i bet you can’t do this (because you still suck at subnetting)

Okay, this is gon na break
your mind just a little bit, but this right below is an IP
address. What? Yeah, no, it is, but you'' re probably assuming Chuck, no
IP addresses look like this and sure. You'' re right However this right. right here is how your computer system, exactly how all computer systems see your'IP address. It ' s like placing on some unique glasses and seeing the code in the matrix. This is your IP address in the matrix. So get your coffee ready. We'' re ready to get jacked in to the matrix.
That ' s. how you claim it, right? Yeah, allow ' s go.So here is an IP address. This may be your IP address.
And if you see the previous episodes. in this collection, this looks familiar. This behaves as well as fuzzy.
Four numbers,. four octets divided by 3 dots, however after that we simply put.
on our matrix glasses. We'' re seeing this IP address in computer.
code. This is referred to as binary, the language of computers. Now, if.
we look back at the previous version, let me switch it back. This we refer.
to as decimal as well as this as binary, our objective in this video is to recognize.
first what the junk is happening with this binary. What even is this? And.
second, we'' re gon na learn the magic. What? I simply showed you the yeah. Check. That'' s cool.Right? Allow'' s do it once again. You ' re gon na find out exactly how to do that. We'' re gon na learn exactly how to transform from.
decimal to binary and after that binary to decimal. Now you'' re. possibly believing why, like, why is this so crucial that I need to.
see the matrix code of my IP addresses? Well, truthfully this is kind of.
a, a wax tune, wax off scenario, learning this skill right below is.
mosting likely to assist you do something later. This is essential to doing subnetting.
because right currently you draw at it. As well as we wan na, we wan na transform.
that. So in this video clip, simply assume this is.
going to assist me subnet. I am mosting likely to become a decimal.
to binary conversion ninja, or obtaining back to our analogy. You'' re you ' re the one you are Neo. You can see the code. going with the air, you recognize< laugh > so allow ' s make that. take place today. So below we go. Take one even more sip of coffee.'We ' re gon na dive deep below and also. believe me once you discover this, it ' s type of enjoyable to do sort of fun.No, it'' s actually fun that I'' m. gon na leave it there. However before I show you just how to do this, allow'' s chat about what ' s even going on.
right here. We know this is binary, but huh? << laugh > what does also indicate currently? First, what I want you to do is matter.
the number of numbers there are right here. The number of digits go in advance and also matter.
now? I'' ll delay, stop briefly the video clip. UN pause. Just how lots of were there? 25, right? No incorrect. 32 32 numbers below, right? Or we could likewise claim 32.
little bits. What does that suggest? Well, you see in computers as well as in the.
matrix, whatever has a size, right? Such as this video I'' m. recording today. It'' s 4k. It will likely be about 60.
gigabytes, right? Nick? Yeah. This photo of Bernard hack.
well has to do with 10 megabytes. And also this text data just.
developed is 29 bytes. Now you probably notice that.
I'' m going down in size, right? Going from gigabytes to megabytes. I recognize I missed kilobytes, unwind right down to bites,.
large to little, ideal? You got it.But we can go even lower,.
also smaller than bites. You most likely saw where this is.
coming. We can go from bites to little bits. Which'' s what we ' re seeing below. Each. of these numbers, these digits are bits. The ground floor as low as we can go. As for dimension and computer systems goes, go, let me ask you an inquiry. You might currently understand this. The amount of bits compose a bite? Time out. The video comment listed below UN pause. If you guessed 8 you ' re right. 8 little bits make one bite.
So if I were to ask you how. huge is an IP address and bits, you may claim the amount of 32 bits. And afterwards I might ask you, Hey, exactly how big is an IP address in bites? What would certainly you say 4? Right? Notification just how

each of our Octas is 8. bits.We have four octets at 8 bits, each 8 times 4 32. So to sum this up, as you ' re looking at this binary number, what you ' re really taking a look at is the. most affordable level of storage in a computer, the most affordable size, the raw data. And also we just uncovered why we call these.
areas between the dots octets well, because, , Octo eight they'' re. 8 bits, Octa octets. There you go. Octa animals. Octets.
I sanctuary'' t always said that.So IP addresses 32 little bits. That'' s. cool. Now'allow ' s speak about what, what are these numbers even doing? Like I don'' t see a great deal of number diversity.
below. All I see are ones as well as absolutely nos. As well as the factor is that'' s simply what binary. is ones and zeros. And also that ' s truthfully, all your computer respects one in absolutely no, but it'' s greater than just like one in'zero. It ' s what the one and also no are. connecting to the computer. You see one suggests on.
and also absolutely no shows off. That'' s actually what it means.It ' s. like a light button
on, off, on off, like no SRA two, No RTU can talk binary. And he'' s connecting with. the computer system. Hey, off on, no, on, off, on, off, like. legit. Think about this on, on, off, off, off.
As well as by doing that, we ' re. interacting something to the computer system.
, what is he also doing? What does on sufficient concern this.
number and also IP addresses this concerning to reveal you something it'' s gon na get a. little odd, yet simply hang limited with me. It will certainly all make sense right here in a.
moment. This is where it occurs. You'' re ready to find out just how to take the. matrix code of IP addresses and also transform them back right into decimal. We'' re gon na transform this IP address.
back to what we recognize and also like decimal.So right here we go

. Coffee.
break. Allow'' s get weird. I ' m gon na begin writing some arbitrary. numbers. Hang tight with me. One, two', and also I ' m writing them. backwards, right? << laugh > 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 32 64, 1 28. This right here, our little chart is gon na conserve your life. This is our powers of two chart.
<< laugh > and it'' s the secret sauce. It'' s our secret Dakota ring to
. convert from matrix to routine things. Currently what do I imply by powers.
of 2? Well, I imply this, the first number is 2.
to the power of zero. If we get our convenient dandy calculator.
out 2 to the power of absolutely no is one that matches. After that we have 2 to.
the power of one, which is 2. Now you kinda see where.
I'' m choosing this. The next one will be 2 to the.
power of 2 and so forth and so on. Oh, this will certainly make feeling right here momentarily. But I desire you to bear in mind.
just how to develop this chart.You can in fact do it 2 ways. One is. this way. They provide the powers of 2, begin with no two to the power of zero. is one as well as go all the method up until you get to 2 of the power of seven,. which is 8 figures total, appropriate? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, the power of two'' s table.
<< laugh > it'' s our secret power. Or you can just start with one.
as well as increase by two each time. So one times 2 is 2. Uh, 2 times.
two is four, four times two is 8, eight times 2 16, 16. You obtained.
it. You obtained it right. In either case. You wan na build this amazing graph.
right below. Why? Since watch this, the magic is regarding to take place. Whoa,.
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Really. Let ' s see if.
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And look, they ' re already inputting. That'. was under a min. So I, I wasn'' t lying for this following part. We'' re gon na bring back in
. those scams two to help us. As well as what I imply is we'' re gon na take this. first. OCTE over below and compose it out. Notice how there are 8 bits or eight.
numbers in our very first OCTE as well as there are also eight numbers we documented.
in our chart.Let ' s

match '' em up. So 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.
Currently, here we. go. No, for all 2, are you ready? Remember one means on no ways off. Here we go. The very first number 1 28. Is it off or on? It'' s on.
So let ' s compose. it down. 1 28. The 2nd number 64.
Is it on or off? It ' s on one means.
on thanks nos, Fortu 64, the remainder. They ' re all nos.
They ' re off Nora. two, flick the light 0 0, 0, 0.
So none of these numbers. are gon na bring down. So all the remainder of the numbers. are off. We put on ' t require them. Below ' s what I desire you to do.
And. this again, still really feels odd. I recognize.
I want you to add the numbers.'that we ' re on together. 1 28 plus 64 offers us. 1 92. This right below.
It ' s a huge moment for. you because right below, we simply transformed our
very first OCTE from. matrix code from binary to decimal legit. That ' s what we did this number'. right below is 1 92 and decimal.

That ' s type of cool, right? Allow ' s do our following one.
Let'' s call our next OCTE. down.Line up our numbers.'1 0 1 0 1 0 0, 0.
And also with the aid'of no Ferra. two. Allow ' s see what rollovers. Allow
' s see what ' s turned on as well as what ' s. shut off.
We ' ve obtained 1 28. Nope, no. 64 32. We obtained that sucker. No 16. We. do have an eight. No 4, no 2, nobody. So we ' re entrusted to 1 28 as well as 32. and eight.
Currently let ' s include those'together. 1 28 plus 32 is one 60 as well as.
then one 60 plus 8 is 1 68. So the 2nd Octa ind decimal is 1 68. Currently it ' s beginning to. appearance familiar. Isn ' t it. Currently I ' m beginning to see the IP. address the way we discovered it. Allow ' s do it once more however much faster.
Our 3rd Octa. Actually, I desire you to do this on your own. So stop the video clip as well as.
see if you can do this.

Write this down and with the aid of. no scams to, I know you can do it.
Stop briefly the video. UN time out. Allow ' s. walk through it real quick.Let ' s reducing our binary 0 0 0 0'0. The only number that ' s. switched on is the last one. We obtained ourselves a one and. one plus nothing else is one. As well as that ' s the next number in our IP.
address. That ' s what this OCTE means. As well as finally
, the last one,. bring that fool down, match up our binary to our graph. 0 0 0 1'0 1 0 1. That was a lot.Those raw two, help us out. We ' ll. lower our 16, reduce our four, lower our one 16 plus four is.
20 plus one'is 21 individuals. That'' s it. That ' s our IP address. You. We simply converted our IP address from. matrix code, from binary to decimal.
Exactly how amazing is that? If you. wear ' t think that ' s cool down. I. don ' t'understand what to tell you. Consume alcohol some more coffee.
Rewind. Watch it again. Ugh. Coffee ' s a bit chilly currently. I need. to heat it up. Okay.
Now allow ' s uh, change it up. Let ' s do it backwards. Let ' s take'an IP address

and also decimal.
layout the means we understand and also love. And also'allow ' s convert that to matrix. code. Huh? Exactly how do you do that? What? With the very same chart people,
it ' s easy.We currently have the magic. decoded translation here. Here ' s our IP address and decimal layout. Let ' s transform the fool. to matrix code to binary.'Like always will start with our first. Okta. We got 1 72 right here. Now. Don ' t fear.
We are still gon na utilize no SRA. He ' s standing by he ' s prepared, but it is gon na be a bit
different. below. So here ' s what we ' ll do. We ' ll bring down 1 72 right. next to 1 28 and we ' ll claim, Hey, can we take 1 28 far from 1 72? Are we able to subtract 128
from 1. 72? The response is yeah. Yeah, we can. And also because we can,
that suggests this.

one gets on no fraud to help us out. 1 28 is on one. Not for
a little. little math.We ' ll do it up here. 1 72 minus 1 28, little of mathematics.
12. minus in, we got 4, 6 minus two. We got four. Great.'So now we'have 44. remaining. So 172 minus 128 is 44. We have 44 left over.
So now what we ' ll do is we ' ll take. this 44 over right here and go, Hey, can 44 have 64 taken away from it? No,. no it can ' t. So Nora two aid us out.
64 is going to be off absolutely no and after that. we ' ll keep going down the
line. Hey, can 44 have 32 taken away from it? Uh,.
heck yeah, it can. It completely does. So Nora two'aid us out.
32. is gon na get on 44 minus 32. We'got 12 left. Can we take.
16 away from 12? No. Right. I think you ' re seeing the pattern. below. Nora two, aid us out. It ' s gon na be switch off.

We put on ' t. requirement 16. Allow ' s relocate down the line. Can'we take eight away from 12? Hell yeah, we can
. Let ' s do that. We got 4 left over.Oh, and we. failed to remember to make 8 on. There we go. Allow ' s go on down the line. Can four. have 4 removed from it? Completely can'. Nora 2, transform it on. And then if we. do our mathematics, this ' s a simple one.
Four minus 4. We got no. And also since zero can ' t have 2 taken
. away from it or no removed from it. After that the last two bits right here are.
gon na be switched off. Absolutely no as well as no. Many thanks for the aid. No SRA two. So what. we simply did
consider the bottom here. 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0.'We just converted the. number 172 to binary.
Now I want you to attempt the next one. Try the following OCTE, which is 16. Stop briefly the video clip.
See what. you got. UN time out.'Currently right here, I ' ll go through it genuine quick and you. might be shocked that this is kind of quick.
Cuz if we take 16,. we go to'the initial one.

Hey, can ' t take 1 28 from it. Can ' t take. 64 from it. Can ' t take 32 from it. So straight off
the bat. No, for two. currently understands. And also it ' ll assist us do this.That those have to be switched off. However. when we obtain to 16, man, hell yeah, we can take 16 far from 16. Allow ' s. turn that bit on.

Many thanks. No, for two. And also after that with some mathematics magic. 16 minus 16, we got'no. And after that going down the line, can you.
take eight far from zero? No 4. Transform it off 2. No, turn it. off one.No, transform it off at 16.
The remainder of the little bit to be switched off. Cause we, we can ' t'subtract anymore.
We ' re done. As well as we just converted the.
number 16, 2 binary, 2 matrix code. So currently proceed.
Stop the video and also try the next. two objects or the last 2 objects. 34 and also 3 go UN time out.
Let ' s. go through it actual fast. So the 3rd Octa, we got 34 can.'1 28 be taken away from 34.
No, regarding 64, no 32. Uh, hell. yeah. 34 minus 32. We obtained two. So 16, 0 8 is absolutely no.
4 is no,. yet two can be eliminated from zero. That ' s gon na be a one.
As well as then since. we have no, that ' s switched off, bam. There is our 3rd Okta. And afterwards finally the number'3. can 128 be eliminated from three. No it ' s turned off
. No Lotion two help. us out. 64, no 32, no 16, no 8, no 4 9, 4, no, yet 2.

Hey. three minus two.
We got that. Allow ' s transform two on 3 minus 2 is one.
Can one be eliminated from. one a hundred percent. That ' s gon na be activated as well as we <'> re done.That is our number in binary.
3 and binary. And there it is. We did it utilizing our magic Dakota. ring, our elegant handed inny chart.
We decimal back into binary. Okay.< laugh > take yourself a sip. of coffee. That was a whole lot. You just learned just how to
translate the. matrix for your IP address. Anyhow,

we saw the IP address, the means our computer systems see it.
binary 32 littles matrix code.And we converted that matrix. code back into a decimal format. The means we such as to read it and after that.
fool, we placed that back right into binary. Currently this is a skill that you require to.
hone and also find out and exercise and also solidify cement into your mind due to the fact that this.
is just one of those foundation. This is leg day. This is what you need. Don'' t miss it to be able to come to be a.
subnetting master, yet don'' t fear, cuz all you require is this chart right below. Our very secret decoder ring that will.
aid us convert from binary to decimal as well as decimal to binary. Currently don'' t. worry if you ' re like, man, that was, that

was a lot.That ' s sort of.
heavy. That'' s great. Return. As well as re-watch the video clip. When I first discovered this, it took me a little bit and truthfully, to such as.
actually get that going in your brand name. You got ta technique it. So if.
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