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Intelfin (IFGT), a one-stop platform designed to introduce go-to passive income opportunities for crypto enthusiasts with various levels of expertise, helps its users to over come the painful effects of the bearish recession.
Launched by a heavy-hitting team of blockchain and trading professionals, Intelfin (IFGT) allows its clients to benefit from injecting liquidity into various mechanisms.
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To guarantee its clients maximum benefits, Intelfin (IFGT) launched Arbitrage Trading Bot, Hybrid Trading Bot, Liquidity Pools and Analytics Toolkit.
Arbitrage Trading Bot is designed to allow its users to benefit from price fluctuations on Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin pairs. Hybrid Trading Bot is up and running with various strategies and AI-powered algorithms. Liquidity Pools is a DeFi-native class of protocols designed for low-risk strategies.
The analytical dashboard by Intelfin (IFGT) has two modules, i.e., free and custom ones. Both are based on deep learning algorithms, AI tools and neural networks. The Intelfin (IFGT) team highlights that its analysis can be useful for various traders including the users of cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, currency pairs and futures markets. Its Cryptocurrencies section covers Bitcoin (BTC), U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) and all major altcoins.
Intelfin offers excellent customer service, you can get an external consultation at
With such an impressive toolkit, Intelfin (IFGT) is suitable for investors, traders and liquidity providers with conservative, balanced and aggressive strategies. Per the statements shared by the representatives of the ecosystem, Intelfin (IFGT) modules work with 17-22% monthly returns for all sizes of deposits.
Besides intuitive liquidity management, trading and arbitrage instruments, Intelfin (IFGT) is developing a go-to ecosystem of cryptocurrency applications. These include native decentralized autonomous organization Intelfin DAO, digital collectibles marketplace Intelfin NFT, artificial intelligence Intelfin AI, staking dashboard Intelfin Staking and noncustodial cross-asset exchange Intelfin DEX.
This all-in-one ecosystem – dubbed Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform – has been developed since Q3, 2020, by a team of first-tier DeFi programmers and engineers.
These instruments are designed to unlock Web3 value transfer, trading tokenization and governance opportunities for B2B and B2C customers.
To reflect its decentralized structure and design, the Intelfin Global Group development team is building its own Layer 1 (L1) blockchain built on Cosmos SDK
The launch of the network and the native IFGT token is planned for Q1 2023. Such solid steps in the development of the ecosystem, along with the public listing of the IFGT token, reflect the entire set of experience of the DeFi era in cryptocurrency.
Intelfin (IFGT) is an award-winning ecosystem: it was granted “Trusted Vendor,” “Top Performer” and “User Awards” by Sourceforge, while Slashdot labeled it with the “Users Love US” banner.
Intelfin (IFGT) is supercharged by Cosmos (ATOM), one of the most powerful and purpose-rich cross-network architectures in Web3 history. Its upcoming ecosystem products will be among the most impressive Cosmos-based decentralized applications.
That being said, Intelfin (IFGT) is a powerful combination of cutting-edge crypto products designed to allow its customers to benefit from a bearish market even with blockchain, Web3 and trading skills.

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