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Many specialists believe that fully computerized or computer-assisted active investing changed the landscape of asset management forever and it happened way before cryptocurrencies started dominating the public discourse.

The first attempts at fully computerizing decision-making were made in the 80s. During the next decade, the trend continued.

When computers were big and clunky (and expensive), only big sharks could afford such luxuries as computerized stock trading. Today, automated crypto trading bots are used across the industry and can be rented by anyone with a couple of bucks to spare.
Specialized computer programs that facilitate crypto automated trading strategies are employed to combat some of the challenges that regular folks encounter daily. There are several key issues that robots solve:

Contemporary software providers offer their clients an opportunity to introduce computerization on any exchange that has an API. Binance,, KuCoin, and many others are compatible with external services such as WunderTrading and others.

The system with a bot in its center usually has three distinct components:
Providers of automated Bitcoin trading software have all sorts of powerful cloud-based digital tools including not only bots that execute exchange orders based on specific inputs but more complex scripts such as arbitrage where computers are seeking differences between prices featured on different exchanges to profit on margins. GRID and DCA bots are both excellent products from WunderTrading.

People interested in low-risk, low-effort investment opportunities should take a closer look at a multitude of specialized platforms. In many cases, the best automated crypto trading strategy beats a professional trader fair and square.
To set up your first bot, you will need an active plan on TradingView (costs around $15) and an account on WunderTrading of a similar service. Many of them have either free plans or trials. In our case, you will be able to get a 7-day full-featured trial. Note that the entry point is higher since you also need a portfolio to manage and each transaction is subjected to fees from the exchange of your choice.
Giving investment advice is not something that we do. Investors are owners and lords of their money. It is up to them to make the final call on what to do with it. On the other hand, we have to emphasize that many online tools that can help you simplify and, often, improve your routines in investing are quite cheap and won’t make a dent in a portfolio with more than $2000 in it.

Bots are helpful in many scenarios including those where traders simply cannot dedicate enough time to working with financial assets and have to work full-time or focus on their enterprises. In such cases, a reliable, low-risk bot will generate profits while you can invest your precious time elsewhere.
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