Just Another Day: Paul Pogba's Brother Had A Bot Release Another Blackmail Video With A Bunch Of Wild Witchcraft Allegations – Barstool Sports

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[Source] – Despite Mathias now being charged and detained, he has released another video through a ‘bot’ in which he divulges these ‘long-awaited revelations’. He assures that ‘the masks will fall off’ and describes Paul, 29, as a ‘great hypocrite, manipulator and cunning’. 
‘If you’re reading this message, my bot will have done its automatic sending job,’ Mathias said. ‘It also means that I am no longer free, either by my brother’s henchmen or by the police. That’s how the slanderers will have worked to silence me.
‘This individual, my brother, has become a follower of witchcraft in recent years, becoming a follower of a sorcerer.
‘It is this sorcerer that I spoke of as a person who worked to isolate my brother. My brother, on several occasions, has cast spells on his companions, including prodigy Kylian Mbappe either out of jealousy or to win a match.
‘At Paul’s request, the magician was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappe [when United played PSG], who at the time was enjoying a rapid rise, far superior to Paul’s fame.
‘And while behind his back Paul did witchcraft to sabotage these matches. The sorcerer himself said that he had to stop the witchcraft that was done with Kylian at the risk of destroying his career, knowing that he was paid for the work.
Good God this is one of the more bizarre stories I can remember. Mathias was charged along with some others for trying to extort Paul last month. Now he has a bot releasing videos for him. This time he’s going even more in depth about using a witchdoctor and helping his career while punishing others. 
Uhh that’s A LOT of witchcraft allegations. I mean helping France win a World Cup, getting paid, ruining Mbappe. Yeah, we’re talking major allegations here. But then again you have to remember that Mathias was detained by police because of, you know, blackmail. 
It also makes me never want to fuck with witchcraft. I know we’re in Spooky season (shout out Will Compton) but I prefer not to have spells put on me. Putting spells on other people would be fun. I wouldn’t want that to go public but I’d love to put spells on some enemies. Still think being a ghost and haunting people would be the most elite when we’re talking this sort of shit, but I’d put a spell on someone if I could. 
This whole thing is insane. I mean we’re talking blackmail, extortion, family turning on family, etc. It just shows you can’t trust anyone, especially when you get famous. Dude has his own brother turning on him. I just can’t believe we’re talking about all these witchcraft allegations. Just another day in soccer.
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