[Special Clip] Robot Trains in Danger #03 | Let’s Rescue Robot Trains in Danger! | RobotTrainS2

Kay, suppose the ghost is actual? Please put on'' t leave me below alone! Hahaha, what are you speaking about, Duck? Simply wait and also see just how I manage that ghost, haha! Kay, you'' re the ideal! Haha … The ghost! Ato! Allow'' s leave right here. I heard that a ghost was seen right here last night! I heard it was consuming energy balls! I heard that Kay had no choice yet to escape. It is gon na reveal up in Sunnyland this moment. And also it always mosts likely to the power spheres! See? There’s no such things as ghosts. We have the most number of power spheres in the Watchtower, so it will certainly reveal up there. Yet exactly how? It’s too fast to catch, Genie. If we can lock it up, we can catch it. Dolo! Close all evictions when it comes inside. Yes, Genie.Now, every person go and also create some concepts concerning THE HUNT, alright? What did you bring, Kay? Me? Garlic! Andre said ghosts fear it the most! Uh, I see, haha … Maxie, what concerning you? Maxie ' s gon na catch the negative ghost with this! That behaves! You capture the ghost initially,
and after that I’ll pin it down with this. Oh! It'' s here! I will certainly begin the shutdown process. Now! We have to catch it! Take that, ghost! Well, then, take 2! What? No other way! Exactly how !? Alf! I need a lot more garlic! L-let me capture it! Maxie'' s gon na capture it! You, quit! Quit! Genie! Ha! Leave it to me! Right here we go! Wow! Genie captured the ghost! Alf! Hold him down! Oh, all right! Genie! What …

What'' s going on? Relocate! Move, spy robot! Oh? Oh, NOOOOOOO! Did I stop working again? Aaaaahhh! It'' s not a ghost, even more like a robotic …? Yea, it’s Train X again, as I expected. See? There are no such things as ghosts! Whoa! An octopus! Maxie'' s gon na play with it! Due to an unidentified breakdown,
the emergency brake system is triggered. So it’s out of order? Lift scanning began. Please wait. Right, Genie claimed … I entirely forgot that. I'' m sorry, Gary. I need to ' ve paid even more attention. Haha, Alf, do not let these points bring you down. Oh! There'' s one even more story I want to tell you.I ' ll tell you this first. Sure, I'' m up for anything. Alf is trapped inside alone with Gary? Oh, no! Gary never quits his stories when he starts! Duke has actually been detected on the highway in Mountainland. Dispatch Railwatch instantly. Fight it out! You won'' t obtain away with this. Allow ' s go! What are you doing right here? Kay, Kay! Something'' s incorrect! I can ' t'go to Mountainland. It ' s real. I need to go to Waterland, also, yet I can ' t! That ' s bad. We need to find Duke! Any concept, Victor? We can ' t allow them just stand here

. Let ' s leave Duke to Maxie. So … it was also more difficult to get up Filipe that day. So I. Ha ha ha! I see! That was a really interesting story. As well as below comes the excellent part. What? Truly? Of course! So, allow me see … ah, did I tell you that when I first met Tom … Lift scanning completed. The primary control circuit is malfunctioning. Dolo! How can I repair it? Tell me! You require to reset the control circuit. That'' s fantastic. But isn’t the control circuit outside the door? One more Railwatch participant can reset it from exterior. Kay, Victor! Where are you, men? Can you rush back and also open the lift? Alf! We can'' t return right now. The tracks are malfunctioning. Every person'' s stuck right here, unable to go! Then, go deal with the switch box! The switch box? Just how? You need to open the cover initially! See the switches inside? Press the blue as soon as, the yellow two times, the red as soon as and also the eco-friendly two times! Blue … yellow … and red … as well as … Okay! Uh …

Uhm … Did he state the red after the blue? Or was it the eco-friendly? Hmm. The eco-friendly. That wasn'' t it. I heard it! It is the red after the blue. Red! No! Alf claimed yellow! I ' m sure of it. It was red! Alf! What comes after heaven button? Tell me once again. Pay attention carefully. After the blue is … It'' s red. RED! Uh! The yellow two times. Yellow, yellow as well as next … See? It is yellow. Red, green, green. Blue … yellow … green … red … Oh, This is crazy! I don'' t know what ' s what! Kay, Kay! Did you hear me? Blue, yellow, yellow … Sorry, but I can not! It ' s as well made complex. No! We need to fix it, so does this elevator! That'' s sufficient, Alf. Kay'' s trying his best. Come to think of it,
I likewise had trouble with the button box as soon as … You already informed me that tale! Hahaha. I did? Yet I bet I place'' t told you concerning the mine train.What? A train from … the mine? Yes! It'' s a really interesting story. Hmm … I require to begin from the start, concerning Tom and Filipe! Ah. Th … the start? Hahaha … Alf! I haven'' t even began the excellent part yet! Kay … are you done yet? I'' m sorry! The mix is as well challenging … It'' s not made complex! Blue once! Yellow two times! Red once! Green two times! NOT COMPLICATED IN ANY WAY! Blue! Yellow! Yellow! Red! Green! Eco-friendly! NOT COMPLICATED, Kay! Was … that really Alf? I'' ve … I ' ve … never ever heard Alf … yell like that … Rush. Back. And. Open. The. Door. NOOOOOOW! Oh no! It'' s an avalanche! W-what ' s that? An avalanche! Maximus! We obtained ta get outta below! Run! I-I can'' t move! My wheels are icy! Quick! Drink this! Oh, this feels terrific! I'' m heating up. I think I can move currently. Simply keep pushing! Delta Booster! Optimum output! Haaaaaaaaaa-!!!.

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