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Following the end of the LCK Summer Playoffs, which saw Gen.G champions, it’s time for us to turn our eyes to the LCK Regional Finals! Which two teams will go to Worlds 2022? Let’s break down the match between Damwon Kia and Liiv Sandbox.
Image Credits | DWG Kia
DK and LSB will face each other in the first match of Round 1 of LCK Regional Finals. With the single elimination bracket, this also means that one of the two will miss out on Worlds.
By analyzing their recent matches, both teams had some decent performances despite the losses. DK forced T1 to a 5-game series, while LSB were still able to take a game off of Gen.G, who in turn stomped T1 in the finals.
With everything on the line, it will all come down to this one series. For this reason, alongside others, I’m expecting this match to be very dragged out.
DK’s series against T1 showed glimpses of the DK that we saw in the past. The main problem with DK is around top lane: Burdol had a really poor series against T1, and despite Nuguri coming back to take the series to Game 5, Burdol returned to the starting spot in the crucial game.
It’s quite clear that Nuguri is a player that is aggressive and would like to have resources. However, in this meta, bot lane is the main focus. While I don’t think Burdol is better than Nuguri in his current state, DK’s decision might be related to that.
DK’s potential can really change depending on who will be starting, even though Burdol should be favored. Against LSB, though, I think that playing on bot side might be the worse choice since it’s LSB’s core.
Prince is continuing to be the super carry that is taking the team on his back and his consistency is rivaled only by Gen.G’s Ruler. While DK found success playing for Deokdam, I doubt they can beat LSB who has played the whole split with that style.
In addition, I’m not particularly a fan of DK’s drafts. The team thinks that Renekton is a super priority pick, but it really falls off against many other picks in this meta. Aside from that, DK prefers the Lucian Nami, which forces you to play around them and DK doesn’t seem super good at doing that.
Image Credits | LCK
Overall, the series will mainly depend on what drafts DK go for and whether Burdol or Nuguri will play the series. Liiv Sandbox always has the Prince card ready and it will be hard to target ban him in draft since he can play both Sivir and Zeri, the top 2 ADC picks, and his signature Aphelios. LSB have found a really good balance with their drafts and can answer any of the current meta comps.
With such high volatility and question marks in this series, it favors us when it comes to bets, as the returns will be much higher. Below you can find some of the best odds for the series, as always offered by
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