Rogue vs. Fnatic: 2022 LEC Spring betting analysis –

A battle of the undefeated teams will take place when the 2022 LEC Spring Split enters its third week of the regular split. 
It will be Fnatic clashing with Rogue, both of whom yet to lose a game this season. Now that the two top teams finally meet, it will be decided who stays undefeated and takes sole possession of first place in the LEC. For Fnatic it will be another big test for the revamped roster while Rogue will try to keep its momentum after beating the defending LEC champion MAD Lions last week. 
In this match between the current two best teams of Europe, it will be a star-packed battle with many players who have showcased great play throughout the first five games. Most significant will be the bot lane clash, where Fnatic’s Elias “Upset” Lipp is currently rocking a whopping 26.5 KDA after the first five games. 
This KDA is mainly gained from his many kills so far, but also from the fact that the German star player has only died twice in this split. This stat really shows how well Upset has entered the season and adapted to the season 12 meta. Together with support Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov, the bot lane of Fnatic has been almost untouched and could be the key to victory against Rogue. 
Luckily for Rogue, they have a strong bottom lane as well. Bot laner Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos has the second-best KDA in the LEC after Upset, currently at 15. Comp has died a few times more than Upset but has, but has also gotten five more kills. The impact of Comp has undeniably been big in this split, so it will be interesting to see the two carries go up against each other. 
With these strong carries on both sides of Summoner’s Rift, this is looking like a match that could be determined in the bot lane. While every other player on the map will also be important, it is the bot lanes that should be played around. In a meta with Jinx, Aphelios, and other hyper carries in focus, there’s a lot to be gained for the team that comes out on top in the bot lane. 
Who that team will be is hard to predict, but right now it seems like Upset and Hylissang are just unstoppable and that Rogue will need to play well in other lanes as well in order to keep up.
Rogue roster: 
Fnatic roster: 
Two undefeated teams clashing in the LEC usually means a close match according to the bookmakers and this is also the case this time. The great showings so far from both teams make up for an exciting cocktail, but with Fnatic coming into the match as the betting favorites. This is likely due to the crushing performances from the Fnatic bot lane, which is enough to give Fnatic an edge here. With that said, this match seems as close as it can be on paper, and with that there is some value to be gained in betting on Rogue. 
As the pre-match favorite, Fnatic will only give odds of 1.62 if they manage to win the match. On the other side, Rogue will give what seems like a pretty solid odds at 2.15. The value is without a doubt on Rogue in this match, but Fnatic will be hard to beat
The first-place match between Rogue and Fnatic will go down on Friday, January 28.


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