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Aug 26, 2022
Crypto assets are now the diamonds of the current age, and they keep amassing more relevance and tremendous value as the days go by. The best thing about them is that they keep increasing in value as the days go by as bought and sold on different exchanges or trading apps. 
Trading apps refer to those mobile or desktop applications that give us access to trade with advanced trading tools that are absent on the majority of crypto exchanges  or even track our digital assets with friendly UX/UI. Every trader wills to carry a fully verified and secure trading account. 
The Apps help you do just about anything you might think of as a trader ranging from managing your portfolio, tracking price movements in real-time with price charts and price alerts, and low and affordable trading fees and anything you might think of as a crypto trader. 
There are currently hundreds of trading apps for trading crypto and other digital assets but GoodCrypto stands out among all of them as the best crypto app available in the market today. With its unique features as a one-stop market for all of your trading needs, and great price you can never find it better anywhere. Here’s your GoodCrypto review. 
GoodCrypto came out well as the latest crypto trading mobile app boasting a wide range of features and functions built to make get the best out of your trading life with more excellence and accuracy. 
GoodCrypto was put together by a team of veteran software architects who have literarily seen it all in the world of digital assets trading. They came together with a perfect blend of young and fresh development minds to pull their decades-long experience together with unbounded young development minds to deliver to us this best crypto trading app with complex trading tools with novel ideas.
GoodCrypto app came out with the great idea of helping you limit the distractions and nuisance that having many crypto trading apps on your phone brings. You can bear witness that this is a niggling pain in the butt; having to flip through various apps just to get the best features and prices you need for your trading. 
 GoodCrypto supports more than 35 crypto exchanges including Binance, Gemini, Okx, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Coinbase, Mandala, Bybit, Bittrex, Tokocrypto and most other crypto platforms you enjoy working with. GoodCrypto helps you monitor prices in real-time on all these exchanges.
GoodCrypto also ships with the ability to trade with advanced trading tools such as Trading Bots and Trailing Stops and all trading indicators like Moving Averages, Ichimoku Cloud,  Super-trend indicator, MACD, Fibonacci Retracements, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands and of course your preferred chart patterns. 
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GoodCrypto’s portfolio manager is a beauty to behold. It ships with a sleek user interface that you will fall in love with at first sight. Very easy to navigate through, you can’t miss your way around the app. 
All the features you will need to become profitable in your trading voyage are well taken care of with GoodCrypto’s cryptocurrency management portfolio system. Whether you are a trader, an investor or a miner/staker, GoodCrypto has got you covered.
Crypto alerts are very helpful to profitable traders. You need to be kept abreast of what is happening even when you are not on the app. GoodCrypto takes care of that for you.
You can set it up according to your taste and when the price hits the range you need to trade from, you can be sure to get an alert from GoodCrypto to swing into action and make good profits. Whether it is a push alert immediately after your order is filled, incoming wallet transfer notifications, or just live market updates, GoodCrypto got you covered. Furthermore, GoodCrypto allows you find a new GEMs on Uniswap and Pancakeswap!  
1. Trailing Stops
Trailing Stop is a strategy that helps traders set orders with a Stop order that triggers the following market price at a specified distance known as the trailing distance.  
This happens when the price moves in the chosen direction, but it remains in place when the price starts going against you in the opposite direction. If the market price hits the Stop, the underlying Market or Limit order is then triggered and sent to the concerned exchange. Use Trailing Sell order to get the highest profit from your trades and Trailing Buy order to enter position in the best point. GoodCrypto is one of the few trading apps that incorporates this rare trading feature.
2. Connected Stop Loss Take Profit
The stop loss and take profit feature is precious and very handy for entering and exiting the market at your preferred positions. 
With the connected stop loss and take profit feature, you can be sure to put in orders that will trigger immediately price reaches your take profit or preserve your portfolio from liquidation when the market goes against you with the stop loss. You may also combine them with Trailing Orders to get the most!
Crypto trading bots help you to completely free yourself from the hassles of having to trade the markets with the associated risks. They completely take it over and leave you with enough time to do other profitable things while you still make good profits on your trades automatically. 
GoodCrypto helps you launch your trading bots to trade on your behalf on your preferred exchanges. There are different kinds of bots you may want to try out. 
1. Grid Bot
Crypto markets are known for their steady back and forth movements. These movements offer avenues for profitable trading but it is always difficult to monitor them on your own. The grid bots will help you place an automated grid of buy and sell orders of the same size within a selected range. GoodCrypto offers grid trading bots for trending markets as well. Long Grid is perfectly suited for bullish markets, while Short Grid will perform excellently in bearish market conditions.
2. Infinity Bot
This Bot uses Trailing Stop orders to enter and exit positions and then ride strong market moves both up and down, capturing more upside than simple holding would. 
Your task here is just to mark up your trailing distance for entry and exit orders depending on recognized and anticipated volatility. 
Then, the algorithm will repeatedly send trailing to buy and trailing sell orders until you feel you can stop it either manually or by hitting your target.
3. DCA Bot
In trending markets, the Dollar Cost Averaging bot works best for you be it bullish or bearish. In simple terms, it helps increase your profit by placing trades strategically capturing profits along different lines by averaging your entry position. 
For example, if you place a trade at a particular point in a bullish market and the price goes down beyond your entry point, the bot helps you place additional orders as the market is falling so as to bring down your entry position and this helps you increase your profit as the market bounces back. 
Many of the features in GoodCrypto come free of charge but as you know, nothing profitable comes free. Some of the advanced features and the bots mentioned are accessible in the PRO package which you can access just for $9.99/month.  However, you can get a feel of it with a 14 day FREE trial to try all benefits. 
GoodCrypto is an app that combines portfolio tracking functionality with advanced trading features such as trading bots and trailing orders with the best pricing on the market and 14-day free trial so it is aimed to be the best crypto app.
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