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Sports fans’ appetite for betting has been growing, especially following the fall of PASPA. The young American legal sports betting market has had a significant impact on professional and collegiate leagues and teams.
Since 2018, US bookmakers and betting fans have been adopting effective gambling strategies and technologies. Bet picking is one of the major approaches that bettors take when wagering on pro sports.
This article will seek to uncover how betting picks impact pro sports in the US and around the world.
Before getting into how betting picks affect pro sports, it is important that you first get a clear understanding of what betting picks are. For beginners, sports betting picks are essentially suggestions and plays for specific sports events, often sold by handicappers and touts.
In the same way that anyone can become a sports betting handicapper, anyone can offer sports betting picks in a similar fashion.
For instance, your buddy can recommend that you wager on the Tampa Bay Bucs +200 moneyline against the New Orleans Saints. That’s the simplest version of a betting pick. However, there are several “expert” individuals and websites that sell picks online. These are people selling their plays.
In simpler terms, professional touts and handicappers sell their picks because they consider themselves experts with extensive expertise and information needed to make informed picks.
You can also come across free sports betting picks online as the number of handicappers and touts increases. It is up to you to choose the betting picks site that works best for you.
If you are only getting started with online sports betting, check out the top guide to real-money gambling sites at It explains more on how to bet online successfully.
Now that you have an understanding of what betting picks are, let’s delve into how they affect professional sports. Like most innovations, betting picks have their share of advantages and disadvantages to pro sports leagues and teams.
Before the legalization of sports betting, not many people engaged in sports-related activities. In addition, most people did not know much about pro sports leagues and teams. However, as more and more people began betting, the availability and accessibility of information on pro sports increased.
This has resulted in increased public awareness. Unlike European pro sports leagues and teams, US counterparts did not have a global audience, but this is gradually changing as more information gets shared during the bet-picking process.
The gambling facet of sports tends to make pro matches more entertaining and thrilling. Additionally, people are more likely to watch matches that they are financially and emotionally invested in.
As such, the availability of betting picks has greatly contributed to the growth of professional and collegiate viewership. In turn, this means more media right sales for leagues and teams.
Closely related to increased viewership, betting picks have also resulted in growing pro sports fanbases. It is an undisputed fact that there exists a demographic of bettors who are not necessarily sports fans.
The easy availability and affordability of betting picks help draw this demographic into the existing sports fanbase. Individuals who have staked their money on a sports event are more likely to watch the match and follow up with the teams in question.
Sports organizations are business enterprises that must adopt effective operation strategies for optimum performance. Marketing is one way to increase a pro sports franchise’s exposure and drive awareness.
Fortunately, pro sports organizations benefit a lot from free marketing arising from high consumer demand. Whenever a tout or handicapper promotes their best picks, they are, in some sense, promoting the teams involved.
The upside to this is that pro sports leagues and teams get to save on marketing costs.
Betting picks help to promote the gambling aspect of pro sports. Pro sports leagues continue to soften towards legal sports betting and the public view is shifting towards an embrace of a regulated market.
With this trend, the number of collaborations between sports organizations and gambling brands has been increasing. Players from the two industries are now working together for various reasons, but most deals entail revenue generation and marketing.
As we have already established in the previous section, collaborations through partnership and sponsorship deals keep growing. The top cream of bookmakers is willing to spend big bucks on sponsorship and partnership agreements with the best pro leagues and teams.
On the other hand, pro sports organizations have taken advantage of this to grow their revenue. Teams and leagues need the money to meet their operational costs such as stadium renovations, player acquisition, merchandise production, and so forth.
Despite acquiescing to the 14th May 2018 Supreme Court decision in Murphy vs NCAA, pro leagues in the US still feel a need to preserve the integrity of their sports. There are concerns that if left unchecked, pro sports betting can stain the integrity of sports in the country.
It is this need that has compelled the NCAA and major leagues to move to court seeking legal rights to have some control over betting activities tied to their sports.
Bet picking is heavily dependent on data analytics technologies. For accurate bet picking, handicappers and touts are often compelled to invest in state-of-the-art technologies.
As pro sports organizations take interest in gambling, most have begun adopting novel data analytics techniques to keep tabs on betting activities. The goal is to monitor gambling, avoid betting-related scandals, and preserve the integrity of sports.
Among the many impacts that legal betting has had on pro sports is the need to invest in lobbying efforts. Sports organizations are currently pushing the envelope and lobbying for laws that grant them betting monitoring, and data fee rights.
Before 2018, the pro sports industry did not even give such lobbying motives a thought. As more betting picks hit the market, the need for lobbying keeps growing.
Professional and collegiate sports leagues and teams want some reassurance that their sports will not suffer adversely from the growth of the sports betting sector.
We can all agree that some form of check and balance will do no harm. However, the impact and how much lobbying will achieve remains an uncertain matter.
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