Software And
Great Design

From first step we create algorithms first. Then planning the software to produce best profits with best safety for your money

  • Betting strategy
  • Safety for your wallet

We take contact with our team of programmers to start build our software. We make sections of software and then every programmer will cooperate in teamwork to produce first class softwares.

  • Casino bots
  • Betfair and bet365 bots

We use C# and selenium often to build softwares. Selenium gives an good way to not let casinos see we use bots to play. We also produce software with Api that for example betfair use to control betting.

  • Ubot studio with this easy drag and drop technology
  • C# as great language


and Supported
by Many


How stakeprofits bots work

Stake.com are big in business and has a stable crypto casino. 

Our bots are advanced to protect your balance in all possible ways. Even with logout after win profit reached and then log in after what you set. Completely in an autopilot way. We use only BTC in bots.

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