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The victor of the upcoming match Rogue and Fnatic will be granted the first of two spots in the 2022 LEC Spring Split final.
It’s finally time to find that first finalist in the ongoing LEC split, and it will be either Rogue, having been at the top all season, or Fnatic, having slowly climbing to the top of the European scene with its updated roster. 
With a convincing win each from last week’s upper-bracket matches, Rogue and Fnatic will now be ready to test themselves against each other. The teams have already faced off twice this season, both winning one game each. This sets up this best-of-five to potentially be the closest so far in this playoff after Rogue knocked down Misfits Gaming to the lower bracket last week while Fnatic took care of G2 Esports.
If you’re looking to get in on the action yourself, esports betting is one way to do it. Platforms like Bentomi will be offering great action for fans to take part, and there’s sure to be a lot of it when two big names like Rogue and Fnatic are going head to head.
In a match between two teams of this caliber, it will be the star players deciding the outcome. Pointing out one key to victory will be hard, but there’s no doubt that the jungle will be extremely important for both teams to succeed. 
Rogue has been a powerhouse in the jungle this season after picking up Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong, who has brought a lot of aggression and early-game power to the Rogue squad. Rogue has previously been known as a controlled late-game team, but with Malrang at the anchor Rogue has become a team to fear in the early game as well. This opens up some interesting opportunities on early-game markets on Betnomi such as which team is first to take down an opponent’s tower. If Malrang has his way, Rogue could be a good bet there.
Luckily for Fnatic, it will have its own star jungler to go up against Malrang in Iván “Razork” Díaz. Razork has flourished in the current jungle meta and dominated the league with the likes of Viego and Volibear. Generally, the champion pool of Razork isn’t that similar to Malrang’s, which could set up the junglers to have some fun matchups on their best champions. 
Looking at the statistics, Razork and Malrang are placed closely to each other. The two aren’t far from each other in kills and KDA throughout the regular split, while both are represented at the top of most statistics amongst the junglers in the LEC. This speaks towards how close this matchup can be and how big of an impact it can have on the result of the match for whoever comes out on top.
Rogue roster: 
Fnatic roster:
A match like this is about as close as it gets and there’s no doubt that both Rogue and Fnatic will enter with a real chance to take the win. This is also reflected in the odds, as the two teams are considered very even. Rogue has the slight edge, mainly based on the fact that it won the regular split with a better record than Fnatic. Since it’s a best-of-five format, this match will also depend on who shows up on the day and has the best preparation prior to the series. In this case, Rogue has proven to be slightly more versatile and consistent compared to Fnatic, which will be important in a series that could potentially go the distance. We will be picking Rogue to win this one, but be prepared for this to go to all five games.
A win for Rogue will give odds of 1.76 while Fnatic has slightly higher odds at 1.94 on Betnomi. The close head-to-head odds open up the possibility to bet on total games, where odds of 2.80 can be gained if this match goes to five games.
Catch this match between Rogue and Fnatic on Saturday, April 2.


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