: a K177: YEP ashercarson: can you rewrite in Rust? Stegosaurus21: YEP jkfsda: what does it say if you give it an actual cock? tanth: cock πŸ€” AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: @ashercarson LUL PSysDE: @jkfsda not hotdog IAmDigia: this is all local? You're not hitting an external API? seb_leaf: is tinygrad still sub 1k loc? commodore256: Can your AI detect anime girls? MartnShkreli: MartnShkreli subscribed at Tier 1.

They've subscribed for 5 months! Pleb__0: can we try a anime girl AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: DEBUG=1 tanth: clone the repo and try it JeredAUS: If you give it a centaur will it give you a human or a horse? holagus: how did we get from machine learning to disassembling? musabkilic0: DBG wowsoclutch: Have you ever done irl streaming? I mean outside of coding? jagger_rsw: GOOGLE_LOGTOSTDERR – but no idea when it kicks off AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: OUTPUT? GapedBrain: now plug it into shap and lets see the pretty graphs AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: TRUE LUL leesingods: that's interesting!? Pleb__0: whats ur costume for today bro @georgehotz Stegosaurus21: did you try β€žtraceβ€œ? PSysDE: I thought the best Halloween parties are in Salem/Lynn MA txlepathyy: you're a cool dude stream some cool stuff soon guy_ross: @wowsoclutch yes, he made burgers once Keitaust: No more parties in LA Stegosaurus21: did we try β€žverboseβ€œ? NateBroChill: Did you try "map" goldbattle: "Print pretty debug info in MLIR output" guy_ross: Isn't it dinner time? NateBroChill: also possibly "dump" musabkilic0: "developer" or "dev" maybe AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: env? GapedBrain: β€”show_operations ? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: info? jkfsda: are we looking for secret dev flags? Stegosaurus21: info? swsh: didn't he compile the compiler, isn't there a source code? slev0182: damn this man just went to page 2 of google txlepathyy: can tinygrad do jacobians NateBroChill: "fault" "seg" "flag" jkfsda: maybe you need some env var to enable those secret flags? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: how about the double –? Slippery3: back to the roots i see panaglev: how did you figured out that there are hidden flags?(tbh I don't know what exactly r u doing but this looks cool lul) leesingods: @georgehotz Thank god the robotic Death squad didn't have lidar or radar…

Would've killed those poor people in the cave GapedBrain: imagine, spend all this time and it’s not env DEBUG=1 LUL Tachyonray: Did you dump the firmware? AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: lol AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog musabkilic0: DEV=1 ? GapedBrain: moderately, can’t complain πŸ™‚ NateBroChill: "listen" Slippery3: why is this binary closed source anyways? banditmax6767: @Slippery3 money swsh: -V Kappa guy_ross: what information do we want from logs? mapped ops? mooncolumn: Can we use ARM for accelerators or do we need to build another ISA? Slippery3: GOOGLE_DEBUG ? πŸ™‚ guy_ross: and -s isn't what you are looking for? Dolphvs: @Slippery3 That one sounds like worth a try…

There was something similar in the strings output jagger_rsw: -el -eb ulfbert_inc: filter out strings containing GOOGLE? jkfsda: you can get gnu utils from brew GapedBrain: any exposure to SHAP / thoughts on it? Dolphvs: I wish there was a rewind. I think it was something like GOOGLE_DEBUG_ON_FAILURE musabkilic0: might be a stupid question but could you theoretically write a shell so every env val is set to 1 jagger_rsw: So the code responsible for logging is called 'glog', and there's some reference in the code that GLOG_<env>=<sth> should work ulfbert_inc: told you earlier man….

Jagger_rsw: glog contains references to TEST_TMPDIR jagger_rsw: GOOGLE_ALSOLOGTOSTDERR etc iamgawd9: Hey George I am a CRUD developer and I want to make a transition into more meaningful programming. Computer Architecture -> C++ -> Machine Learning. Do you have book recommandations? Anyone in Chat Please answer too Whiskeyx123: –v=1 AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: LUL ulfbert_inc: go eat something man πŸ™‚ Incurs0: LUL guy_ross: you're not you when you are hungry Slippery3: docs: Slippery3: looks like –v=4 fooleater: just arrived, any1 in chat can shed some light on whats going on? guy_ross: @fooleater looking for logging from tpu compiler Slippery3: idk why but he's trying to get a binary to print it's most verbose logs Slippery3: binary is from google and uses glog Stegosaurus21: we trying to get him to eat DepartmentOfState: Hey George! DepartmentOfState: DepartmentOfState subscribed with Prime.

Slippery3: yes it generally works fooleater: I assume you've tried –v=4 tiredbeaver: LMAO 3even: haha tiredbeaver: DOXXED the_vigilante: How you doing George ? tiredbeaver: quick somebody track his ass down AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: leaked LUL pimpmastashaft: he always moves anyway lol mooncolumn: Can u use ARM for accelerators or need to build another ISA 3even: wen reloating comma to Austin? Incurs0: PogChamp AnyoneKnowsThatBoy: Pog tiredbeaver: LUL Theaty: can i get VIP ill make you a taco every 40 weeks mooncolumn: Thanks, go party, happy halloween shuttleword: gg Theaty: I WILL MAKE ENCHILADAS tex_oce: enjoy Theaty: LEGGGOo neura1fps: <3 Stegosaurus21: ruqavrWave panaglev: Hey, I can see you using gdb in a wrong way, try to set a breakpoint first LUL iamgawd9: Book reccomendations Errmergerd_: Lata.

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