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MeBeBot, a leading provider of an AI Employee Experience Platform that supports HR, IT, and Operations teams, today announced that International Game Technology PLC (“IGT”) is using MeBeBot’s AI chatbot to provide employees with instant answers to their questions, anytime from anywhere across the globe.
IGT delivers entertaining and responsible gaming experiences for players across all channels and regulated segments, from Lotteries and Gaming Machines to Sports Betting and Digital. Their People & Transformation team (P&T) supports their approximately 10,500 global employees with a centralized human resources services center. For years, they have been manually responding to submitted tickets/cases for HR, Benefits, and Payroll questions their employees may have during normal business hours.
Digital transformation initiatives were underway across IGT, to streamline business processes and to create efficiencies while saving time and reducing operational expenses. The overall goal is to provide exceptional products and services with a modernized approach to improving productivity. The P&T team was seeking a new approach to transforming their current employee services, to provide real-time self-service support, 24/7 from both mobile and computer devices.
“IGT's P&T Team supports our global employees so that they can be successful in their roles while fostering our core values and culture. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant is part of IGT's P&T Digital Transformation strategic initiatives and allows us to provide 24/7 support to our team members' common HR, IT, Payroll, Benefits, and Facilities questions and needs,” said Cindy Hartman, IGT Senior Director, Global People Services.
The adoption of MeBeBot has allowed IGT to build upon the opportunities for self-service. The solution was launched within their Microsoft Teams environment in less than six weeks. Upon implementation, over 770 questions were enabled across 30 countries and more than 2,400 questions were answered in the first month. The P&T team has easily updated answers to policies, procedures, and programs. Using the feedback functionality of the solution, the MeBeBot Customer Success team has been instrumental in training the AI Chatbot for 90%+ accuracy of answers and overall employee and P&T team satisfaction.
MeBeBot is an Intelligent Assistant that provides 24/7 global employee support for HR, IT, and Ops, answering 80% of employees’ most asked questions all within the existing flow of work, in a Microsoft Teams, Slack, or web portal environment.
MeBeBot’s solution includes a curated knowledge base that is quickly and easily edited to reflect the customer’s unique culture and environment. With a crowdsourced approach to training the AI data model (utilizing Natural Language Processing and human/machine learning of customers’ aggregated data), MeBeBot ensures employees receive timely and accurate information during these times of significant workplace change.
MeBeBot is easy to configure, often in less than 30 days. Its set up and maintenance time investment for customers is low. MeBeBot includes over 300 commonly asked questions of HR, IT, and Operations that new customers can easily adapt to their unique requirements. MeBeBot commonly provides a time-savings return on investment of $250k to $1M to the customer in the first six to 12 months of the subscription
About MeBeBot
MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant, recently selected as a “Brilliant Bot” in the Slack App Directory, seamlessly installs as an app in Teams, Slack, or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT, and Ops FAQS. It also provides real-time usage Dashboards, Push Messaging, and custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions. MeBeBot’s “one-stop bot” is trusted by leading organizations to elevate the employee experience so work can be more meaningful and valuable.
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