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New York, NY, Aug. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FAMEEX is on track to become an industry leader in the field of exchange quant tools during the current lull in the pace of the global digital currency market. An announcement posted on Friday marks the end of the beta testing of several new quant trading tools on the CEX, further bolstering the FAMEEX team’s track record in delivering innovative quant features unique in the $1.3 trillion dollar centralized exchange market.
Built-in quant strategies are currently the most popular way among traders in the crypto market to hedge their portfolios. The core benefit of quant strategies built-in to crypto trading platforms, is that they provide traders with an easy-to-use trading experience. FAMEEX’s signature Grid Trading interface has been developed by a professional and highly experienced team in order to offer a fresh new strategy for traders to overcome current market conditions. During this period of uncertain volatility, quant tools can help traders to spread risk, hedge risk and overcome their trepidation to make decisive trades in these changeable market conditions. By their nature, the utility of grid trading and the other quant tools are considered by FAMEEX efforts to help new traders survive and thrive during this period in the crypto market.
A member of the product development team, an experienced trader in the crypto market, and MIT Sloan alumni, shared his thoughts on quant tools saying, “With FAMEEX grid trading, most traders earn an average 30% ROE on each strategy, and the yield maintains stability, resulting in peace of mind as their asset balance will continue to increase without drastic drops in the event of a fall in the cryptocurrency’s market price.” FAMEEX team worked for many years to develop this “Buy Low and Sell High” grid trading quant tool using data from day traders and historical yield performance.
Outstanding Buy Low and Sell High on Grid Trading
With a third of traders taking part in the market using AI bots or strategies, and financial guidance and investment sites being the most popular resource for investment ideas, FAMEEX provides an in-demand solution for new and experienced traders alike. This integration of quant strategy by FAMEEX takes crypto trading further by adding deep liquidity for a wide range of digital assets, margin trading, and soon to be released options trading. What makes the FAMEEX grid trading bot different from others is that it allows users to best utilize the funds in their account, since once users decide all the necessary parameters, the FAMEEX bot will place one buy and one sell orders only. When either of the orders is executed, the bot will then place another buy or sell order. Therefore, traders’ whole balance will not be “locked” inside the grid strategy. Looking back at the statistics on FAMEEX, grid trading users can earn 30% to 50% ROE while some traders can even reach 80% ROE. In a volatile and relative risky crypto market, grid trading strategy offers users a safe way to earn stable profits. The philosophy of grid trading is “buy low sell high.” In sideways markets, investors predict that certain crypto assets will fluctuate around a range of prices. Traders can take advantage of the market volatility and aggregate small profits from many buys and sells by placing orders above and below a predetermined price, forming “a grid of orders.”
Low Fees in Futures Trading
FAMEEX has been looking for talent to build up our signature products, grid trading strategy and USDT-margin perpetual futures. In such a short period of time, FAMEEX has earned users’ trust and confidence by offering the most competitive trading fees on the market. The basic spot trading fee goes as low as 1‰ and the futures trading fee is 0.2‰. Low trading fees and a low-risk trading experience make the FAMEEX offering highly attractive.
FAMEEX is one of the only crypto exchanges of its size to create this level of professional strategy tools. FAMEEX quant team’s primary focus is to bring better tooling and insights to crypto traders by allowing them to automate execution of trades on market data, using the free FAMEEX AI bot, and utilize those tools to make more easy and informed trades. With these tools, FAMEEX traders can place trades without fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This enables faster decision-making for traders and saves them from having to buy and sell manually in multiple different interfaces.
Currently, FAMEEX has offered a $5000 prize pool airdrop for a recent outreach campaign to bring awareness, volume, and community growth, making FAMEEX the most secure and profitable crypto exchange for the crypto community.
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Launched in 2020. FAMEEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that currently provides digital financial services including fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, grid trading, futures, token listing, global affiliate, and the super rebate program. With more than 200,000 users across 30 countries and regions around the world FAMEEX provides a secure, stable, efficient 24/7 trading experience.
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