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Leading entertainment company Globitron is releasing an NFT collection titled “B-Bots” co-founded by famous Hollywood actor and producer Seth Green, Mike McGuiness, Ben Balvanz, and Masterfile.



Globitron partner and artist, Ben Balvanz, created the B-BOTS in 1999, as a fun hidden easter egg on his font site 
Allow me to introduce @BBots1984
“Having created some of the most used fonts of the ’90s and early aughts, Ben had a cult following that was excited to find his strange little hip-hop robots dancing behind secret misclicks” the website notes.
“B-Bots are limited-edition collectibles based on the best attributes of 80s culture” according to Globitron. Special events and airdrops are unlocked by collecting all five varieties of B-Bots.
Users can interact with future web3 experiences, use it as an avatar while video chatting, and get special access to community events and drops in addition to utilizing it as their profile picture.
B-BOTS provides creators a voice within our community; for instance, B-Bots owners can vote on the distribution of project financing via Tide Pool.
Another advantage for producers who own B-Bots is the option to establish the official canon and character sheet for the B-Bot at the time the terminal is launched.
Members of the B-Bots allowlist can participate in the allowlist minting event. Allowlist spots are not guaranteed and you can earn an allowlist spot by working on this project or by winning a spot from a partner project, community event or signing up for premint. 
Premint sign-up is on September 9-24th, 2022. Starting on September 26, 2022, you will be able to connect your wallet on the B-BOTS website and see if you were awarded a spot.
Allowlist mint for B-Bots is scheduled on September 28, 2022, at 12:00 noon PDT. Public mint starts on September 30, 2022, at 12:00 noon PDT. You can get up to 5 NFTs during the allowlist pre-sale or public mint.
A total of 8000 B-BOTS will be available to mint where 2,101 will be kept in the B-Bots treasury for future initiatives, meaning there are 10,101 total possible B-Bots. 
Users can register on to have a chance of being included on the allowlist. During the pre-sale, each NFT costs 0.08 ETH. On top of this, make sure you have extra ETH for the gas fees. All remaining NFTs will be sold during the public sale. 
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B-Bots NFTs will be revealed in tranches. There are three tranches, each one determining the B-Bot rarity. So if the crate does not open during Tranche 1: B-Bots and Tranche 2: Special Edition, then the user gets a rare Tranche 3: Top Secret B-Bot.
Globitron has partnered with Masterfile Co. to provide creators with the structure, tools, and tactics needed to construct things on top of the B-Bots intellectual property.
Globitron will continue to build on the people, story, and the world they have initiated by creating narrative and collector products based on the five alpha B-Bots. The majority of funding is used to continue developing intellectual property (IP) and to pay creators to build on it.
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