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MicroStrategy, the Virginia-based provider of software solutions known for using large amounts of company cash and debt financing to buy Bitcoin (BTC), is now seeking an engineer for Lightning Network-based products.
The firm published the vacancy notice for the position on its website earlier this week.
“As a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer at MicroStrategy, you will build a Lightning Network-based SaaS platform, providing enterprises with innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and enabling new eCommerce use-cases,” reads the vacancy announcement.
The applicant should have “experience building software solutions leveraging Bitcoin Blockchain and Lightning Network, or other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technologies.”
Contribution to the development of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin’s most popular client, a Lightning implementation Lightning Network Daemon (LND), and other large open-source crypto projects would also be an advantage, per the vacancy description.
The Lightning Network is a layer-two solution that sits atop the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling instant and nearly zero-fee transactions with Bitcoin without the need to verify each transaction separately.
MicroStrategy started its Bitcoin-buying spree back in 2020 when it initially spent $250 million on the asset. According to the company’s most recent filing, to date it has spent over $3.98 billion to purchase about 130,000 BTC, making it the largest corporate holder of the asset.
Earlier this month, speaking at the Baltic Honeybadger conference in Riga, Michael Sayler, the former CEO of MicroStrategy who stepped down from his role in August, said that the firm’s developers are working on solutions that would allow to onboard large numbers of people onto the Lightning Network.
Describing Lightning as “the most important thing going on in the world in technology,” Saylor added that the business intelligence firm is searching for solutions that would enable businesses to “roll out Lightning to a hundred thousand employees every day” or “open Lightning wallets for 10 million customers overnight.”
In another September interview with MarketWatch, Saylor said that his firm was "interested in cyberspace and continue to spread Bitcoin. We’re going to use our enterprise software skills to do that.”
Saylor repeatedly touted the biggest and oldest cryptocurrency as a “safe haven” asset and “digital gold.”
Decrypt has reached out to MicroStrategy for comments, but was yet to hear back at press time.


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