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After three weeks of action, the LEC will give teams a one-week break recuperate and prepare for the rest of the split. Now that we have a small sample of games, let’s identify the weaknesses of the various teams, and which aspects they should fix before July 15th.
We are discussing small adjustments and tweaks in approach, nothing radical or out of the ordinary.
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We go over five teams and analyze easily identifiable avenues to look at moving forward. Teams are listed in particular order.
Astralis had quite a surprising start to their Summer Split, winning 3 games and showing good performances against the top teams. They had some really strong early games and also found advantages (vs Rogue). With that being said, the team struggles in the mid game transition, especially when fighting around objectives. Improving team fighting will be the main priority, more specifically choosing which fights not to take. Excellence in teamfighting is not something learned in a week, but having the composure not to go all out and salvage fights is something that can be worked on with establishing a proper Plug-Player to call things off quickly.
Fnatic have been a on win streak after losing to MAD Lions in Week 2. The team seems to have found the recipe for success, which is putting Wunder on weakside and playing primarily for mid and bot, with Razork acting as the usual bridge. While this might work in the LEC, defaulting to one playstyle might be troublesome for FNC in the long run. The players are strong individually, but the will to adapt their playstyle will be the key for the team.
Fnatic needs to diversify their playstyle ahead of Playoffs, so they don’t end up with the same result as Spring and be utterly figured out. We hope they explore new avenues for future weeks and test them out vs Vitality/Rogue in the rematches.
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G2 came into Summer Split really strong, but the last few games have shown some shortcomings that the team is having. Flakked is having some struggles adapting to the meta and it’s overall impacting their drafts. He doesn’t seem too comfortable on the best bot lane duos currently, which forces Targamas to play for other lanes.
Another thing worth pointing out is that G2 has one of the lowest First Blood % in the league. They seem to struggle to open up leads in the early game. This is mainly due to the fact that they tend to draft scaling comps but it also goes to show that they’re not confident enough to dominate the enemies from minute 1. However, in terms of style changes, G2 has a unique ability to twist their comps into what works for them, so improvements mainly come down cheesing early game if they want early leads.
I’m still excited about Vitality, especially after the last two games they played. They have lost against all teams that are ranked higher than them but won against the others. They are basically the benchmark for playoffs. Their macro seems to be improving after Haru came into the team, as Carzzy is stepping up greatly. He and Labrov have been attracting a lot of bans in the bot lane, together with Alphari’s Gangplank.
While this gives all the freedom to Perkz, the team must find new picks to make the drafts even more flexible. Vitality also has a really strong early game, but when it comes to lane assignment and macro coordination, the team is still very lacking compared to the competition.
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Team BDS have had a really rough start to the season, only winning one game (weirdly enough, it was against G2). I think that the team has some potential, but they are always choked by the draft and the one-dimensional playstyle. They can’t seem to play anything other than Senna and Ezreal in the bot lane, which forces drafts into very weird situations.
Not only that, but Cinkrof doesn’t really have the carry potential and only plays initiators. By playing scaling comps, it becomes hard for BDS to do anything in the early game, and they always end up suffering gold deficits in the first 15 minutes. Fixing some of the champion pools and finding new team compositions is the direction BDS should aim for.
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