I Made A Terrifying Robot Lawn Mower

hey going so lately i'' ve been making use of a great deal of vr.
it'' s so wonderful having the choice to just leave from life as an example i can stand inside my kitchen.
but i'' m in fact outdoors in stunning nature it'' s great i can simply loosen up below for hours and.
then if i get ill of that i simply go and also walk as well as make my way outside into nature yet i'' m really. in a stunning kitchen making a pot of tea it'' s great i never in fact have to exist.
anywhere or do anything unlike the rest of life though which involves so much effort.
constantly moving and doing things so i believed i can incorporate digital truth with the tasks of.
life so i never ever need to relocate a muscle mass ever again alrighty i assumed a great initial job to automate.
would certainly be lawnmowing as not a bachelor in presence appreciates that except bailey actually.
as well as he just likes that since he'' s obtained a scythe can i can i most likely to the side no now obtain your own. side right my side good come on let me simply have a little go to the side wait
wait oh it ' s. mine no let me have it oh wait come on'we come back below yet'if you don ' t have a scythe you ' re. stuck pushing around a lousy lawnmower which is hard to begin tough to repair as well as most significantly. hard to look great utilizing yet you already recognize how i ' m going to repair this issue as you ' ve read the. title of this video clip mowing my step siblings packed virtual reality 360 view incorrect title turn my mower into a.
robotic which i can control through vr as well as the very first thing i need to do is obtain a lawnmower i can.
take apart and however my family members'' s claiming i ' m not permitted to destroy theirs however they did.
provide me approval to ruin a lawnmower only if it belongs to a ding supplier and thankfully i know.
simply the spot what the hell what is happening right here it'' s distressing so after getting the caterpillar.
covered lawn mower from the supplier'' s house i attempted to start it as well as for one reason or another assumed it.
would certainly simply function but no issue the amount of angles and methods i attempted to persuade.
it i simply could not turn it on so i began to take it apart as well as instantly.
noticed the air filter was blocked with turf and unusual webbing most likely from those.
caterpillars i saw and also luckily i bore in mind that i had formerly acquired an air filter for.
the lawnmower which powered my giant beyblade so i returned to the dingg home and also got hold of.
the air filter as well as this must fit as it'' s the exact same size but i just need to repaint it the exact same. color to make sure the lawnmower approves it and also now it functions sort of snapped off so after reattaching.
the pull cord i reckon this lawnmower is ready to be developed into a robotic and.
this would certainly take me months by myself so i decided to take it down to a.
person that can simply do it all for me exactly how you going hey how you going angus from manufacturer'' s. muse has actually been making robotics including battlebots given that prior to he was born however regretfully after his.
involvement in an awful robot battles crash and also the war in iraq angus was no longer permitted.
to make fatality bots as well as currently mostly makes things with 3d printers on youtube so mechanizing.
a lawnmower must be right up his arse ally up his street so the very first thing.
we did was take the lawnmower apart and also had an excellent consider it and afterwards likewise had a.
good take a look at robotic grass mowers that currently existed on the web and also took from them.
allow'' s simply allow'' s swipe this set yep let ' s as well as we believe the very best means to motorize the yard. lawn mower is to incorporate it with an old person ' s wheelchair scooter which should actually be. rather easy given that old'people can ' t step really quickly go go go go go go go go go go since we had the mobility scooter we need to. identify some way to take it apart which was strangely a lot easier than we anticipated. well i ' m in some way wishing that this just sort of splits in half and we'' ll simply be able to simply. take the back and simply connect it to the mower oh my god does it actually obtain folds ace around that ' s so simple after that we simply
had to take. everything off to obtain to the motors do you think this gets on the front i was looking at. it and also my mind mosted likely to like a diving system if this is being in a person your companion'' s. scrapyard or whatever that implies someone possibly had this and afterwards they passed away and.
after that no more needed it or it broke however i imply it was still working so they probably.
died yes they probably did as well as after lastly swindling the plastic cover we revealed the large.
hot solid motors that we desired there we go yep you'' re gon na obtained things in them still.
or not no they'' re empty no they'' re they ' ve been first he ' s not mosting likely to touch them just. hundreds of spiders creeping wrong and these motors have integrated brakes that reduce the mobility scooter.
down yet unlike old individuals that love stopping a great deal we don'' t need them so we took them off put on ' t. requirement that see you later on then once we tore the motors out of the scooter we roughly stuck.
all the electronic things with each other and afterwards angus clarified how every one of this is mosting likely to function.
so what is what'' s this man what does he do so this is your esc or digital speed controller.
and what this does it interfaces with your push-button control receiver your battery so what it.
does it absorbs the signals from the receiver yep as well as the battery will send out.
existing via the audio speakers okay oh yes alright cool i'' ll take the. control existing from the battery as well as after a fast examination to confirm.
what he claimed and it doesn'' t matter which way you put it because it.
simply goes in reverse specifically nice am i able to attempt if i attempt to stop it isn'' t
bad. fine you'won ' t get it oh yeah nope it all appears to function so currently it was time
to identify exactly how we. are in fact mosting likely to incorporate the movement scooter and also the yard mower we need to um attempt to obtain these.
wheels as close as possible to these wheels and also we decided to develop a quite simple frame.
which would rely completely on my bad welding abilities also welding to a thing full of all-natural.
doesn'' t sound like that ' s more enjoyable i suggest you do that i wish to do it so angus cut a piece.
of square tube simply a little bit wider than the mower and after that we marked where the new wheels as well as electric motor.
would certainly remain on television it'' s an extremely peaceful drill for a smoother knife it'' s geared down truly low is.
that what you want for metal normally you want a reduced rate yeah truly slow yep alright that'' s what.'that ' s what i ' ve been doing incorrect my entire life you recognize otherwise it overheats that'' s things. it ' s like'since it ' s a youtube video we just require it to work as soon as for electronic camera and also after that we simply.
put i simply pretend as well as state yes it works perfectly it'' s quite great we provided ourselves lots of lots.
of clearance which is in fact great that is great prior to removing the dust and turf from the mower.
so we can bond the framework as well as wheels in area there'' s a lot grass on it what kind. of turf do you reckon is what kind yeah perhaps buffalo buffalo grass give it a taste maybe kaiku allow me attempt no no it'' s definitely. buffalo turf it'' s absolutely buffalo it looks like a go-kart or something that'' s. sick tacky strike right here and then and after that we see it scents like mammy noodles.
or something extremely odd i put on'' t recognize see i put on ' t gathered sufficient to.
take the clamps off i'' ll do another around here yeah i'' m simply between yeah fine watch.
it just the whole point snap off and afterwards i also welded another short area of tube on.
each side to offer more support to the lawn mower i assume i bonded the clamp to the t2 actually oh.
did i we likewise recognized that the wheels presently on the motor suck as we require wheels that can turn.
about instantly so we pulled the wheel wheels off the wheelchair scooter and also then once they were.
off we make use of the arm remainder of the scooter as the framework they align we believe they amazingly line.
up with the existing holes that makes no feeling that'' s lovely yeah let ' s do that and also it indicates.
much less job chuck him right here and also cast her like that and angle grind whatever that'' s in the means. oh yeah since it it just touches all-time low it'' s almost like it wanted to be developed into a.
push-button control it was possibly turn the wheel once the wheels remained in location angus approximately mounted.
the electronic devices which didn'' t work at very first so he stole some stuff from an old retired battlebot.
to repair that swiping it from your battleboy so just how do you connect that to that so you.
transform this on then turn that on and also it needs to so such as a bluetooth audio speaker so we need to.
find out simply rapidly what is this indication i assume it'' s like you claimed we you imply you. imply you'i need to determine you ' re major that ' s my god indeed ill that is so interesting you ' re. like a magician this is remarkable that'' s so cool so allow ' s
placed. it on the ground and try it oh this is so amazing it looks as well big to relocate looks as well.
big to be mechanized begun come on yes yeah something'' s dragging oh let me.
tighten those bolts which ones on that particular side no most likely not oh that a person doesn'' t have a bolt that is distressing coming in the direction of.
you it nearly looks a bit like a crab and it sort of works it certainly relocates which.
is great enough for currently so i went back to extract to finish off the welds as well as enhance it.
while angus ended up the electronics and initially i was thinking about taking these guards.
off the side so we can actually see the blade rotating and also reducing as well as ruining stuff however i.
chose that would in fact be an actually truly negative idea as i'' ve lately went down and.
shed a lot of knives in my turf and also i likewise have a great deal of glass windows in.
my residence and also both don'' t mix extremely well and also the majority of you most likely don'' t know. this so i shouldn ' t be telling you currently but loads of other individuals have already.
placed robotic lawnmowers together on youtube it really appears to be one of the most usual father.
and child bonding task available and i'' m a little bit worried to finally damage the information to angus after.
all these years of confusion as well as him not recognizing however i'' m certain it ' ll be good to offer. some closure yet even though individuals have already made robotic mower prior to it won'' t. matter as ours is mosting likely to be really different as we are going to control it with a headset.
and video camera talking which i grabbed this box of fpv goggles things which must be specifically.
what i need to check out and also control the lawnmower and also currently you can'' t state i duplicated various other
. individuals there is no other lawnmower out there that you can quickly view pornography.
as well as reduce your yard at the same time and also currently with this camera precisely the front.
it must provide me a type of fpv lawnmower perspective truly replicating what it'' s. like to be a lawnmower sensation every bump and tasting every blade of turf enabling me to ideally accomplish the ideal mo.
as well as i did believe i would be able to just slap a electronic camera on the mower yet i failed to remember that when it'' s. gon na get on it ' s gon na be vibrating like crazy and after a fast test of putting the gopro on.
the lawnmower this footage is very unwatchable it'' s literally worse than when your grandma.
with parkinson'' s records a house video oh it'' s fascinating the video clip doesn'' t. program there ' s a special setting i can ' t remember what
it is currently so i require to. think of some method to decrease the vibrations however i ' ve thought of
an affordable and also. simple service utilizing this ladder which will enable me to climb to my attic to.
get this trick which will certainly can be found in convenient as it will enable me to open this door and order this sponge.
which will after that assist me and i believe if i obtain the sponge and simply put the gopro on top it must.
lower the vibrations and also after thoroughly placing it all together it appears to function actually well.
this is me washing my meals without the sponge now with the sponge you can see the sponge makes it much smoother.
as well as makes the video footage useful and the very same sponge strategy additionally worked well with my grandma.
check out that not a vibration visible so after affixing a sponge to the front of the mower.
every little thing must behave and secure currently alright so currently that i finished it up on my end i caught up.
angus to see if he had actually ended up the electronic devices hey dude uh have you do with the electronic.
part yeah the electronics are all arranged i'' ll head to your area currently yeah wonderful all right i'' ll i
' ll. see you quickly indeed see you soon that is so trendy it it appears like a bomb currently though it looks so it'' s. a bit it is a little bit sized with this thing on it as well yeah does this do it yeah can i. transform it on yeah you placed a light on it also that is lovely this is i believed we. would have the ability to use this in public though ah not anymore not any longer no individuals are mosting likely to.
assume it'' s like some brand-new age terrorist assault or something like that and after affixing the.
bomb to the back and also little electronic camera to the front on the sponge we need to be good to go let'' s go please drive it straight right into your automobile i''
ll. attempt not to it'' s like minimal rate also it'' s pretty good it really feels heavy really you can feel the.
weight even using simply wait allow me move the chair exists a hold-up at all or is it.
you simply don'' t appreciate my chairs have you noticed my my lovely lawn yeah it does.
need a trim it does i sanctuary'' t trimmed it since i'' ve been making the video clip not since i'' m careless. it ' s especially for this so we obtained the lawnmower into the yard and also set it all up as well as after. a quick method it appears very simple to manage so easy to control i'' m ready to wager also a.
baby could do it rest down below yes there you go wow and also then i'' m additionally gon na place this on you fine. you ready all set what do you see fine there you go as well as right here is my initial effort with the mower transformed.
on what'' s the plan if something goes incorrect uh due to the fact that it'' s gon na be so loud i ' m gon na be in. an entirely various dimension just strike me as well as at first i left to a harsh beginning as.
i ripped the starter cord out once more yet fortunately it still managed to start very first man after that as soon as i took a seat as well as place on the goggles.
it actually really felt very user-friendly to manage and also it is a little edgy but from my crappy.
seeing angle it seemed to be cutting the grass pretty well although i couldn'' t. in fact see how the lawn looks behind me as well as i'' m not really sure i''
ve. ever before seen a gopro made use of to movie in this way before if this doesn'' t. make it right into the gopro best of 2021 craziest activity camera collections.
i'' m mosting likely to be very dissatisfied you'' re losing components of the.
mower it'' s it ' s falling apart is it'still sufficing ' s. still reducing oh you got it don ' t run over the air filter and also the lawn mower doesn ' t actually intend to relocate. via long yard which is a problem yet i exercised an option which was to do the.
sides initially and then gradually relocate little bit by bit of going around the beyond one.
point on the concrete is a good idea ought to i look at right here as well as the lawn mower in fact managed.
to reduce the grass actually well until some customer error came into play.
and i drove it straight right into some sticks which knocked the electronic camera off.
and afterwards nearly cut the electronic camera up i don'' t know and afterwards i was incapable to turn the.
mower off so i needed to smother it can you can you asphyxiate it.
since the air filter fell off begun yeah that'' s it that ' s it. stop stop kill it eliminate it quit stop quit oh my god quit go yes oh my i imply it works however it ' s not nice that we.
can'' t transform it off so near killing that ah so it dropped off as well as after that the battery and also the.
detach so the initial effort achieved success however most definitely had some things we can boost.
like having a capacity to shut off the mower so angus and i rapidly took it apart to place the.
starter cable back on and to make it less complicated to quit i wish this will certainly work i hope i'' ll be able.
to transform it off or simply stick my thumb inside additionally if you'' re enjoying seeing people make dumb.
robots go take a look at angus'' s youtube network makers muse he has lots of dumb.
robotic points for you to consider alright once we ended up that we had a pair more.
goes of the lawnmower h and 10 mins later we handled to reduce like one quarter of the overall.
yard in my backyard which does appear rather bad time wise yet if i contrast the amount of initiative.
i just used up to reduce that amount of lawn which was basically me just jerking my finger and also a.
month of developing it was absolutely much less physical effort compared to pushing a lawnmower around and.
the safety glasses in fact give you a truly distinct enjoyable perspective permitting you to see the lawn.
that you needed to cut while at the same time making you sort of feeling like a little.
rat that was running around the garden as well as i think it'' s an alright trim not the very best not the.
worst but absolutely still far better than bailey thanks so much for enjoying if you liked that please subscribe and also examine.
out some of my various other things.

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