Micro Spy Tom – Talking Tom & Friends | Season 5 Episode 4

[Announcer] We disturb today'' s episode of Dancing Dating with immediate news for all followers of the town'' s huge donut statuary. This scrumptious historic spots is going to be recovered! [applauding] That'' s excellent! I utilized to love climbing the sprinkles on that thing when I was a youngster. The cash for the remediation will certainly be elevated at a really expensive auction. And the host of this extravagant event will certainly be the town'' s most charitable person, Roy. Well, I think that anybody would help this treasure if they could. That– What? Please put on'' t think of me as a hero. That ' s something a hero would claim.- Right. Timeless hero humbleness.
– [roars] Just how do you not all see via this person? He'' s up to something! I indicate, bear in mind when I discovered the secret door in his home? Wasn'' t that suspicious? I put on'' t recognize, Tom. Homes have doors. [gasps] -I wager it'' s a coat closet!
– [gasps] Or an additional shower room! – [screams]- Men, it doesn'' t matter what it is.What issues exists'' s an expensive public auction
following door as well as we'' re going. [gasps] I ' ll bring donuts. [all gasp] [all scream] Hah! Back to my routine size. Wow! Ben, what is that point? It ' s my brand-new invention, the Shrink Submarine. It can diminish and also then go within someone'' s body to spot clinical issues. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that'' s nice. But there is much more essential– Wait a min, arbitrary question for you. Can this take you inside somebody'' s head so you can see what they'' re seeing -and discover every one of their keys?
– In theory, yes! Many thanks for taking a passion in my work, Tom.Oh, Ben, I'' m extremely interested. [opening songs having fun] Aah! [group applauding] [all laughing] Wow! Thank you, Hank! These donuts will certainly be a wonderful enhancement to my public auction. And also I see one is just for me to eat. Hmm, I must'' ve. frosted that one in my sleep. Not the very first time that'' s took place. [Tom] Secret mission log,'entrance one. I ' ve obtained Ben
' s diminish sub. and also covert my tiny self in a donut. My trip into Roy to locate evidence.
of his badness is about to begin. [device powering up] [Tom chuckling] Made it. OK. Let'' s see what you do when you assume no one ' s viewing you.
from within your eyeball. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Secret mission log, entry two. Roy is at his secret door! Yeah, this is absolutely.
not an additional bathroom.I mean, I assume that'' s also.
an eyeball-recognizing scanner. Wait, what? [screams] No, no! Should … tint … windshield. [grunts] Whoa! Ah! [groaning] [screams] [humming] Fluff, fluff, fluff. [Tom shouting] Huh? Whoa … [groaning] Ack! No! Assist! Tom! We'' re leaving for the auction! Going as soon as … Going twice … – [moans]- I'' m offered that he ' s not right here.
He possibly doesn ' t intend to be. anywhere near Roy. [phone ringing] -Hmm. Tom'? -Ben, hi, I require your help. Uh, I ' m embeded Roy ' s brain.
I, uh, may have borrowed your Shrink Sub. without asking. What are you discussing? The Shrink Below is right– [screams]- I must have seen this coming. -[ Tom] OK, now … prior to you chew out me,'you must recognize. that I almost saw proof that Roy ' s bad! Tom! I can ' t think you would certainly do. something so negligent! [whining] [Tom] Look, look, look, we can identify.

whose fault it is later.But please rescue me! [sighs] I presume this auction.
is concerning to see some action. – [indistinct babble]- Hi, many thanks for coming. Hi, come on in. Hi. Invite to your public auction. I imply, I made you tea to obtain your voice.
prepared for some fast talking. Angela, I would certainly never ever deny tea.
from a charming girl such as yourself. [laughes] Anyhow, sip, sip! I hope this works.This taxi won ' t be as smooth a ride.
as the below Tom took. It wasn'' t built to diminish! [engine sputtering] First of all, I'' d like to invite you all.
to the Save The Donut public auction. A great deal of people are saying.
I'' m a hero for doing this, yet I say you'' re the real heroes! Currently'allow ' s make certain the heroes in the back. can hear me!- Ben,'we ' ve got a code megaphone.
– What? No. His intensified voice.
will tremble us all to pieces! Up first, I chose this.
from my personal collection. This traditional work of art, a little painting called.
“” Female Taking A Look At A Rock.”” Do I listen to one thousand? Make him stop talking! Get something! However I don'' t have any type of authentic art money! Two thousand? Do I hear 2 thousand for this paint? – [Ben shrieking]- [sighs] I bid 10,000! [all wheeze] Wow! Going as soon as, going twice … Offered! To the apparently rich young lady. -What are you doing?
– [chuckles nervously] She did it. To the mind! [snapping] – [taxi honking]- Ah! You made it! I'' ll be right there! [grunts] He can'' t venture out. The mind is blocking the door.Angela, we found Tom. Yet we can ' t get to him. You need to tremble Roy to knock.
the Shrink Below loose from his mind. [moans] Hang on, Roy. Before you offer me this art, I need.
to examine it to make certain it'' s real. -[ laughes] You currently got it.- I ' ll be the judge of that. Allow'' s see if it relocates like a job of art. -[ grunts] -[ Roy moans]- Ah …-'I ' m so sorry. It ' s– It '

s OK. It ' s, it ' s fine. Simply a little nosebleed.Luckily, I never hold a public auction. without bringing a tissue. [Ben] It wasn ' t sufficient. Do it once more! [Angela groaning] She did it! Hero child to the rescue! Oh! Let ' s go! Tom, beware! Stomping on Roy ' s mind can influence him. [groaning] [groaning like a monkey] [screaming]- [blubbering]- [individuals shrieking] [grunts]- [group gasps] -[ male shouts] What kind of a public auction is this? [upset muttering]. Well, I put on ' t desire it now. You'owe me a submarine, Tom. OK. I get it. You ' re all mad.
But in my protection, none of this would. have actually happened if you all concurred with me that Roy can'' t be relied on. [sighs] Let'' s talk.
after we leave Roy'' s nose.

[gasps] We'' re almost there! I can see the light.
at the end of the nostril. That'' s not a light.'- That ' s a gigantic tissue. Strike the brakes!- [all shouting]- [Ben grunting] -[ engine sputtering] [annoyed scream] Great, the taxi'' s damaged. Currently I need to grow up inside a face. Not necessarily. If Roy sneezes, he'' ll eject the cells,.
and then us. But to make that happen, one of us.
has to stay behind to please Roy'' s nose. Individuals, I ' m gon na make Roy sneeze. like he'' s never ever sneezed before. As well as, Tom, if my sacrifice means you get.
to inform people about a door that Roy has, it deserved it. – [grunts]- Tom! You keep your fingers out of Roy'' s nose. This is my mistake. I should be the one that gets left behind. [chuckles] I wish you taken pleasure in yourselves.
and this weirdness today.That was different! Uh … However don ' t concern, I assure'. everything will certainly be entirely regular. Starting … [sniffs] currently! [breathing heavily] [all shriek] [sneezes] -Aah!
– [snot roaring] Time to booger surf. Cowabunga! [group gasps] [automatic voice] Secret room opening. Secret area opening. [demanding] Secret space closing. You understand what? This public auction'' s over. Since … shock! I'' m cleansing the statue myself. Hey, everybody, I'' m truly sorry. I went means also much attempting to reveal Roy. I actually messed up. I'' m simply thankful you ' re safe. Besides, I think Roy has something.
he'' s concealing after all. I question what it is. His awkward baby pictures? Or an awkward alien body? It doesn'' t matter. Whatever Roy is concealing, it'' s not worth.
risking my buddies to discover out what it is. No key is that important. [bad giggling] [outro songs playing]

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