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RobotEra is building an exciting new decentralized metaverse virtual world built on the blockchain where players become robot avatars. 
This is shaping up to be the top metaverse crypto to invest in and its native digital currency, TARO, is on presale right now.
This beginner’s guide will explain the ins and outs of what the project is all about and offer a walkthrough of how to buy RobotEra tokens at the best price possible. 
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RobotEra is an exciting new ecosystem that includes a metaverse and virtual real estate. As well as being the top metaverse crypto to invest in, the project’s roadmap includes P2E (play-to-earn) and PVP (player vs player) gaming.
All virtual worlds need digital currency to power them, as this allows players to buy in-game products, avatar accessories, and more. The best metaverse crypto to buy today is TARO. This is the cryptocurrency that will be used to pay for goods and services in the RobotEra metaverse.
The metaverse itself will be integrated with alternative worlds and players will have access to museums, theme parks, concert halls, and more. As per the whitepaper, the founders of the project are developing a world in a similar style to the popular NFT metaverse game Sandbox.
That is to say, players can buy land parcels in the form of NFTs. Furthermore, users can construct assets on their land. In this case, the player’s character will be a robot, which is also a unique NFT. 
This is because the game is set on a planet called Taro, where aborigines developed robots that eventually won a huge war and took over. Players can also create additional avatars called ‘robot companions’ to help them, each will have its own attributes. 
Investors can also check out the RobotEra whitepaper as well as join the Telegram group for more information.
Invest in RobotEra Now
As we mentioned, RobotEra is in the first stage of its presale campaign. This allows investors to allocate some funds to the project now before the price increases.
To recap, TARO tokens will have many use cases in the RobotEra metaverse and will also be offered as rewards for staking and winning various competitions.
Investors who agree that RobotEra is the best future cryptocurrency project can follow each step of this tutorial. 
This allows investors to lock in tokens at a discounted presale price.
The top metaverse crypto to invest in is TARO, and in order to buy tokens on presale, a wallet needs to be installed.
The RobotEra presale platform supports multiple crypto wallets. A popular crypto wallet option for beginners and intermediate traders is MetaMask.
This can be downloaded as an app or added as an extension on browsers like Brave, Chrome, and Edge. Other supported wallets include Zerion, Ledger Live, Infinity, and lots more.
Once downloaded, make a note of the unique seed phrase. Additionally, investors should add multiple levels of authentication where possible.
To buy TARO, investors first need to purchase some USDT or ETH, if they don’t already hold some. These cryptocurrencies are listed on most crypto exchanges.
Investors must have a minimum of $20 in their wallet to buy TARO tokens during phase one, so bear that in mind.
Next, link the wallet to the RobotEra presale platform.
This is easy enough – just head over to the official RobotEra presale site and click ‘Connect Wallet’.
As we touched on, the platform supports plenty of wallets. Click the one that holds the ETH or USDT tokens and confirm the transaction. Alternatively, investors could opt to scan the QR code with a compatible wallet.
Once the crypto wallet has been loaded with USDT or ETH, the investor needs to go back to the RobotEra platform to place an order.
The minimum order amount is 1,000 TARO tokens. At the time of writing, RobotEra is in phase one of its presale. Each token costs $0.020 and as such, the minimum investment is only $20. In phase two, this will. increase to $0.025.
Once the RobotEra presale has been completed, investors can add TARO tokens to their wallets.
To do this, investors just need to go to the RobotEra dashboard, click ‘Claim’, and follow the onscreen instructions to add TARO to the same wallet that was used to make the presale purchase.
Invest RobotEra Presale
As we mentioned, RobotEra is already one of the top trending coins to buy today. All players will turn into robots in this all-immersive universe. Furthermore, all avatars are NFTs, which allows players to take ownership of their own avatars.
Here’s some more information about the RobotEra ecosystem:
Central City is where the robots in the game’s back story were created. This is considered a safe area for players, as it’s free from mutant attacks.
Moreover, according to the platform, players can use this space to socialize, showcase their NFTs in museums, and walk around the entertainment facilities. 
Players can also participate in quest challenges here to win a range of rewards.
As the RobotEra back story goes, in a bid to rebuild Taro planet after the war between humans and bots, seven distinct groups were created with varying ideals. 
Each group moved to a different area outside of the Central City, collectively dubbed the ‘Seven Continents of the New World’.
Each continent has different landscapes and resources for the player to explore. Players can even create their own robot companions with unique attributes by gathering various resources they find. 
A diverse selection of resources can be found in the different continents of the game.
In this sandbox-style metaverse, those who own a robot NFT can buy virtual land if they wish. As we said, there are seven continents and each one is backed by a unique NFT. Robot owners can mint LAND and create whatever landscape they wish.
Land can be built upon and games can be designed to be played in specific areas. Players who create their own land can also design buildings that can be traded or sold as NFTs in the marketplace.
Robot companions can be built to help the main avatar carry out tasks. They must be produced using the robot companion and machine component workbench.
Players can create manufacturing facilities by excavating parts and power sources from the ground. With the multitude of resources available, players can create robot companions with varying abilities.
Through the Robot Editor, players can customize their in-game characters as they wish. Each Robot companion is a distinct NFT that may be freely traded or sold.
RobotEra aims to connect its loyal community to other worlds. As such, the platform will allow users to build new metaverses with outside NFT communities. Moreover, players will be able to invite NFTs to enter the RobotEra theme park if they wish.
All in all, this will be a shared multiverse that connects various communities. Moreover, from the public continent, players can access other renewable resources. 
As such, it seems this will be comparable to an in-game marketplace. Players can earn an income from selling NFTs, mining on Taro planet, operating continents, staking, and trading.
As we mentioned, TARO tokens will run the RobotEra world economy. The token is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and RobotEra’s crypto presale campaign is still in phase one at the time of writing. 
This allows early investors to buy TARO tokens at a discounted price of just $0.020.
Following this stage of the presale, the price will go up to $0.025. By stage four, investors will pay $0.032 per token.
So, what can TARO be used for?
There are 1.8 billion RobotEra tokens in circulation overall. During the first stage of the presale, 90 million of the total supply will be made accessible; the second stage will release the same number again.
Essentially, all RobotEra transactions will be carried out using TARO. This encompasses a wide range of actions, such as purchases, participation in games and events, and more. That’s why RobotEra represents one of the best long-term crypto coins to invest in today.
Invest in RobotEra Tokens
Still not sure if RobotEra represents a viable addition to a long-term growth portfolio?
Below, we highlight some of the project’s most attractive features. 
One of the reasons the native token TARO has the potential to be the next cryptocurrency to explode is that it powers the whole multiverse. Even better, the project is still in the early stage of its presale campaign.
This means that early investors can buy the currency of RobotEra’s all-immersive world at a huge discount. As such, TARO is the top metaverse crypto presale to invest in for upside potential.
See below:
Generally speaking, when a crypto project goes live on an exchange, tokens see an increase. This is usually due to exposure to a wider audience and the enthusiasm built-up during the presale. 
Investors can cash out when they see the price increase, or they can hold onto their tokens to use in the RobotEra universe. 
RobotEra’s TARO is the top metaverse crypto to invest in for those looking to get on the virtual property ladder. 
As we said, TARO can be used to buy parcels of land in the all-immersive metaverse.
Plots of virtual land are offered as NFTs, which is great for investors as it means they actually own the digital asset.
Furthermore, TARO holders will be able to use the user-friendly tools that are built into the platform, which cuts out the need for complicated coding. 
These tools can be used to create personalized assets, games, and as we touched on earlier – robot companions.
RobotEra will allow creators to showcase their own digital work in the various museums within the metaverse. 
Not only that, but the platform aims to allow users to build their own interactive ecosystem. It will eventually be possible to host concerts, interact with NFT communities at the virtual theme park, and create other content.
Creators can design their own games to be played on land they own and they can also mine for TARO. 
As noted, TARO tokens act as entry tickets to various events and games by other creators. This allows creators and LAND owners to try and earn an income in the RobotEra metaverse.
RobotEra is in the early stages of its presale. As such, there isn’t much price action to report. At the time of writing, $27.5k has been raised.
The target is $1.8 million so there is a way to go. However, it’s worth remembering that the presale is just a couple of days in – so watch this space.
To recap, the minimum investment in RobotEra is $20 during phase one of the presale, which buys 1,000 TARO tokens. 
When stage three starts, another increase will occur. For early investors, this results in initial gains. Of course, RobotEra is still very new and as such, there are no price predictions beyond its presale.
Today, we’ve talked about the best metaverse project in the market – RobotEra. 
RobotEra is a Sandbox-like virtual world where players become robot avatars and can build their own land. The native currency is TARO and it’s available to preorder on presale for $0.02 per token. 
Holders of this crypto can partake in P2E games, enter events in the metaverse, stake, and more.
There’s no need to learn complex crypto coding as the dashboard features built-in tools to create in-game assets and begin construction.
Visit the RobotEra Presale Now
To buy RobotEra tokens, investors need to download a crypto wallet and add some USDT or ETH to it. Next, investors can head over to the RobotEra dashboard, click connect wallet, confirm the transaction, and place an order to buy TARO tokens on presale. The minimum is 1,000 TARO and during phase one this will cost just $20. Investors can claim their tokens once the cryptocurrency project has completed all phases of the presale.
The cost of RobotEra’s native currency TARO is $0.020 throughout stage one of the presale. Once 90 million tokens have been sold, the presale will move on to stage two and the price will increase to $0.025 for each TARO. As such, the minimum investment during stage two will be $25.
There is no guarantee that any new crypto project will take off. However, from studying the whitepaper and roadmap, it’s possible that RobotEra is the best metaverse crypto to buy today on presale.
The total supply of RobotEra tokens is 1.8 billion. 90 million from the total supply will be available during phase one of the presale, the next stage will release the same amount again.
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