MAD Lions vs. G2 Esports: 2022 LEC Spring betting analysis –

A new week in the 2022 LEC Spring Split is approaching and will include an important match between the two rivals in MAD Lions and G2 Esports. 
The two big esports organizations are currently tight in the standings, with G2 taking a slight lead with a 6-3 record ahead of MAD Lions’ 5-4 record. Having the teams this close in the standings means that a lot will be riding on the line and that MAD Lions could potentially break into the top 3 with a victory. If G2 wins, then the team might be looking at surpassing Fnatic who they are currently tied with in second place. 
MAD Lions will be the team to enter this match with a lot of momentum, as it closed out week 4 with a win over Team BDS. G2 will look to rebound in this contest as it lost to Rogue in the last match after a dominant performance by the current LEC leaders. 
Even though both squads have a lot of star power on the team, many eyes will likely be on the rookie bot laners for this matchup. G2 picked up Victor “Flakked” Lirola for the new season while MAD Lions is playing with William “UNF0RGIVEN” Nieminen. 
Both bot laners have done great work so far this season, with each proving that they can withstand the pressure of playing on the biggest stage in Europe for some of the best organizations. Who will come out on top of the two is very hard to predict, but it’s very likely that the one with the best game will provide a big advantage for their team. 
UNF0RGIVEN has shown great skill on hyper carries such as Jinx and Aphelios so far, while Flakked has succeeded with the likes of Senna and Jhin. The champion pools of the two have been very different thus far, so fans will likely see two different play styles. 
If UNF0RGIVEN is put on one of his comfort champions, then there is no doubt that he can carry the game for his team if given a few early kills. If that doesn’t happen, Flakked should be able to slowly get into a comfortable spot and be a great carry for his aggressive and skilled teammates. 
MAD Lions roster: 
G2 Esports roster: 
Based on the results so far this season, MAD Lions and G2 are very close on paper. This shows in the current standings, but also in how both teams have picked up young rookies for this season to try and build up a new dynasty. This sets the two up for a close match, but G2 should coming out with an edge. While it’s only marginally, G2 has looked better this season and has had fewer inconsistencies. If the team gets off to a good start, then it’s hard for any opponent to stop their constant aggression and confidence. Because of this, this match seems like a good place to bet on G2. 
Picking G2 as the winner in this match will give odds of 1.79 while MAD Lions will give a slightly better return at odds of 1.90. Being this close in the odds, it’s a matter of choosing the strongest on paper which currently looks to be G2
The rivalry match between MAD Lions and G2 Esports takes place on Friday, February 11. 


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