MKS Gen L – Cooling Fan

today we'' re going to talk regarding air conditioning
fans on every printer there'' s normally a cooling down follower usage to regulate the cooling
of whatever you'' re printing with being PLA abdominal muscles or some various other printing material
so what we'' re mosting likely to utilize to actually cool it on the printer is going to be a.
DC brushless follower as well as it'' s 12 volts direct present so I ' m mosting likely to detail.
in a moment a little concerning what our ports are and what they'' re utilized
for. and after that I ' m mosting likely to reveal you how to set up the follower and afterwards examine the fan. here we have our adapters as you can see this is our very first connector it'' s
for. the follower then we have 2 various other adapters of comparable elevation these are.
generally made use of for extruders and afterwards we have our bed power over right here after that we.
have our in power for our whole board right here which can take either 12 or.
24 volts of power and as you can see on the board they'' ve informed you where the.
minus and also the plus are the minus is ground the plus is voltage in so each.
among these is a minus plus minus plus and after that it says plus and afterwards minus is.
obviously not composed on the board but this is the plus so today we'' re gon na
do. the fan in order to do the fan I'' ll show you in just a 2nd exactly how to in fact.
plug it in however here'' s the follower that'we ' re gon na utilize it ' s the brushless 12 volt. direct present fan and afterwards we have our power cord which is right here as well as it'' s. got a red wire which is voltage and a black cord which is ground in order to.
plug it in all we need to do is line it up use a bit thumb stress and also.
there you enter a second I'' ll reveal you how to fill the firmware.
and after that test the fan-in pronterface all right before we set it we need to.
attach the USB cables so we'' re gon na take the big side as well as attach it to the.
board and after that we'' re gon na take the little side as well as attach it to the.
computer system and you'' re gon na hear a beep currently bear in mind as soon as this light.
gets on this entire area you should not touch in a 2nd I'' ll reveal you exactly how
to. load the Marlin firmware alright in order to load the firmware we'' re gon na go down. the Marlin folder which is Marlin-1.1.8 we'' re gon na enter into the marlin.
subfolder we'' re gon na hit, ' M ', “on the keyboard scroll to, “Marlin.Ino”,
. and open that up fine now that we'' re on the Marlin folder we'' re going to enter into. the “, “configuration.h”, tab we ' re gon na browse on, “” boards””, and also what we have below.
is the, “” BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB””, this is fine to make use of with the MKS Gen L board version one because it'' s the precise very same. configuration so'what we ' re gon na use is EFB which is extruder follower as well as bed however.
we'' re only interested in the fan in this video so I can show you just how to operate.
it so what we'' re gon na do is examine our link with ports select COM4.
we'' re gon na inspect the design right here it states that the board remains in Arduino MEGA 2560 which is great because it'' s the specific very same chipset and also.
design so what we'' re gon na do is'we ' re gon na press compile and also upload.
with the upload switch as well as upload the firmware okay as you can see the USB is not.
connected to the board presently neither is the power but I'' ve attached.
the power wires for the actual powering of the board so maintain in mind as soon as.
it'' s invigorated with either among these you can'' t touch this area so I'' m going. to connect the USB cord thoroughly here after that I'' m going to attach the power for. the board in a minute in pronterface i ' ll reveal you how the follower runs all right.
we'' re in the Pronterface folder so I'' m going to click, “” Pronterface.exe””, currently.
Pronterface is open so I'' m gon na link to the printer and what I'' m going to do.
to start the follower is type, “” M106″”, “” P0″”, due to the fact that it'' s on the least expensive worth it'' s. actually on the D8 link on the board there could be one lower in this.
setup however that doesn'' t issue so then I'' m gon na type, “” S240″”, as well as press.
ENTER in the minute you'' ll see what occurs on the follower all right to switch off the fan take the 240.
away and also state 0 for, “” S0″”, and also press ENTER you can see the fan went off currently if you.
intend to opt for the rate that midway in between will say 120 and press enter as you can see the fan runs a little.
bit slower so if you liked my video clip please press such button as well as.
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