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Real Vision Bot, a trading bot known to outperform digital asset markets, has highlighted a new portfolio selection. Despite Bitcoin retaining its top position as a brand, Ethereum has the maximum share percentage in its favor.
According to the data shared by Real Vision Bot, nearly 56% of traders are inclined to trade Ethereum, with Bitcoin falling in the second position with a share of 41%. Others on the list are MATIC and SOL.
While MATIC has secured an allocation of 34%, SOL has satisfied itself with a share of 26.7%. The dollar-pegged US Dollar Coin has been placed in the fifth position with an allocation of 21%. The trading bot surveys the trend weekly and compiles algorithmic portfolio assessments to generate a consensus.
Real Vision Bot initially started as a project based on the advancements achieved in the AI segment. The developments of the trading bot were majorly based on the interviews of professionals from the financial investment industry. The Bot functions 24/7 without a break and provides insights into the prevailing market sentiments.
The team behind the Bot believes that even though suggestions made by it could sound ambiguous at times, there is always a hidden truth behind those suggestions.
A total of two surveys are conducted every week, namely:-
These surveys are conducted on the Real Vision Exchange to analyze and compare the wisdom of the crowd with that of Real Vision pros.
Anyone can participate in the survey as it is open 24/7.Both surveys differ from each other in terms of functioning. For instance, while the Macro Survey requires traders to tell their duration-specific horizon outlook, the Crypto Survey has the Bot asking traders about the tokens that should be overweight or underweight.
Several best crypto trading bots look to implement these principles to ensure that they also offer a relevant and effective outlook of the market and the portfolio held.Trading Bots have come in handy on various occasions, especially by retail investors. For a long time, they have built trading bots to simply execute trades without manual intervention. Emotions do not drive automated functioning; therefore, trades are more practical and to the point. However, strategies are to be tested without worrying about the method of their execution.
Real Vision Bot, or any other trading bot, is recommended when transactions repeat more often, time-specific execution is a priority, and the technological process proves to be complicated.Crypto trading bots are legal in various regions. They do not guarantee profits due to high volatility; however, trading bits still hold a special place when seamlessly executing transactions regularly.Monitoring is still recommended to track how well a trading bot is performing.
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