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Crypto investing used to be a free for all, wild west sort of experience. However, as the market has matured, so have investing strategies and chances to make significant amounts of money. However, nearly all forms of financial investment have become trickier and more challenging since the beginning of 2022. This applies to conventional stock market investing, and it is especially true when discussing cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, those with the intestinal fortitude to put their money to work can still make serious gains with crypto…as long as they understand what you are doing. This post will reveal some of the most important things you need to know about investing your hard-earned money in cryptocurrency.
You Can Get Your Crypto To Work Right Away
One of the great things about cryptocurrencies these days, compared to several years ago, is that you can use them in the real world. When they were in their infancy, they were treated as a mere novelty, rendering them almost useless for anything else outside of speculation. However, these days, you have numerous options to spend your tokens as you see fit. This includes anything from using BTC casino apps to spend your Bitcoin on your hobby to applying for a crypto debit card which you can use to withdraw fiat cash from an ATM. Furthermore, you might even be able to reduce your tax burden by donating a certain amount to the charity of your choice (but you’ll consult a certified accountant to determine how much you can deduct).
It Is Important To Learn How To Use Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is a way of analyzing securities trading that involves using charts and other analytical tools to identify patterns in security prices. Technical analysts believe that markets are not efficient, so they apply methods such as charting price movements or reading market indicators to try to find information about what the market will do next. Many investors who use technical analysts believe that specific patterns repeat over time, which can be used as indicators for future price direction. While lots of long-term stock investors decry the use of technical analysis over the use of fundamental analysis, crypto tends to lend itself far better to the technical variety for several reasons:
• Crypto is highly volatile: Because the technical analysis takes less time, it lends itself better to volatile assets. However, you need to understand that “taking less time” doesn’t mean easier; you still have to know how to do it and what indicators to look for.
• Many exchanges offer trading resources: This type of trading requires sophisticated charts to interpret what is happening. Fortunately, most high-quality exchanges will offer these charts free of charge to their clients.
• You can use bots: Bots can be an excellent resource for those looking for a hands-off approach. A bot can only interpret technical signals and cannot analyze things on a more fundamental level. However, it’s worth mentioning that novice investors should stay clear of bots until they know what they’re doing.
• It can help you to build a strategy: When you are just starting out, it can be challenging to know which direction to go. Because technical analysis is more of a binary game, it makes it easier to choose a strategy and stick to it.
From Will Lose You Money, Fast
FOMO, or the “fear of missing out,” is a phenomenon that has become more common as social media has grown in popularity. In today’s society, people are constantly bombarded with information on what their friends and peers are doing. This causes many people to feel anxious and insecure about what they’re not doing. Moreover, cryptocurrency prices can rise rapidly and sharply during a bull market (we should be so lucky!), increasing the pressure to act fast before you lose out. However, it can also lead to enormous losses if you aren’t careful. For example, unless you perform due diligence, you may fall prey to a pump-and-dump scheme (more on that next) or simply lose your shirt if the rally ends up being a bull trap.
Avoid Meme Coins Like The Plague; They’re Just Not Worth It
A meme coin is a cryptocurrency that is not backed by any tangible asset and exists only as a form of digital currency. Some examples include:
• SHIB (sorry, SHIB fans)
• LUNA (not really a meme coin as such, but an excellent example of what can happen if you follow all the “to the moon” enthusiasts.)
The primary reason to avoid these over the more established options is that you could fall victim to a pump-and-dump scheme. Essentially, this is where a team or individual behind a new token artificially inflates its value by hyping it up. They then sell their entire holding at the peak, causing the price to plummet, leaving the unfortunate buyers holding a worthless token. Therefore, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Ensure You Keep Your Assets Out Of Your Exchange And In A Secure Wallet
In almost every crypto incident, hackers have hacked into an exchange and emptied their vaults. In the end, those who left their assets at the exchange where they bought them lost everything. So do yourself a favor and transfer your tokens into a secure wallet as soon as possible to avoid such incidents.
Invest As Part Of A Balanced Portfolio (Which Includes Other Assets Aside From Crypto)
The purpose of a balanced investment portfolio is to provide stability and growth potential over the long term. A balanced investment portfolio is a portfolio that has investments in a variety of different assets. The goal of this type of portfolio is to have the potential for growth while also trying to reduce the risk as much as possible. A well-balanced portfolio can include stocks, bonds, cash assets, and various cryptocurrencies.
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