Pancakeswap Prediction bot with TradingView signal Integrated

Press Introduce Bot Attach Budget Metamask Get In Personal Trick: You can produce a specific budget as well as depose the just the funds you require to play. Read comprehensive description. Establish Entrance Amount Establish Entry Betting Issues TradingView realtime Market signals configuration.3 sorts of signals
Up: entrance up
Down: Entrance Down
Quit: Do not get in Create your approach on TradingView and set alarms.As soon they set off, it will send a signal to the bot. Add alarm. A Bell will certainly call 1 min before completion of each round. Press beginning to release crawler. Log window enables to keep an eye on every action the crawler makes. Logs mentions TX success access. Go to Pancakeswap. See gotten in round. To Quit Bot press STOP button or close window.

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