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In uncertain times, crypto investors need sources of information they can trust. This social trading platform offers just that.
The turbulence in the crypto markets has led to great uncertainty for investors.
Unsubstantiated rumors run amok on Twitter — causing panic. Just recently, seemingly credible accounts warned that Mt. Gox was about to dump 140,000 BTC on the market… even though payouts could be many weeks away.
Rampant disinformation and conflicting reports mean crypto enthusiasts often don’t know where to turn for intelligence they can trust. But one platform says it’s got the answer: Connecting experienced traders with newcomers looking for guidance.
ICONOMI allows seasoned professionals to create a crypto strategy and share it with others. From here, they have a stake in their own success — meaning they’re in the same boat as the people following their tactics and copying their moves.
This can be appealing for many reasons. Firstly, having a connection to top professionals — whose track record can be easily verified — is invaluable. And given how the crypto markets never stop, many retail investors who believe in digital assets simply don’t have the time to react to wild fluctuations 24/7. According to ICONOMI, top strategists on its site keep their fingers on the pulse around the clock — and diversify portfolios to help mitigate risk.
A promising start — but it’s important to stress that there’s much more to ICONOMI than needs the eye.
One of the biggest benefits to ICONOMI lies in how it’s a social trading platform — giving crypto enthusiasts an environment where they can talk to each other. Strategists can explain the rationale behind their decision to rebalance a portfolio — and users can seek insights and analysis from professionals with a stellar reputation.
According to ICONOMI, there are a few features that separate its copy trading offering from others in the market. For one, users retain full control of their assets at all times — giving them the freedom to make withdrawals when they wish. And crucially, the fees that retail investors pay for emulating a strategist are directly related to the portfolio’s performance.
If you’re looking for an imaginative Christmas present, gift cards are available so you can refer friends and family to your favorite strategists — and better still, users can make regular deposits and automatically gain exposure to their chosen portfolios, benefiting from a tried-and-trusted tactic known as dollar cost averaging.
But as its vibrant ecosystem grows, there’s even more to look forward to: As users grow in confidence, they also have an irresistible opportunity to create their very own strategies. It can be set up in minutes — with a vast range of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Portfolios can be adjusted and changed in one click, and they can either be private or public.
ICONOMI says it sweetens the deal through a sophisticated trading algorithm that checks over a dozen exchanges in real time — ensuring that strategists and copiers benefit from the best possible prices whenever cryptoassets are bought or sold. 
Looking ahead, ICONOMI is planning to improve its platform and develop its engine to deliver even faster trading. And to spread the word even further, engaging partnerships are planned with influencers and companies who have established a reputation in the crypto world. It’s also entering the U.K. market and now accepts GBP deposits.
For those who are new to what this website has to offer, the best thing to do is to get exploring — and see how current strategists are faring so far. There are endless vital statistics for you to scrutinize — including the current value of assets under management, the number of people copying a strategy, and charts illustrating its performance over multiple timeframes.
ICONOMI is here to stay — and could be the ultimate democratizing force in crypto. 
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