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Alli, Allganize's AI answerbot, was selected as a result of comparing and verifying the services of four vendors for the three items of AI performance, operational efficiency, and cost. Three people were required to operate the chatbot, but with the introduction of Alli, it became a one-person system, reducing the operation man-hours by 2/3.
HOUSTON (PRWEB) September 22, 2022
Allganize Inc., a Houston based AI cognitive search solution company, has added an AI chatbot to the asset management app "OneStock" operated by Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kentaro Okuda) in Japan. Announced that it provided "Alli".
In "OneStock", provided by Nomura Securities, the accuracy of answering FAQs remained at the level of 50-60% in the chatbots that were used in the past, so four vendors are moving toward the introduction of new chatbots. We compared and verified AI chatbot solutions. We set three items: (1) AI performance, (2) operational efficiency, and (3) cost, and conducted comparative verification.
Allganize's "Alli" was evaluated for three items, and was particularly evaluated as having the highest cost performance. (1) In the verification of AI performance, it was evaluated that the answer accuracy was excellent even in the unlearned state, and that the learning was reflected immediately. Regarding (2) operational efficiency, if AI training is conducted by another company, it takes about 2 days to 2 weeks, but "Alli" takes less than an hour, and the environment is provided in 1 business day.
In the case of the chatbot that Nomura Securities used before, it was not easy to modify the chat flow. However, "Alli" can modify the chat flow with no code and is evaluated as having high operational efficiency. As a result, since the introduction of "Alli", the accuracy of FAQ response has improved, and the chatbot operation system, which used to require three people, can now be operated by one person, reducing the operation man-hours.

The natural language understanding AI chatbot, "Alli", has been introduced by leading companies in Japan because it does not require troublesome tagging or dictionary registration and can be used immediately. Regardless of industry, including Nomura Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (bank), Hitachi Solutions (Sier), Nitori (retail), KDDI (telecommunications business company), Kao (consumer goods manufacturer), J-Power (electric power), etc. , provides services to more than 240 companies in Japan. In the United States and in South Korea, it is globally adopted by more than 1,800 companies such as Oklahoma State Government, Hyundai Card, KB Securities.
Hajime Ikeda, Managing Director of Nomura Securities, said, "Nomura Securities aims to provide customers with fully digital financial services by having contacts with digital solutions in addition to human contacts. First of all, I would like to increase communication with customers in the digital domain through the use of AI chatbots. In the future, we would like to create new service technology by linking Allganize's natural language processing AI with each service of Nomura Securities."
Changsu Lee, CEO of Allganize, said, "In the case of the financial industry, there are many complicated contents such as contracts, product contents and interest rates due to their characteristics. So when a customer inquires, we find out the accurate latest information. It takes a lot of time and effort to answer. Alli not only makes it easy to build a chat flow, but also provides the user experience with excellent AI performance and accurate answers to questions. We were able to be selected as a cherished Nomura Securities. In the United States, Japan, and South Korea, we will continue to enhance Alli, which has been verified through customers, and support the innovation of user experience on the corporate side. I will continue. "
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