PFL Challenger Series Bets Being Reviewed After Confirmation Fights Were Pre-Taped – Bleacher Report

A Professional Fighters League Challenger Series event on Friday has reportedly been flagged for suspicious betting activity.
According to ESPN’s Paula Lavigne and David Purdum, the event was originally promoted as a live broadcast on fuboTV, but the PFL later said that the fights had already taken place a week earlier. The odds had moved significantly in favor of each of the winning fighters on Friday afternoon leading up to the broadcast.
U.S. Integrity, a Las Vegas-based company that monitors betting markets, alerted sportsbooks on Saturday that the PFL confirmed it had pre-taped the event on March 25.
“As such, it’s very possible that any potentially suspicious wagering activity is indicative of nefarious behavior,” U.S. Integrity wrote in the alert, per ESPN.
In a statement provided to ESPN through a spokesperson, PFL denied any wrongdoing and did not specify the reason why the event was prerecorded before its initial airing, despite noting it was the first such occurrence in the company’s history.
“Any sportsbooks that took bets on the prerecorded program did so without the consent or knowledge of the PFL,” PFL spokesperson Loren Mack said in an email.
Mack also stated, “PFL did not include any betting lines, content, or promotion in connection with the program.”
Regarding why the event was promoted as a live broadcast, senior vice president of communications for fuboTV Jennifer Press told ESPN, “We inadvertently used the same promo copy for the April 1 show as we did for previous shows, which was a mistake. We regret the error.”
A spokesperson for DraftKings told ESPN that it had initially offered odds in several states before noticing some irregularities.
“At the time we believed the event in question was live. After noticing unusual activity on a number of fights, DraftKings removed the markets,” the spokesperson said. “We are working with regulatory bodies to determine the appropriate course of action.”
U.S. Integrity’s investigation into the matter is ongoing.
“Our goal as always is to notify the industry of any potential nefarious, abnormal or suspicious activity as soon as possible so they can take action as quickly as possible,” U.S. Integrity president Matthew Holt said.
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The latest in the sports world, emailed daily.


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