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FNC will face RGE in the finals of the losers’ bracket for a spot in the LEC Summer Playoffs Finals. Will FNC continue its miracle run or will RGE put a halt to the enemies’ momentum? Let’s break it down in our LoL LEC Summer Playoffs Preview.
The two teams are coming into the series with two completely different spirits. On one hand, we have FNC, who has crawled their way back to Worlds and are setting their eyes on the second slot of the Worlds Main Event. They fought hard against XL, but have later destroyed both Misfits and MAD Lions 3-0 and 3-1 respectively.
Now, they are looking like one of the better teams in these LEC Summer Playoffs, throwing all the expectations out of the window. Rogue, instead, took a really hard beating against G2, without having any way to even take one game. The Senna-Seraphine bot lane duo completely neutralized RGE’s main bot-centric playstyle, as they could never have the prio to set up dives or invades.
Now that they will have some time to make preparations, it will be vital for both teams to understand a way to counter each other since the two mainly play through the bot lane. Fnatic has showcased a really strong Lucian-Nami duo, while RGE has preferred defaulting to the scaling marksmen Zeri and Sivir.
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Out of the two options, I’m leaning towards Fnatic this time around. If RGE doesn’t make a good enough draft preparation, Fnatic has shown a much stronger will of fighting aggressively and look for punishes with their mid and jungle.
RGE, instead, usually default to playing scaling options and wait for their carries to reach their powerspikes. While it may work against lower-tier teams, the best teams should be able to take advantage of that window, which G2 did and it showed RGE’s weaknesses.
I’m expecting a lot of priority on Trundle in the jng, which is played frequently by both Malrang and Razork. Humanoid hasn’t played Azir in playoffs so far, and I think he fixed his lack of map movements.
As previously mentioned, the favorites for this match should be Fnatic. Their form in playoffs has skyrocketed and has shown the potential and consistency of a top-tier team. Upset and Hylissang have been dominating the bot lane every single time, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop any time soon.
Regarding our bets, the uncertainty and volatility coming into this series make the odds very appealing for us. Below you can some of the expected ones coming into the series, but as always, make sure to see how the two drafts pan out… With such close teams in strength, every detail will matter.
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