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how does the sniper bot works everything 
is very simple you're looking for talking on youtube or some pre-sale sites like 
pink cell dig sale unicrypt maybe some   influencers reviews doesn't matter you are 
looking for projects that interested you   and choose these of that coin which one do you 
like we just choose any which now will list it   upcoming i don't know what project 
is it we are not interested we will just show you an example we don't know 
this is normal project or a scam we don't care   we copy the smart contract 
and paste into our panel here we have it displayed now we will look 
and make sure that it's not traded empty chart   contract created but there is no 
liquidity and now we look rough bnb wallet   be sure to have wrapped bnb you trade 
on it this is a binance martin coin   here we indicate how much we want to spend 
for example 0.1 and we choose a sniper   you must have free moon coins in your wallet 
100 billion minimum to make it glows blue   we have already bought them at the time 
of making the video it is around 50 or 40   you can sell them at any time they will stake 
they will keep drawing watch our previous videos   and you will understand what is it and why it 
is profitable to keep our talking in your wallet   push sniper it start works and the price c the 
maximum price is 0.11 we don't need it we want   to buy this token at absolutely any price now 
there are a lot of tokens that have nine decimal   places that's why we bet nine nines all the price 
has gone beyond we don't care how much it costs   once liquidity is created robot will buy a certain 
number of tokens for this amount at any rate   we don't know what liquidity will be 
and what the starting price will be   at the moment 21 we will buy this 
sound of coins now what we are doing   we're rob bnb we are interested in 
trail stop and stop loss what is it   we have hints all in english you can look 
online but now i will briefly explain what is it   we don't touch next blog our robot specifically 
buys not a first block but at the next ones   so is not to fall under the spam block and 
your swap will not blocked we first saw it   we trade proud binbi sano what we are doing 
putting a trail stop let's say we bought a   token at a certain price for one dollar and 
we want to get 100 profit two dollar when the   coin reached the price of two dollar robert will 
sell it stop loss i'll show you now on the chart   our coin is growing up and it has not reached 
one hundred percent profit it's rolled back   five percent dump the robot will sell this 
coin so that we do not go negative our goal   is to reach 100 profit you can set 
profit and stop loss yourself whatever   the robot will track the price price 
going up in chart robot buys and as soon   as there is a rollback of five percent 
or more the robot will sell these coins   slippage you can set any slippage you 
can set the maximum your task is to   sell these coins as quickly as possible the gas 
price is 100 understandable standard again we have   hints everywhere standard this is the speed if 
you want to sell the fastest and not lose your   money you can put gas at 300 percent you 
will pay about 60 cents maybe 80 gasoline so let's look at our goal the robot will buy for 
the price we want in this case we need to install   all nines we don't care which price it will be 
we just buy it at any price our goal naturally it   will be less but not the essence check approve the 
robot asked to confirm that everything is correct   we say okay click on the sniper here 
is history i'll show you a little later   open trades orders have been created in 
this case the sniper status is pending   as soon as liquidity is created the robot will 
buy this coin we can stop it at any moment everything works from our servers 
you don't need to download anything   install something hackers and scammers will get 
a set to your wallets do not download anything here is our trail stop it's our profit 
at which it sells at and stop loss   at which it sells to protect your 
investment here we can change

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