Gowtam SSC Telugu Full Movie | Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma

Hey Buddies, road is shut Friends it is time for bet. Do you want to understand the thrilling
episode today? Automobile race. Today will be riskier than
the previous weeks. But to we have 2 dynamic participants. One is Mr Prabhu and the various other one, Is Mr Gautham. So lets wager. 2000,3000, 4000,1000 2000, 80 53.5 Twenty rupees Yea yes Oh, this is a big wager Yes man, This is exactly how it will certainly be Like your dad, we place'' t used kickback money for wagering. Where did your dad functioned? He functioned in different workplace. Currently we call Mr Prahul Prahul, Prahul Prahul, Prahul I bet 10,000 Now let’s call the 2nd participant Mr. Gautham. 2000 rs is less Exactly how it is currently? Hey why are informing it much less male Continuing to be 8000 likewise spend it My bet 10,000 I can not think you I need to count Method 2000 is less If I win I will offer double count So do you recognize the race rules Individuals will certainly maintain their two legs on 2 vehicles and also stand Car will go in 60 km speed In the center there will be 3 speed breakers In which ever before circumstance participant should not touch the ground Either he should be air or in the vehicle Is it clear individuals? Yeah, Yeah.
So good friends provide large hands to Prahul Prahul, Prahul.
Prahul, laka laka laka Idiots.
Thank you It’s a fortunate day for Mr.Prahul Currently

it’s the turn of Mr. Gautham Amma After seeing what occurred to him and afterwards.
additionally to participate I am not a fool Jump.
laka laka laka So you taught I will go away.
I will not go Cha Oh baby, it is absolutely nothing Hey need to accumulate cash Hey fat fellow Take this as well as maintain there Uncle came, where? Seven Hills Yes Sir, Keep in mind those lorry numbers. Ok Sir. You come with me Stop man, Stop Where are you people going? Do you believe it is your dad roadway? Each week you obstruct and carry out.
Program right here Relocate, Relocate to station.
Sir No requirement for terminal Mine is appreciated household If you desire take these individuals They don'' t have that regard Whom to take and whom not to take.
We recognize that effectively So who'' s boy are you? Hey you have any type of. shame, dignity, regard? Growing up like tree is.
not nearly enough Bonehead Till now even my dad has.
not reprimanded me You are reprimanding me? Means Given that my father began reprimanding me.
I am not utilizing his name out Is it so babu? If you tell your house number We both will chat with phone Complete early morning he functions difficult as well as come If we disrupt him this moment.
it won'' t be great Ya ito do so much in workplace. Is your daddy a collection agency? Yes he is collector Pandian.
Pandian.What mam? Do you know what is encyclopaedia? Ya I recognize encyclopaedia indicates Maintain my cycle Pandian understands nothing. We will certainly ask our grandfather come I have spoken with him. Grandfather, what is encyclopaedia? Now I am very active. dont disturb me. Most likely to grandmother go.
I am sorry children Grandma is hectic. Go to your papa. Ask your educator in institution,. we are paying costs right. Resting Uncle is in washroom We will certainly ask Suma aunty. Okay, come. Hi put on ' t fear bye. Hey there Uncle, me Shubbu. What? Night authorities have apprehended Gautham Gautham
. Police What? Cops arrest. What? Oh He would have been done something Not like that uncle Then what now? Must I call to the authorities station. and also asks him to launch? I will refrain that.Hey male.
Come below, come. You have asserted that.

you are collection agency boy This is enthusiast home.
see there Sri. A SAMBHU PRASAD. I.A.S. District collector Extremely excellent person Not only that Sir. See the Madam plate near the bottom. Smt. A.CHAYA RANI, M.A, M.Phil. Prof. OSMANIA college If you assume like that. all in this residence allow persons Dr. A.MANOJ KUMAR, M.D, M.S. CARDIOLOGY & SURGEN Smt, A. GAYATHRI DEVI, M.B.A. I.C.I.C.I. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Supervisor Sri. A.NEERAJ KUMAR. M.E. & Vehicle Designer Smt. A.RENU M.C.A, M.F.T STYLIST Sri has been stricked out. A. GOUTHAM KUMAR SSC? That person in down Gautham sir. We are not knowledgeable about him.Standing nearby you,.
Exactly how can you state that you put on ' t understand me? Who? Myself. You? Pay attention babu.

Father awakened long time back
Abba Why are looking so shocked'? Oh For last evening. keeping me in station? Not like that. Keept your name plate in middle of.
their name plates together with your level I can recognize. your placement in this house Exactly how? Like keeping the neighborhood alcohol. in between scotch wishkey bottles. Take your hand Okay Shanmu my friends are. coming for lunch today I will certainly send you the provider to office ok Bye neeraj Bye meera Bye. What sir? Someone will see comprehend. We saw What did you see? When you boiled down to our area and. landed in opposite residence We saw you placing documents alone. break inspector Mr Kondarao When we remained in institution itself we liked her
Is it did they give action? No It is true Your daddy is
an expert. Ha ha ha ha ha However Bawa its one decade that you are married. Is it not boring with the sister? Hey every one of you get out No man daily she shows up newly to him. and make him in love Ohhh please be rather What guys early morning you have actually climbed up the wall. is tiffan over? No sister that ' s why we climbed
on the wall. if you provide we will eat.Hey subu, yes What tiffian did your mom make today? Upma which continued to be last night and. Idli dough which was made in the morning She made idli upma with them

Let my dad consume that as well as I came off below That is alright I have actually made a lot more dough with your.
sibling in regulations hand It is obtaining late. Anu, anu darling come and clean my hair Ya coming Sibling need not come you just clean Haa madam will certainly you at
the very least come. as well as comb my hair Coming dear You wait sibling if you comb likewise Its mosting likely to remain the exact same Heyyy,. yaaa What mangal konda do you want dosa? Its since three years that.
I have actually obtained moved to this area Till currently i am solitary just Heyy in between partner as well as wife there are.
couple of feelings When she is cleaning the hair my both hands Hugging her, haha while
leaving for the workplace wantedly. eliminating one switch And also when as well as comes and also places the switch. on her lips muahhh Haaa, after that Then what my fate As opposed to doing all this I have to watch. all these in television serials Sibling for kondal
rao its obtaining. for workplace he is leaving This is for babu school charges This is for papa taken care of down payment Bye banu darling Bye kondal rao We will ask sis and know it Hey its getting late for hospital When you go secure your home as well as.
keep the tricks in the flower pot Sibling I have a little doubt Generally one physician gets married. to an additional medical professional One engineer gets wed. to another designer However you being a physician Our crack examiner kondal roa Ohh sorry Our break inspector Kondal roa exactly how did you. wed? can you inform me Properly 12 years back When i was
doing my house surgeon In one accident instance this fracture examiner. kondal haa, its obtaining late for health center. will you go Thanks Send this documents to the revenue department Will do it sir Dad I have brought
your service provider Why you have brought it? is pandian not there? Mommy ' s coworkers are coming for lunch. it seems for that work, she sent me You wear ' t have college? Today history lecturer died Why Day before yesterday business economics lecturer. dided by puncturing the pin Ohh this is true daddy cardiovascular disease Sad I will serve babu You wait I am maintaining ideal Father you know what is special today? hmmm It is brinjal Enjoy as well as
hog it nicely Heyy idiot what is this? Hog it enjoy them What language? Listen try to speak properly What did I state currently? brinjal is wonderful asked to hog it For this
do you need to beat by your talks? Sufficient go out and also wait outside I will offer myself Ok don ' t show my anger on rice and also. hog it totally Pay attention to my talks people Enthusiast sir ' s 3rd kid has actually come When he comes here this individual will certainly come to be. mood out Hey Katam My name is Kanta reddy Tats ok My wife also is likewise not squeezed. on my cheeks Hey there sir Hi hello hi hello He asked to show this data to the enthusiast He gave this cover also sir Currently itself i will go and also reveal it Do you see if you offer
cash. all the work will be done What is your work sir'? From the day our firm is secured out. we did not obtain our shares If he provides the order they will give it sir Suggests its extremely difficult for you to make it through Yes babu seeing our lives If sir shows some problem Provide right here i will obtain it as well as come What katam? On this file he had questions man. yet me Katam dad has actually put the signature keep. the stamp and send them Take it, thanks sir Take it man Namaste babu. ok ok ok Babu Yes, from convent in every little thing first rank.
why you have doubt? From tiny you are signing papas signature. underway record And now i have uncertainty on his initial indicator Its like everyone is shielding for you Currently I remember today my mega star. andhra launch My cinema ma Hey I asked you cover one dupata and asked.
you to stand in line right I did stand like that till they. offered I did not move Dumb now see house full Hey if you would have called from your. daddy ' s workplace the supervisor will offer ticket Ya like taring the ticket my daddy. will tare me Today from tickets till brandy store. all underground market only lets try in black 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 Edge seats corner seats collar seats Will you rest near me near me near me will beat in sandal will defeat in slipper 50 100 50 100 What is this? Tickets Is it black tickets? What you students also.
entered into underground market? Hey officer what do you consider me If you see me is it like I am. offering tickets in black Do you who am I? Shall I call the CM?Ahh.
no need no need This is CM is one person? City wise location wise street sensible he is provided. the phone number to every person They state will we call will we call and. black mail us Its all our destiny sir. if we catch them under the act additionally They will claim we know them and also. black mail us sir The whole city is like that only sir Lady it is incorrect You brought tickets as well as awaiting your. pals, we took it incorrect You can go please go 50 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 Hello there the number of are there? 5,
give all the five Child is there no price cut? It is there if you obtain 4 tickets. one ticket is totally free However one ticket is 150 Bawa it is a good offer Idiot what for us currently if its llike that We are solid in mathematics recognize Hello there ahh I will certainly come off
there Sunday 70MM right I will come off Ohhh thief lady She is selling right here as well as going there i assumption She just told me to come
at the. back of her, see there In black tickets form how she is going. like a rocket there, see Zindabad Tiger bun is not in the house methods still. he did not come Then we can make upma from pandian ' s hand Like your mom in the cooking area right. 50 * 2= 100 50 * 3 =150 Haa its like I have heard this 50s voice See there male
upma 50 * 5= 250 Same to exact same 50 * 7 Hi manga what you are seeing like that? exactly how we understand your name? Now only we saw your sibling. in theatre and also came See male exactly how fate is so various If their objective is also the exact same. their personality is various Is she is mass here she has course Hello there Whom you are telling ganga manga both. are me just My name is janaki Inspite of marketing tickets in black. taking tuitions is your side service ah No no me as well as my classmates planned. to head to movie theater By the time they come if it ends up being. house full I got tickets in black However they purchased
tickets in sandhya and. was awaiting me But like truly marketing tickets in black 50 100 50 100 50 100. you were voicing The individual that marketed to me in black. voiced like that So i educated black ought to be sold similar to this. and also i likewise provided the exact same looks Hmmm but you here.
Uncle she is our new tution instructor Ohh is it But without Gautam interviewing. exactly how did you select? If you had actually selected myself like you itself Each course I need to have. examined for 4 years Hey you should not talk in front. of tiny kids at house Minimize little Hi This is Stevens from California can I. talk to Mr Neeraj please What brothers name from The golden state. cant understand anything Yeah Yeah me me me me the grear grand small.
sibling of Neeraj talking Yeah I might or would or must He inside your house I assume Yeah i got in cordless phone Yeah sending out the slave inside.
yeah dangling Hello there signal cutting ya califla Ohh oh foolish califla keep hanging you will. reach him Hang on your own ok hi One min within one min. hang yourself Currently the phone is going within ya This is only English oh insane Pandian, what? Take it Offer it to sibling Ok I will certainly provide it. put on ' t do it That only I claimed
Come guys Excuse me Mr Gautham Ya are you hectic the whole day? Ohh ya
certainly 25 hours For me evening 6 to 7. can you spend one hr? However why? Your language is so horrible From you English and also to save other individuals.
from your English Ok take No no took Come Absorb Today evening totally like a truck without. break I will go rapidly Banu papa why this time around bell is calling? I assume some person Tats why Physicians police people we should not. wed them If we do after that urgent instance will certainly return Ohhh you Where is sibling, where is sister,. where is sibling Urgent work is there bawa
. what work male? Lots of jobs exist should I inform you? state where is sister? However, for me and her there is just one job Please please try to understand Will you tell where is sister or otherwise? She is at house only,. however she is not in room alone Sunday Sunday with out knowing. what programme you are having uncle? No today is our wedding celebration anniversary Ohhh wedding celebration anniversary You ought to have informed us in the past right. if I claim? Will certainly you bring sweets We will certainly obtain from you as well as go But uncle Without
you understanding itself there is. romantic kamal hasan is there What is your trouble? you know appropriate sis He is caring sunitha Yes, that girl provided environment-friendly signal to him Not just for him for one more young boy Suresh. also she provided signal Currently what that girl is claiming.
she is given a notice That ever before goes initially in these 2. she will certainly opt for them it seems Ohhh what a great girl she is Tats why to plan ways banu sis To make her approve Gautham. tell something sis Ok Now this is sunitha What this not sunitha sis it is capsule Think like that Hello there It is so Congratses I will tell them What? by the time we prepare that suresh. as well as sunitha obtained married That informed you? That sunitha phoned and asked to state. you sorry Ayooo Hmmm consume quick and also prepare. as well as go to school Mother Get my juice Hello Gautham I am Sudhri from Delhi offer.
the phone to father once Hey uncle how did you discover it is. me after stating hello there? Because house being empty as well as.
attending all the phones is you appropriate Ohh oh thank you uncle. what else? Your dad got an honor from. President of India For his meretricious service What? Your papa is got Rashtrapathi award,. Is it? Sibling Big bro Open up the door bro What? featured me i will certainly tell Hey there, Large bro come Hey there Suma come everybody come. come i will inform you Daddy daddy Inform What? What all are with each other? What naughty? Sudhir uncle What happened to Sudhir? Hi hey there hello I talked with him 2 days back. what took place to him? Hi hi what occurred to Sudhir? Oh Oh Sudhir Ohhh Ohh thank you thank you I will capture up later Pinhead Don ' t you recognize exactly how
to communicate. a message properly? What did i do? What took place? Chaya I got the
respected. President award for my services Exactly how did
you covey that?Sudhir stated Just how did you state it? Ohh rest dad.Congratulations Ohh thank you thank you my son.
Chaya Daddy in regulation congratulations Daddy Congratulations daddy
. daddy Thank you thanks Father. Congratulations daddy congratulations Congratulations and all the finest Did you see even the servant people. understand society other than you Its ok cool Pandian get desserts for everyone. Okay madam Come come Come Come come begun. allows delight in lets celebrate Hey Panthra mother how is my style? It behaves. congrats You have actually obtained clothed like that you. have got the honor Hey it is very same for dad and also same for me You wear ' t waste my time, ohh. they are waiting for my meeting down Relocate, please. Ohh thanks Everybody has come shall we start sir This is my household. proceed Roll the electronic cameras My father deserves it He is wizard I am feeling pleased He is not my uncle,. he is my papa He is a treasure of a person Daddy I enjoy you My grandfather is excellent Thank you. grandfather grandfather What precious? they did not meeting. Gautam uncle Its ok its ok ok sir you lug on what way should I introduce? My large boy medical professional 2nd child engineer To introduce them each of them. have a designation Just how to introduce you sir? My third boy name Gautham is a free bird.
airborne must I introduce like that If you have any embarassment and respect For being born as a human Ask him attain something Come youngsters You wear ' t feel Gautham babu Your father snapped and also reprimanded you
You came late recognize,. No Pandian Nothing is incorrect in what he stated Being birthed like a human he asked me to.
accomplish something that ' s all right? To achieve something power is required To have energy we have to drink increase Method obtain increase You birthed in enthusiasts house it is okay If you were born in my house'i would certainly.
have eliminated you Nirmala mother What is your grand kid saying? Mom and infant both are risk-free In your true blessings both are great You should only keep name for him What name should I keep? Keep Gautam as name sibling Automatically he will become like me What everybody have concerned my healthcare facility? Sisiter few truths will more than happy to listen to. but the fact is All of us were
walking in the roadway All of a sudden for everybody in heart We listened to an audio We were surprised what is taking place. as well as contrary is your health center To see you banu sister only heart Do you want car? you are brilliant sibling All medical professionals see the capillaries as well as inform. what is the disease? However you listening to out talks itself Its obtaining echoed.
Leave the location Sibling what did you concerning my matter? What is your issue? Will you inform my love issue? I am a doctor but what ' s. love for you keeping that lady? If both of you rest with each other it will certainly be like. pumkin as well as container guard I assumed till currently for love elegance cash. residential or commercial property only is essential However also height and also weight matters.
came to understand just But sibling i am loving this lady If my hand and also legs breaks additionally I will love What language is this? not just. malayalam medical professional Indicates I will damage my hands and also legs additionally. to get admitted here as well as bring her in line You require not break it From kerala they will come as well as break it I believe you can use that shade ok ok mam Ladies begin your costumes are all set Why you girls are resting like this? Neha this is your own Wow and also preethi you can use this Raghav brush your hair back. little much more of course exactly Oh gosh I neglected my design publication Hey there Pandian Ohh Gautam In my room analysis table there is.
design publication Can you get it soon its very immediate It must go like this ok mam ok, sister in law Right here your ' s books Ya I got my book Hold on
, Hi Hi Take it Its ok sister in regulation Its ok when you do jobs like this. you get commission right, take it Bye Ya girls, actually Vivek, ya Can you just consult the screen Oh certain Renu Hey videotape it Anil
sir,. zoom to Renu Okay sir Go to her tight lips Wow If i see that lips it seems like attacking it. as well as stating welcome Zoom it back lightly and also bring it down In'black and black saree. she is like black cobra A lot more till down Excuse me sir Yes, some one of your close friend Mr Mano. is waiting on you at the entrance hall The one who called you is not Mano. Myself Gautam Renu ' s sibling in regulation So what?Hey You asked to zoom in lips appropriate Where else to do? where? Tell man Wait I know what you intended to ask? Did you defeat vivek? is it so? Not just I damaged him Shut your mouth Inspite of defeating him you are saying. so causally, why did you beat? Why are you asking him? I know what happened there He was passing some bad remarks. on my versions Then Vivek came and also asked him. to leave the place Gosh he provided him left and ideal You should have seen viveks face He was feeling very bad. Sis sister sis In whatever you stated i recognized. one thing negative comments Yet who did on whom. What? Sir has actually done some good idea and also came Yet if you hear the news that i brought. you will really feel better than this Today his guide university principal came. for inviting for a feature Did not intended to ask but i asked Exactly how is my Gautam examining? You understand what did he inform for that Shri maan maharaja Gautam did not go
to. college for past six months Six months Exactly how i desired to see him My master my eye deck Kalolivachigaru, Kalolivachigaru implies who?In 1950'' s in India IIS leading ranking
candidate from Andhra After that like me many people desired
to obtain place like him No one was able to do it But I instructed through my kid
I will certainly fulfill my wish Yet this fellow Only 10th class he passed in first attempt Others he maintains examining them full year That why maintained his standard as
SSC in name plate Without pity to the people who asked him SSC implies, that is something Scientist at satellite center He informs it in vogue it seems, pinhead
Hmm Suma what are you studying? BSC last year Due to the fact that I dint study BSC is
anything loss for you in the future? No dad, but sir He wont study what I stated
Polytechnic only he will research it appears See his face
Chaya tell him Telling him to research is not to earn for us For his life to be beneficial What Gautham what'' s incorrect with you? See just how father is getting anxious Mom is likewise informing Please dear focus on your research studies Ok mom Mommy, Economy is
classified right into farming Mummy mommy I passed mommy I passed mummy What? It is this Suma passed i passed Suma first rank I third course mummy Congratulations mam you son entered 3rd course
maintain it up Che Che what an embarassment what an embarassment As if he did a large point screaming mummy
he came in the school He passed in 3rd course but develop up
resembled as if he passed in first-rate Before my pupils you brought
down my dignity pinhead If you don'' t to say in English you can
claim in Telugu know I pass you pass what is this? Hey in college additionally they dint say much Stop it guys We wont quit it male
Leaving us you alone will go in the campus Hello Abba what from your cell you do
outgoing calls also What? What happened bawa? Where? Hey Hey say what took place to bawa? why did you bring me right here? Hey see there banu sis Bawa heyy Hey you gave accumulate
stating some point immediate This is and all bawa strategy Like tis country strategy he offers well
Kondal rao Tat is ok currently you cut the cake
why sibling? What is written on the cake see it very first Congratulations to the winner You passed the degree know so just Yet 3rd course only recognize Gautam just one mother prior to exam your mama
was with you to research that'' s why 3rd class Is it was done before 3 years
State ranking would have come You have that ability Why you dint birthed at my residence sister? She was born in your contrary house understand Tats why today to delight in a lot your
sis intended Very first cut the cake Everybody come on come come come Congratulations parties
congratulations Manoj, daddy I heard that doctor Markus from london
you take this Is seeing your healthcare facility
Have some even more yar Please pay attention to me
I put on'' t desire Hey for fixing that i asked to
bring the auto mechanic yet you are strolling right here When I went Gautham sir asked me not go and also he is fixing it sir why he is repairing? hello range Currently it is extremely after keeping the trick itself it will begin Gautham what is this? Rather of doing his work he will do all the various other jobs Also mechanic job too His gang that mechanic just Thats there, what today?Hey Clean your hands clean your hands Ok Hey there Shastigaru tell me I told no demand bookkeeping today Yes My sibling is coming today from United States Have to go to the flight terminal to select her up Don’t state reasons i am coming Manoj will certainly you most likely to pick her up Sorry Gayathri, today I need to go to 4 surgical treatments I have Board of directors fulfilling Sorry sis I have practice sessions Ayo I have practicals After that who else will go? Gautam What sibling in legislation? Today Brahma is coming You understand Brahma right? Braham I know quite possibly That is waste it wont come for work Hey brahma, what bawa? Toi Dead fellow Way Brahma is come to be large now, of course Then will certainly you go choose her up ya certainly Yet if every one of you take vehicle as well as go It wont look excellent picking a person in automobile that is originating from America No no why vehicle? publication some cars and truck Hey careful wear'' t stand Gautam I am fine Oh ok Brahma Cool pal Sorry speed breaker can be found in the center Are you ok? I am aright, no worry, I am alright No problem Kick back Hi everyone Hi Brahma Hi sibling Just how are you? i am penalty How are you? i am good You have put on weight i believe, not excatly Come ma come ma I am coming What is this? In life very first time i saw a telegu dictnoray And also wrote in english love letter Ohhh ohh I fall and need you Means? I will drop as well as die for you Haa ha You are echo of my heart beat You are just my heart beat We are both in milk and honey cohabiting Waah waah waah What is the definition for this? You and me like milk as well as honey should live together Ohhhh You dislike me as well as strike me However constantly i love you If you reprimand me or heckle me i will love just you I will certainly kill you Do that work banu Then what is this love letter? Love letter implies expressing the love If that Brahma reviews this letter indicates She wont love you She will push in usen sagar She will certainly go autumn as well as pass away usan sagar Why are you telling faults sibling I have actually not seen an excellent love letter like this in my kife Ahh, Hey cylinder close it What man? In todays world ladies choose internet as well as e-mails You are still in letters do something different It ought to be different just he wrote this Hey you need to not compose love letter heart defeated liver augmentation If you desire to deal with a lady you shoud get ideas from one more girl Thats why we concerned sis Your sis is not a girl, aunty aunty Konda Sorry dear i informed the fact Specifying What i am comin to tell is you can ask this feamale right Me no method Yes you are just appropriate can you help me Please please Please i will catch your leg Please help me you only have to do please pay attention to my words Ok ok Hi Brahma Hi Janaki Do you swim daily? Ya it is my routinue Like you swimming there is one individual in this residence who suches as swimming Who? that else Your Gautham bawa Daily he dives from there swims Oh truly Oh my god If she asks me to swin from there? By the means which video game do you like? In United States i only play battery ball Wow what a coincidence Naturally for both of them In something tatste will certainly be very same But also for you both in 2 thigs you have the exact same preference Gautham additionally suches as volley ball you recognize Really? I will certainly do something Eveing for both of you i will organize hand to hand video game Ok, Ok I am prepared Ready? I am prepared from morning Ok Where is Brahma? She left half a hr back.Stop madam

enough of chuckling Response which needs to get it came for you Like 1000 walts shock beat Method being so near to a woman is the very first time know It does not look like that if i see your batch and also you We are good individuals level you are a virgin? Che che haa Virgin virgin 100percent pure Thats ok inform a few other excellent suggestion This is a lesson or what to see in my text publication and tell Offer some time to believe i will make an incredibly plan this time Hello its getting late for me I will go bye Bye Why 6 people are beating one person bro? You came as second guy. Oh, is it like that? However it is not my normal thing.For me three rounds First round, second round and third round You choose exactly how much round you want Why that much round for you? Then it is my count. Go guy Go Can you drop me? Ok Many Thanks Hey Hey Hello There Gautham Who is he? Hi PA I am to your dad, not to you Then you ought to go camp with him, Why you came to me? I stayed back to do little work. What? Come this side, I will certainly inform you. Oh personal.Come this side first

. See below This person is my level watch guy'' s kid
. Hi Hello Sir To open up telephone both in disabled quota To fill up applications time got over. Today last day We don’t have a time obtain signature with all. If your father sign after that it will certainly be full. However he is not in home town That'' s the reason I have actually come to you So if I do my daddy'' s trademark after that he will certainly get work Not just that He will maintain you dad photo and also do day-to-day pooja. After that alright Give me the documents Offer data Begin, Come on What'' s today day? 3rd September Have you hid from him? Not like that, I am likewise Human You are perfectly informing lies. Capture it When Banu will come? She didn'' t mosted likely to college She will certainly kiss the kid till obtain completely satisfied and after that will come Ah ha, Right here my desire girl came.Madam, was the feature great? Really nicely took place. Oh I will certainly likewise get jealous on him. He looks little, chubby as well as really charming child. Always you talk regarding others, When you will have youngsters.
Why so fast? Why quick? You don’t have, however I have. No milk, No fruit No Suggestion when you will certainly have kid, Yet conserving money in package. Atleast you tell this When you will have children? Tell us, tell us Tell us Stop your nonsense Kids Children Children No children for me Hey there Let them recognize, Just how long you can keep secret We cant have youngsters She do not have that alternative We angle have youngsters She is thing that I shouldn'' t be concern I point that she'shouldn ' t be fret We became youngsters for every various other The cash which I maintain Monthly we are offering to orphanage You are an angel, sister.We will such as the

point which we wear ' t
have and also others has. You do not have that point Yet you are helping lots of kids And also you are seeng happinies in a few other mothers eye You are so excellent sister. Hey, why I wear ' t have kids? Also if you are'all calling me as sister. I listen to mother because. Now inform me, you are all my son ' s right? Then me My little girl'in regulation Quit sis, you are making your own decision. I need to notify to my parents additionally. Oh Oh This man have several points Beat him guy, beat.
He is innocent, Dont do anything for him. Naughty children God, your concept needs to be succes. Yes If we forecast such as this, even Kalpana will certainly succumb to this. Sorry incorrect quotation Bramara is in aunty room While she change on she is not lighting the light, lighting my love, I will configuration like that. R E M O Remo Remo, Oh R E M O. Remo, Remo, eco Remo Remo Oh she remains in washroom I need to set it swiftly Oh she is coming Hey. She what is it? See that Not like that Ya that ' s it.
I maintained here.Who unlocked? Gautham Daya by day,. Why are you behave

like this? Without knowing,.
why you are all directing me? Why you really went to her space? To off the lights in her space to show. If I didn ' t come you would have been done this'. Not like that, while she was in shower room. Che Che,. By thinging itself I am getting afraid.
While I was in washroom,. Exactly how many times he would certainly have been seen? What sister in legislation? Why you are talking such as this? You must more than happy that. we are only speaking If it is others.
they will certainly beat you with footwear.She believed remain with her sibling for 4 days. you did fantastic for that Immediatly you go to mommy ' s home Listen below Bramarama Till currently in my life. I am honored that I have not'did any kind of mistake But after ended up being father to him.
I realise that I did blunder For the error he
did. I am requesting for sorry. I am Sorry, Really
sorry I am sorry Gautham,. all of it took place due to the fact that of me.
I am only the bad,. I am actually sorry Gautham Gautham.
control yourself What you are not weeping? Wherefore? Of what? That much battle happened.That lots of people scolded you. For scolding, I will certainly weep!! I wont cry, when I do mistake. Then exactly how can I sob for the blunder. I haven’t done Can you do one more aid.
without hesitation? What is that? You are taking tuiton.
in Ram Mohan house right Yes For his first daughter Bindu, Can you provide this love letter? You wont adjustment. Why they are boarding the baggage’s? May be they are mosting likely to Kasi, Rameshwaram In your house.
they will take all the luggage’s? Yeas man, my uncle will certainly take all.
to prevent theft. Yours fool family members Hold it Hold it.
careful Why you are taking luggage’s? Are you transforming home? No, we are altering the location itself.Means? Your sibling in regulation obtained transfer to. Vijayawada We came to know before 10 days Then If we tell early. after that you people will certainly feel You have actually informed currently. Are we look delighted? Not like that After that what sis? That is there for me after you leave? Where I am going now? If you require me urgently Jump on to terrace and yell as. Bhanu sis, I will hear that After that if we get bus
. in 4 hours she will be prior to you However I am also feeling
negative for leaving you We too miss you Okay Ok. Bhanu times up Hey, aid us men. Hey Subbu mindful Hey Babu get it I
will certainly be back alright While I leave Gautham. He will really came to be alone. Atleast I feel you are there for him Cautious Hey you can lock it Leaving. Delighted trip sister. Gautham I will be back Bye. Bye Bye, deal with on your own Bye Ok bye, Do not come to workplace sir Why? ACP visited our workplace
for raid and also. looking in your space. ACP raid in my workplace Just how? Hello Hello There I am Prasad below.
May I recognize sir,. What is happening in my workplace? RAID For what? What? No no no no chance no
method sir. Please pay attention to me You can constantly involve my residence and search I don ' t have any type of
objection.Anytime. Anytime Ok What take place dad? Info went to ACP office. that i have took 10 lakhs kickback as well as authorized a Gov job Why? Why
? Why should I do that? Why will I do it? How can ACP RAID enthusiast ' s house? Third September, I was not here in Hydrabad. Yes, you have mosted likely to camp. All this is so amusing. What is the date today? Third'September. We are extremely sorry sir. Search warrent. Ok, go in advance. Please go ahead, move So what happened? Did you recuperate any kind of money? We didn ' t get money.But we an evidence. that you have misused your power. Is this your signature? This is my signature. But I didn ' t check in this paper. Likewise on that day I was in Hydrabad. Sorry sir.Furthur arguement in court. Apprehension him.'Who took the allurement? tell them. Sorry sir. I suched as the bribe money 10Lakhs.

So I have bogus the enthusiast sign. I have approved that site for them. Mr.Reddy. Mr.Reddy. Just how could you do this to me? Who have placed his indicator? That.!! Some expert assisted. Sir, we are exceptionally
sorry sir. Take him into custody Quit Come here. Come These several years he functioned under me,. I didn ' t obtain doubt on him. Exactly how did you know that. he did this fraudulence? Means Dad.!! That.!! What is your share in that 10 Lakhs? I put on ' t have any kind of link with that money. Then what?'Handicap will certainly get telephone cubicle. He will thank you. This signature. Me. !! You have actually not made your fathers trademark.
Its this area collection agency trademark You try to execute my personality He tried to kill me. Father After that what? These years no blame on me. Tomorrow I am going to get award. If today they would certainly have been connected my hand. I would certainly have been hung and also died.Is he not

attempted to kill? Tell me, is he not tried to kill? Dad I done it unknowingly Sorry, I won'' t repeat it father'. Don ' t tell like that please father. You have did numerous mistakes. But I have allowed you. Finally you have actually done error with a woman. I have actually been polite as a dad. Now, you attempted to kill me. Hereafter put on'' t have location in this residence.
He shouldn ' t be.
in this residence.
Hey come man Please daddy. Sambu Dad Daddy. Obtain lost, get shed Dad Hey If you make a step as not a Sambu prasad boy. then this is your place.Out What

? Come within. He tried to eliminate me I would certainly have been installed as well as passed away. Hereafter put on'' t have place in this home. I done it unknowingly.
Sorry, I won'' t repeat it daddy. What master? You are resting right here Hello there Pandulama.
Hello there The information what I heard i right? You have actually been venture out from residence. Hey they didn'' t say get out Love ended up being a lot more on me. I can'' t bear it, so came out.So what is our address now? It is not such as here as well as there. In summertime season Ooty.
and in winter season koti I am thing.
where I should be in raining season? Enaough on your acting, stop. You are not claiming from your heart. Janu, that mistake I didn'' t done knowingly Its ok. I understand regarding you. Because Ooty and also Koti remain in extremely range. Close by in bala nagar.
Janaki has cottage Will you remain there? You are staying. Come What? Your doubt is “” who is he?”” From today I am keeping him.
You have any argument Come Hey what is that words? What is incorrect in that? Today If we are not telling the factor Tomorrow we will not have answer.
for their Questions. My little girl will do every little thing correct. Not that.
Amma Amma First allow her present him Father, I have actually informed concerning Gautham. He is. From currently he will certainly be in your house.
for few days. Gautham he is my papa. Captain Harish X military. Hi Sir Welcome to our residence boy. Thanks sir.This is my darling. Sushila. Unfortunatly she born as my mother. Functioning in exports garments. Hello there aunty Hello babu She is this location Aishwarya rai. My sister. She is your type. First in researches. Then.
Only Nagarathnamma My granny This factory MD. In some cases she wish to.
became competitor to Ramoji rao What in some cases? Now itself all are utilizing my product. Janaki outlined you. What'' s your name? Gautham Resembles fine mango. After that keep range with my grnadmother. She reduced you and make pickle. Come below.
Hey We will certainly be constantly similar to this. Daily we will certainly eat with each other We will certainly sleep together Such as this not only we more than happy with each other We will share our fears likewise On a monthly basis 1st together with daddy pension plan money.
we will certainly also provide our incomes to him.Hey.

Stupidity, chaos Magical, truthless Hey.
Son don'' t have legal rights to make fathers trademark For this factor,.
made him to get out. Hey bawa pertained to my residence.
I will certainly make sure ofyou Your personality is big.
So you can make sure him from heart Hey pertained to my residence.
I will look after you But you put on'' t have that choice.
in your homes They think feeding you itself is waste What Gautham? You have concern to remain in my house? Hey.
No Janu.Otherwise,.

my household is not caring for you They are dealing with me then you After that what is your issue? That Philips Hey come rapidly, my vehice gets on fixing.
come quicly Hey who is that? Me babu.
Babu? Which Babu? Jagapathi Babu? Mohan Babu? Or Chandra Babu? Whoever you are, I will certainly see in evening. Hey yesterday evening you have fixed this.
Again it is not starting. If yesterday evening fixed after that.
it must function till tonight. I will prayer you, I have an assessment in workplace.
I will praise you Philips come guy, need to go office What take place sir? Bike not beginning. This drunkard is the only technician.
around I am obtaining late to office Shall I see See if you recognize. Currently give one kick and see Sure Amma Previously even for 30 kick it won'' t beginning. Now it is begun in single kick You understand the job, take this cash Hey Easily you have aided,.
However he have offered money to you Janu, earlier you have actually asked me.
concerning what is the problem to stay in your residence Trouble solved.Can you do one aid to me? What? That technician is not working right? If you obtain me the garage. I will function it out for now.
Gautham Hey Hey. You are mechanic what? Please Janu That is that? Who is revealing sun infront of me? Who is it?. !! Me uncle.
Janaki Janaki Which Janaki? Sowkar Janaki? Oh Sowkar.
I am your fan in your young age After my age come to be a lot more You pertained to my shed Janaki. Uncle I am captain daugther Janaki I am significant kid Philips Wake up uncle. Hey Janaki. you What madam? Why you occurred wth these peopel? He is Gautham my good friend Oh, good meeting Gautham. Good meetingn Uncle.
quit uncle What madam? He recognizes system.
oh Anyhow you are not functioning.
Yes That'' s why your garage he can preserve Regular monthly he will offer some money to you.
Money No cash company.
Only fluid After that every two days once.
I will provide you half No everyday provide me a quarter enaugh Ok.
Soft drink You are right here na cyndrical tube Mommy enaugh babu.
enaugh Thanks Janu One danger in this If he consumes, he will certainly fail to remember individuals Rama first for you Philips uncle No no.
no demand wonderful If hot ways.
I will use it in evening beverages Like that just Just how are you? Hello Sambu Hi Sir.
Hi Madam Hello there Sir I believed to call you Of what? …!! Gautham is your more youthful son right? Why is he having technician store.
in Bala nagar roadway side? What enthusiast child is mechanic? As you believed your 2 elder children Made one as doctor as well as one as designer Really wonderful Why left your younger boy? Whatever it is collector kid.
auto mechanic is poor right? Ramesh excuse us Hey Such as this hit What chitti come here, come below What child? Why are you weeping? Mommy rather than informing story.
she defeated me.Achi cho

Is it? What tale you desire? Rajakumaran and horses.Chitti Now I will inform one Rajakumaran tale Yet that Rajakumaran has
no equine as well as no teritory. Yet have excellent heart Can I inform that tale? Yes, tell me. 67, 68, 69 … See this Pandiyan. This month my earning is 6755 rupees In home got reprimanded from daddy Burglary money from your brothers pocket Spends thousands of rupees Gautham Now there is a happiness in your eyes Then I have actually striven for this cash
Pondian Extremely satisfied In residence are they talking concerning me? Hey what you asked like that? Daily they are thinking concerning you.Your mischievous Your mother and father are talking extra about you You are telling lie, due to the fact that I will certainly feel poor Tell me fact, are they remembering me? No male The day you left residence I am noticing. Not also one-time Where he lives Timely consuming food or not Nobody troubles They are Forgotten you After that what? They would have been killed me. Asked me to go out with respect. Why should they remember me? This is what I like from you. Having discomfort in heart However smiles in face Leaving Why all these currently? I can share my happiness just with you You should have to take this Because garage name is your name I am feeling extremely satisfied Ifyou get that great shirt of program you will certainly more than happy Don ' t be jealous Why you didn ' t obtain wonderful products? He got However I can ' t
tell outside What is it? Underwear.No No That is also'much to you Sister sweet is as well good. However you became slim
. What to do? Your uncle is not not cooking

effectively We will do something We will certainly alter uncle Coorect Hey It is ok male. Atleast he is washin garments. Hey you are earning just to consume as well as live or you have analysed future Sibling, you point he is doing just repair work He is integrating all the net and also bolt to make new component Quickly international business will certainly call him to buy that Joke? not getting laugh obtaining timid If you take life
as joke Life will certainly make you joker After that everyone will make fun of you In this age young people will certainly have two paths First to changethe life right into appropriate path Second not taking life into severe and ruining it I belive my sibling remains in first course If you take life as joke Life will make you joke changethe life right into correct path not taking life into major and spoiling it I belive my bro is in initial course Yes Go Ok Ya Hey bawa You not regular individual I am verified very first time as your close friend My provides 60KMPH Currently it offering 40 40? Hey bawa I worship
you please transform my corporator I will attempt one last time,
please Pay attention right here Currently 60 came to be 40 Once more if you attempt 40 will came to be 20 Large
designers as well as auto engineers can ' t achive this Just how can you do? leave it shut up Are you good friends? As opposed to motivating Why are you inhibiting
? Every little thing can not happen just like that In
very first effort everyone can not make success Shed as council participant Abraham lincon then came to be America president Still there is time You will certainly win Whoever belives you or otherwise I think you. Certainly you will get success Ha Ha Hey Ha Ha Hey Who are you all? Greetings uncle Uncle? Pincle? Who are you? What you carrying out in my shed? Mummy Oh Janu told right He will fail to remember when he wake up Urgently need alchacol Maintain this What male? What are you talking? Rise obtain up go go What are you doing? Go Go Why are you concealing?
Go Go out Philips will not wake up to ensure that you think to take my shed? We are waiting till you awaken Why? To complete you tell me How you desire to die? With defeating With bomb blast With weapon What man? Upma pesarat Asking like you desire lazily, sambar.
What i did that much? Hey You have troubled our brother.Brother. Which sibling? Partali dera sibling Partali dera brother? I told? Hey. In center Hari In center
hari? Yes man You have actually
bothered as well as. eliminated my brother. Hey dishum. Mommy I know neelakandam from Movie theater. yet I wear ' t know murder Dhura kandan Hey murder indicates. you will certainly alter issue.
You I live my meter.

I wear ' t recognize issue Rey Rey. Rey If you inform you wear ' t know anything.
means we will leave you Begin tell me inform me. inform me concerning your history Background? or frontground? I have made this shed with small ground. I wear ' t even more than this I understand You two people played in Channapalli jail. and intended this In Rajamandri prison planned.
with beating rock See below babu, I don ' t recognize anything. I am alone and also wear ' t have anybody Hey
see right here We shed God like Kiran. We are sorry individuals Sorry people. So you killed bro Sibling Why are you defeating me.'Babu Medication Currently I will inform your job Gautham, Su Subhu What? Why are you standing? Go as well as do your work.
Go Go male If I consume … Wont forget If I forget I can ' t drink
. Won ' t forget Mummy, always work only this much Hello Greetings sir. Greetings. Great morning sir Hello Sir. Hi Greetings sir. Ya Good early morning Sit Manoj, 3years arrangement with us. is geeting complet today. Why you did not expand for another 2 years? I am incredibly sorry

sir Until my health center building obtain over.
I function below, I told you Already 3 months back my health center obtained ready.
by thinking about
you I expanded here What I am attempting to state is? I will certainly increase
the quantity what I am. paying currently. No sir, Its not regarding cash That medical facility is as a result of my dad Ok Manoj Also peaople are much innovative,. yet always they will belive medical professional Take it All the operation you carried out. in my hospital is success, infact My healthcare facility reputation
likewise. grown due to you, no exaggeration So together with you taking my people also Not like that,.
everybody have their very own identification Ok doctor continue for your. last surgery I suggest. In my health center Thanks sir Procedure success After shifting to ICU. you can go and also see Thanks sir. Thank you extremely much Right short article.
Sir Physician Manoj. Yes Check that he took. Alcohol or otherwise What nonsense are
you chatting? Individual you operated has died.No method. Procedure is success Since he died your monitoring.
grumbled us Check him Blow air He took alcohol What the heck? I took alcohol? My god All these done by that chairman. I doubt him It is not me medical professional. It is you I have not given the amount you asked for. to develop your health center To spoil my hospital credibility.
you did this right?
You. you bleady Enaugh arrest him You seen this. Your brother ' s murder case To spil you and also your papa.

as well as you entire household Media is creaing issue. How is it? Because we have blood relation with. are we think about as lawbreakers? Likewise its an exclusive matter Yet ours is not private business.
it is public business
Not only firm matters our personal issues likewise will be observed For my bro murder case. what is the partnership with our business? It is
. Soon we are going to introduce public share To purchase
a murders sibling MD firm share. individuals won ' t show
interest So. So what? Offer your share to firm as well as.
leave your MD job.Otherwise, you can purchase all our. companions share, we will leave firm. Hey So you have just one option Neeraj, your papa came. If he recognizes then he will certainly feel negative. Go inside Why you are all right here? That. What is this travel luggage? Are you going on getaway? I intended to obtain seperate from this house. daddy To inform you as well as leave Seperatly going Why? You understand this daddy. In Manoj situation. our family members track record obtained damages. As a result of that my business partners. asking me'to take out.
To tell in solitary work. They asked me to head out Currently I have came out

of the business If still I am right here,.
after that I will be in roadways. Hey neeraj. What is this Neeraj? Concern raised on me. For that why you should leave? If I leave,. you won ' t have any type of problem Gayathri Gayathri Mummy Gayathri What is this? what? I am leaving. I am leaving You 2
will take choice? As a daddy. Is this the regard you are providing me? One boy is ineffective Atleast I assumed. you individuals are there for me.By listening others blame on us as well as.
leaving a home Instead we will only go Fail to remember others, we ought to additionally. know the reality Likewise you people no requirement to head out. We are only choosing others sympothy. we are still not came to road To avoid that we are leaving now Renu, Gayathri. What girls your also acting such as this? I am sorry papa. Hey. Hey Hey. Neeraj, Neeraj Renu Daddy You thought me as well as. bailed be out today and also brought to home. As a result of me what sibling encountered.
tomorrow It need to not influence you Leaving from right here is good Hey huge babu.
Hey Manoj Come Gayathri Manoj

. Hey Manpj Hey stop. Hey stop Stop.
Hey stop Hey. Is sir there? No sir. Get out Quit. Hey Hey where is Chandrasekar
? Sir is not right here. mosted likely to London When he will come? We do not know.By seeing him, I am keeping in mind Chiranjeevi Just how much it gave? 60 guy Just how much it was prior to the very same currently.
Gautham babu. Hey Gautham What Pandiyan? Gautham likes Biriyani
as well as kongura. Thats why. He remains in Garage.
I am originating from there. He is not there Ok, while he return. give this to him I am leaving Daily in this time he is not in.
garage Not pertaining to residence likewise.
Where he is going? You
Cool infant cool
I have actually provided lift to you.
is not to became driver To enjoy tonight with you.
nearby I have a kind residence Call residence and also tell them.

Program is obtaining late I will certainly come early morning You bleady. I am not that kind Gautham Mahesh, eliminate this bastard Gautham Hey sister-in-law.
What is this? That day if you would certainly have
been liste to my words.
after that you were not in this scenario
today Sister-in-law, you are equivalent to my mom Without recognizing I existed in Rama room.
I didn ' t mind what other told I am not like that sister in legislation I am sorry Gautham I am truly sorry Its ok sister in law. Go inside What man? Exactly how a lot
it is provided? you see Yes Yes Yes Just how much? 120 offered WOW Yes Yes. Yes I am so honored of you If your sibling recognizes this information.
she won ' t be depend on planet Have you tool license rights What is patent legal rights? License civil liberties means that his corborate.
modern technology every little thing comes from him. offered by government If we not getting that Currently some are asserting cinema story is mine,.
no mine'like that Not only that. after you take this civil liberties International firms. will certainly fight for that legal rights Your life will be transformed Gautham nevertheless one technician. small technician Designed 120 KMPL carborate Shame on us Sir actually Please no explainations Approve your failure first Some how convinence'Gautham Make sure. That carborate technology will certainly be ours For that Cash. not just crore As a result of that our firm will certainly expand Prior to Gautham know that worth.
we should get that modern technology Get him regardless Mr.Gautham For selling you technology to
our firm 2 crore and 5% for sale commitment by concurring that sign this document Janu, the amount of absolutely nos to crore? seven That suggests for 2 crores. 14 nos right? Sign this Bro.
Sis in regulation Just how are you? Fine I am fine. Come come Give chair Its ok. Can you please get up? Please sir. wear ' t desire Obtain tea Harlics for sis in regulation We don’t want all those
. We have small deal with you Collaborate with me. what sibling Nothing Gautham. your bro is not because company Had distinctions with partner.
So left We assumed what to do even more. in auto area You have actually developed this much experience. by developing carborator Your bro came right here to ask you For this little issue. why came until here If you would certainly have send some one. I will come there But you feels like signing
an agreement I place ' t indication
yet no contract yet One minute It is your own.
sibling Inform me exactly how much they were ready to provide. How much you desire from me?
What is that bro? You have drawn me down in one word.Why you will give money to me brother? If I come to that point. to see cinema or party with good friends I have actually taken cash
from your purse or. sis in regulation bag For this. that cash is a lot more Yet you have give me a word What is that?
First assure Large sibling refrained from doing that. You understand that by heart In that situation. you have came out of house For daddy I am just his boy
. Yet you both are his eyes After you both appeared.
he is not satisfied, extremely minute he is stressing Please you both go back to residence Please Grand pa. Grand pa Hey Kavya.
Grand Come all. How are you? Daddy I am incredibly sorry
Really feeling reluctant of what I did Hey why do you seem like that Hey Hey. I have actually told you ideal Within no time at all.

my 2 kids will certainly come back to home I learn about my children For
rejoining I am actually extremely happy Daddy You informed we rejoined In addition to us Gautham alo.
Manoj I am so satisfied now Don '
t speak regarding dead individual and. please do not ruin my pleased mood Come children. les play, allows play Hello Hey bonehead.
How much time to receive call? Are you seeing house lice in your. employe head? That
are you? What are you speaking? Not only talking. I intend to beat you I didn ' t idea.
that you are this worst
Chiranjeevi 5th course Indicates your own grand son For your own grand son in your very own healthcare facility. open heart surgery is taking place Without fear you are in residence What
procedure for my grand son? Ya in few mins it is mosting likely to begin Hey I will tell you one thrilling information This procedure is not doing my surgen One mechanic and his good friends Ashok. Ashok I'Ashok came? Sir I mosted likely to institution,.
But already someone took him.What you desire? Hey initially come here.
then we can negotiate If you notify to authorities. after that we will reduce him here Babu Don ' t do anything Leave hin leave.
I will certainly offer as much cash you desire. By mistake if someone pertains to.
business health center you wont leave You will suck their blood right Hey. We don’t need your cash Then what you want. Fact About what? You did the murder as well as. passed that name to Dr.Manoj. regarding that You have to inform to all Otherwise I will certainly kill him Really. ways Hey he is not mosting likely to inform. Medical professionals Allows start the procedure No. No please quit it No No. Leave.Stop it Will tell. Yes I will certainly tell truth This is what occurred. Stop Sir Apprehension him Friend you can wake up currently However you have informed If you like my acting. after that offer me chocolate. Take it Thank you Bye grand Namastey

, you are seeing TV9.
My name is Padma In Dr.Manoj instance brand-new spin You are ape. No you are monkey, quit and also pay attention Come quickly as well as see this.
What Pandiya? what? See this. Being Medical professional just how can you do this? I have asked Dr.Manoj to expand. 2 more years in my medical facility But he didn ' t agree If he opens his medical facility. My hospital will remain in loss, so I did this Oh god Being a medical professional I done this. I am really feeling shy Some god is aided our family members Case is in court. however he himself concurred
the fact I can ' t think it To play in Australia. Ranji layer R.Kiran obtained selected Kiran.
Suma Uncle Collection Agency Shambu Prasad I will call you back Come Namastey Namastey. come come Congratulations Kiran. All the most effective Thanks Please To want my child you have came directly. all of us happy for that In fact we have not only pertained to want Today just I familiarized. our Suma and Kiran loves each various other You are Sumas 2nd sibling Yes Because they both are roaaming.
you have set up a person to beat him I am really sorry for what took place Great as well as poor whatever occurs is. belongs to entire household If young boy and also lady stroll together, you individuals.
thought negative as well as defeat them Our family is not such as that Sir I do approve.
Whatever occurred is worng Sorry, we are not prepared to accept
. an individual from your family members Please Uncle Engineer went to site? Brother Suma Hey Hey. You can pursue eating.My sibling came Hello there Ms. Suma kiram. come come I assumed to congrats you. but for me no entrance in house Suma What? Kiran dad declined for my marriage. Why? Tiny brother defeated him earlier What you want? Consider about my sis again sir. I have actually informed every little thing to your papa right Ya he told But my dad is not in the setting. to learn from various other Shambu Prasad
suggests not just self-respect Additionally being great in his placement My trouble did blunder in emotional. for that don ' t ruin my sis life If you assume your decision is proper That day your kid would have.
not fulfill my sister But daily they are satisfying daily Since they believed eventually. you will understand their love daddy me Hey you That day I have told you a person saved me He is that guy Pounding as well as assisting is not the only things That
' s why I place ' t told you this information Currently it is upto you sir Dad What take place? Oh my god What occurred? Somany individuals we need to meet.Che I can ' t recognize Hey cautious. see it Close-by no vehicle garage There appears to be a bike lost Hey babu You just. come right here Daddy Just bike or you just how to fix auto? I understand both,. Then see what occur Hello. Yes inform me … Sir do you have tool package. One min Its in dicky What occur to that matter Suma Beginning one sir. ya This technician appears good mechanic No Great technician and negative mechanic Auto mechanic is mechanic Exactly how much you
desire? Its alright sir. tiny job Implies cost-free solution With some individuals will certainly do work and. take money With some individuals will do work and also make name I can ' t recognize. Sir understood Ya Ya What is this? Why you brought sweet?
Again have you located carbonder Rather you can offer one quarter Hey see brand-new bride-to-be came.Oh that is the news Suma is new bride-to-be. New new bride come come Enough go male Oh. that much shy You understand her other half. The terrific cricketer Kiran Kiran So we can do match fixing now. What sibling in legislation. you came below to invite me for marriage We got on the method to welcome.
sumathi intends to satisfy you We have suggested to put your name. as first in the wedding event card But Uncle Stop talking I put on ' t wan ' t to listen to the name. The number of times I have told you? If we invite him to marital relationship. once again he involves house rascal He claimed that right He himself thought to invite me. personally Why he will asks you to welcome me? Early morning a vehicle quit right here. I saw it is daddy Seen him after very long time I believed to run as well as hug him Yet I am not wearing great outfit. advertisement got scared Yet he,.
Why you quit there? Place ' t seen you for many days. Then he hugged me.
I can ' t bear it. and got wonderful What you ended up being thin? That is it Hey your sis marriage. You have do everything What? you are not thinking Hey.

see Dad himself created in this invitation card Yes Bro. I know your writing You have created this right I obtained in writing Means papa came that ' s real However not to see me. to that residence I have actually seen him While standing near to daddy.
he saw me that I don ' t have any type of value He pertained to invite a person. yet he didn ' t consider me
as somebody likewise If he would certainly have been tossed the card. from auto, that is likewise enough for me.But he seen that I put on ' t have. any type of connection with this marital relationship I may be done blunder. However I am additionally his kid as well as human being ideal Hey Gautham come.
come Hello there Mr. See that came right here That is that? Hare Hare. Begin begun Come on bro. Why you became slim? You believed to see us Today Suma marriage. sis Suma marriage.
After that you Any type of sibling will
believe to do. little girl marital relationship by himself Yet I put on ' t have alternative to wish her Yet I put on'' t mind not mosting likely to marital relationship Suma getting wed to her fan That ' s is sufficient, satisfied. but we obtained that I believed while you kicking you bike.
your journey will be straight right here You tell us one word before leaving Just how much I felt you know? Ok, trip distance was extra. Go as well as obtain all set What Janu,. When you will certainly'tell your love to Gautham.Not like that Its ok tell me Actually no I and also you brother additionally
did love marriage. After knowing I can ' t deliver.
his family members asked him to separation me However he didn ' t accept, so we came out After they have actually not invited us. for any type of delighted functions He utilized feeling poor By seeing his sensations.
I get tears in my eyes Today I seen very same splits in your eyes Why to tell lie to you? Really I like him For not liking we can claim many reason Yet I can ' t say reasons to enjoy him His virtue Great
heart Ever before smiling,.
these all I liked in him First time itself when I saw Gautham.
I liked him After that you can inform him right.No But he is collection agency child I am center course Even if I am not in his heart After that I will spoil our relationship likewise So I place ' t informed this to you. you are likewise not listened to Ok All lovers like you do the very same error You
can ' t bother after,. your wish Why she is running like
this Janaki. What took place? Gautham Greetings Janu You have hided even from me Concealed what? Janu. I believed to tell you That. I am examining IAS Every person will thing that I can ' t do.

That ' s why Janu Gautham Gautham Hey Gautham. Gautham Gold mountain. You have actually made me pleased'These lots of days
you were with us. Is pride to us Congrats collection agency sir Chaya. Manoj What daddy? What is What? Have you seen today paper You
recognize what that rascal did?The fantastic Ramoji roa photo nearby his photo He is trying to put me to shit He did this to create a negative name to me Quit it papa
He didn'' t make you poor name.H made you pleased Yes he got top rank in IAS
Real IAS pass Our family again rejoined
factor is not someone He informed us not to tell you
because I didn'' t came out to confirm with this carporator If I ended up being IAS office then he will certainly be really happy I am obtaining all set for IAS While achieving that With pleased Father will certainly inform proudly that I am his son up until don'' t tell him We did error in his matter Come we will certainly go and welcome him to house No No Till currently I place'' t given space to him as my son Today he became IAS with which face I will certainly see him I can say as his daddy To check out his eyes that courage For me That guts Papa Your marriage function additionally ought to happen this grand, appropriate Bhanu where is my spouse? Gautham IAS is my sibling He is like my very own bro Satisfied for that Gautham IAS is my brother Like you own bro you have actually currently told that Oh I have actually informed already Come Come If Gautham understands that you have came he will be really happy Hey see this Mr they came Come Come rest below Gautham My mom and also trouble everyone came sir Hi to dais individuals Today whole Andra pradesh is happy In IAS leading ranker Sri Gautham kumar IAS request to provide his speech Mr.Gautham Kumar IAS Namestey to everyone Sorry I didn'' t believe that they are calling me Gautham Kumar IAS is not a typical name for me Gautham SSC is understood one When my father snap he calls me like that He always inform me to research research I thought he is stooping from various other things However today Infront of these many individuals To make me to this setting he told that, I am knowing currently Factor for me to stand below is partly My sister is factor as well as Ramaji roa sir I am happy to them is a.
extremely small word Every master obtain delighted when he obtains income,.
promo More than that if his trainee obtains much more.
mark he will certainly be very pleased Extremely big point Currently I am in that stage Couple of days prior to he was a.
typical mechanic He came to me as well as claimed that.
I want to ended up being IAS, I require aid I got laugh,.
I asked, Why you wish to became IAS? It is my papa dream.
I want to prove that in some way Anybody can have dream.
however to accomplish you need participation From that activity.
I have actually seen fire in him That is not only to ended up being IAS To get involved in his papa heart He wish to came to be IAS to make his dad happy Before that he created one corroborator as well as.
made history Shambu Prasad IAS.
Somany he accomplished in his life More than that he got a.
boy like Gautham Every house has children,.
but every person must be like Gautham That is what children.
can offer it to moms and dads In very same way also we should.
understand our youngsters as well as help them Your excellency If you are not denying after that.
he likes take it from fathers hand With your approval Oh it is a wonderful thing.
Let him offer Thank you sir Mr.Sambu Prasad IAS.
Wherever you are involved dais please.My dad have actually

been definitely came He is right here in this auditorium,.
I can feel it. I recognize At the very least you are right here to see.
Gautham has pass IAS Daddy I recognize you are right here.
I understand please come daddy Father There he is I am sorry my son Dad Hey I am sorry Great afternoon collector sir You recognize the today'' s unique Onion mummy made great onion curry Beat, beat I say.

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