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Following intense rounds of play, LPL Summer Playoffs is set to conclude with an epic battle between JD Gaming and TOP Esports! It was fully expected that the two most dominant teams in the regular season make it to the finals.
Both teams were tied for 1st, and one final bo5 will resolve the matter.
LPL 2022 Summer Playoffs Final Bracket
We have the #1 and #2 seed from the regular split reaching Finals in very short trajectories. Both teams only had two play one series to make it to the upper final and the loser to win another to secure a re-match. The two teams have a pretty similar playstyle, but prioritize different lanes to get ahead. JDG creates leads on mid and top through Jungle, while TOP Esports focuses exclusively on bot lane and Jackeylove.
The first duel between the two went down to JD Gaming in a five game fiesta. I fully expect the re-match to go in similar fashion with blue side dominance, and a decider to cap it all off. Expect Zeri and Vi to be highly contested or bannable picks, while Sejuani may become a core priority in picks after we saw her dominate in other regions.
Regarding on how to approach this series, I think it will be vital for you to check out the drafts first. When two teams of similar levels battle each other, the drafts will be the difference maker. Expect the team with the most proactive jungler to get first blood, as well as first drake (JDG in most cases). The first tower will likely go down thanks to the Rift Herald, which will be picked up by the team with the strongest mid-jungle-top trio.
As for the others, I feel like the series will go 3-2 in favor of JDG. There can be a scenario where we have a shorter series, but I don’t think JD Gaming will manage to dominate that hard. Games will be long and I would generally suggest going over rather than under. Aside from that, you can find the best odds below (courtesy of GG.BET):
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