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Some countries have interesting gambling laws that allow people to use a wide range of gambling operators. For better or worse, Bulgaria is one of the places where users can avail themselves of a wide range of options. That’s why NOSTRABET Bulgaria has done a comprehensive Mr.Bit analysis that contains all of the reasons why this brand has become the go-to option for many people.
Mr Bit offers a lot more options than most other iGaming sites in the country. In fact, it provides things that are not available elsewhere. The company also has an incredible design and loads of small perks that make it stand out. 
Of course, a gambling operator like Mr Bit will also try to become popular in many other countries, one of which will be Nigeria. The latter is the largest state in Africa and one of the leading gambling hubs in the world. With that being said, this brand can now become one of the preferred options there.
The website offers professional customer support help 
One of the several things that make some gambling websites stand out is the customer support options. Typically, betting platforms have a live chat option where users can talk with a bot. There are instances where operators may provide their clients with a dedicated customer support representative, but most places don’t offer those things.
Fortunately, Mr Bit knew it had to operate in one of the most competitive regions in the world. Hence, the company offers one of the best customer service options in the business. Needless to say, it will most likely provide the same things to its clients in Nigeria, as well as in other jurisdictions.
The first thing people will notice when they want to ask a question is that the contact center is located in the top-right corner of the screen. This is where users will come across a help center that is full of all sorts of important information. Bulgarians can use it to find an answer to some of the most common questions.
Interestingly, this place also contains information about Mr Bit’s phone number and email that you can use to ask questions. Speaking of the devil, the company also has a live chat and uses social media like Telegram and Facebook.
Mr Bit’s sportsbook is on another level compared to many other companies
While it is true that Mr Bit is popular in Bulgaria mainly because of its casino, the company also offers one of the best sports betting categories. Punters in Nigeria love betting on sports, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the bookie will focus on this once it decides to expand its services.
One of the first things that users will check once they open the sports section is that there are a lot of options to pick from. Football is the dominating sport in Bulgaria and Nigeria, but punters in both places can find loads of additional options. For example, the brand offers users the chance to bet on MLB, handball, ice hockey, cricket, darts, etc.
In addition to the sport, Mr Bit will show you how many active events each sport offers. On top of that, there is a separate tab called “LIVE”, where you can go to and check which are the currently-active events.
Speaking of options, a quick look at Mr Bit’s site shows that there is a big event list. You can also find things like Multi View, Calendar, Results, and a live events list. All of these options will help you find what to bet on.
Other things
We can talk on and on about Mr Bit and everything that makes the company stand out because it provides all sorts of things. For example, it has a solid selection of payment alternatives, and the casino category is powered by the best software providers in the business. 
A company like Mr Bit knows how to keep its clients happy, so we expect it to dominate the Nigerian iGaming market once it becomes available.
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