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One of the big games to keep an eye on during the fourth week of the 2022 LEC Spring Split will be Rogue as it goes up against G2 Esports. 
When the undefeated Rogue clashes with the former kings of Europe from G2, it will be a match with a lot of individual skill on Summoner’s Rift and the chance to see a lot of great action. Usually, this would be a match where G2 is coming in as the clear favorite, but this time the roles are swapped as Rogue has gone undefeated through the split so far with a 7-0 record. 
G2 is sitting below at a shared second place position with a 5-2 record. This is a good start for the revamped G2 roster, but Rogue will without a doubt be the true test for G2 as they have been for any other team so far this LEC split. 
G2 has beaten teams including Fnatic and Misfits Gaming and proven that the new G2 roster can play together. But the team has also looked shaky in some of its matches, especially in losses to Team Vitality and MAD Lions. This still shows that G2 needs some time to find the correct synergy, especially with the brand new bot lane of Victor “Flakked” Lirola and Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé who are both still LEC rookies. 
For Rogue, getting accustomed to the new roster has been much easier for its players. Despite having a new jungler and bot laner for this season, there have only been small signs of weakness. The team is already looking like a well-oiled machine, where all players seem to be on the same page. The new jungler Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong has also been able to fill the shoes of Kacper “Inspired” Sloma, with several world-class performances so far. 
Most notably was his performance on Viego against Fnatic, where Rogue claimed first place in the standings as Malrang went 8/1/6 in the 29-minute game. This has quickly made Malrang the player that everyone is keeping an eye on, which means that G2 jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski will need to step it up and show why he is one of the most impactful veterans in the league. 
If Jankos can win the jungle matchup, then that seems to be the key to victory for G2. The team can also go out and try to disrupt the play style of Rogue and create some chaos right from the start. For a long time this has been one of G2’s strengths, and it’s something that Rogue could struggle with. 
If that doesn’t happen, then it currently seems like Rogue is simply more coordinated and better able to take advantage of team fights. Going to the late game stage against Rogue currently seems dangerous, as no one is looking to beat them in macro and coordination.
Rogue roster: 
G2 Esports roster: 
The 7-0 Rogue squad will be entering this match as the clear favorite despite G2 having shown good games so far this season. It’s hard to argue against Rogue, as the team hasn’t given in yet and has beaten all competitors thus far. This undefeated record is something that Rogue will do anything to keep alive, as they are slowly pulling away from their competitors in the standings. Keeping the winning streak alive also seems doable with the way Rogue plays and how coordinated the team is at this early stage.
G2 is far less coordinated but always has the chance to pop off in the early game. This will be a requirement for them to have a chance in this match. 
A win for Rogue in this game will grant odds of 1.43 while a win for G2 will give fairly high odds of 2.62. It’s rare to see G2 with odds this high, but with the way Rogue is playing it’s hard to argue against betting on Rogue
The match between Rogue and G2 Esports will go down on Saturday, February 5. 


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