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With the numerous jurisdictional challenges over the years, sports betting companies have always been on the lookout on how to remain afloat.
Their efforts have led to the mushrooming of sports betting apps that are now making it easy for wagers to place their bets. The result is gaming companies, sportsbooks and punters around the world have embraced sports thanks to the growth of mobile technology.
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Here, we’ll help you find the right cricket betting app for you and also explain why the future of sports betting is mobile. Ready? Let’s get started.
Why Mobile Apps are Gaining Popularly
A few years ago, mobile phones were considered a luxury. Today, a mobile device is an essential communication tool. What is more, modern mobile phones have exceptional abilities such as taking clear photos, sending encrypted messages, and attaching high-resolution videos.
Some mobile phones come with unique features such as large capacities, something that enables them store a lot of information. With this alone, app developers have realized how best they can use these hand-held gadgets.
 In 2019, CNBC published a report showing that more than 73% of all the people that will access internet by 2025 would do so using their smartphones. Another report says that more than 3.5 billion people across the world have smartphones.
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Even before then, we are witnessing a situation where a majority of punters placing their bets solely on their hand-held devices.
Portability is one of the main reasons why punters are using their smartphones to place their bets. Another reason is security. Apps are secure because they encrypt your data to shield it from cyber attackers.
For instance, in 2015, one in three people found it easy and fast to access the internet using their smartphones instead of desktops and laptops. That number has definitely risen. Presently, over 60% of those that want to access the internet use their mobile phones.
The Effect of Online Gambling on Mobile Users
Since the largest shift of land-based casinos to online casinos, many people have found it easy to place their bets from their comfort zones. Today, one does not need to visit a land-based casino to wager.
Instead, anyone willing to wager can do so while driving, relaxed at the beach, while inside a plane, and even see results live thanks to sports betting apps. With the number of people owning phones ever increasing, it is now easy for gaming companies to increase the stake.
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For the few that still consider land-based casinos their sole and perhaps best places to wager from, they still use their phones to send or withdraw money. Some casinos have even created their own apps, enabling clients to wager solely using their mobile apps.
The increase in the number of mobile phone users has also brought to the rise in mobile sports betting apps.
Top Mobile Sports Betting Apps in 2022
If you are looking for the right mobile-friendly sports betting app this years, there is more than enough for you. App developers have come up with sports betting apps that take care of your needs.
In your search, you might come up with some of these mobile sports betting apps:
Bet365, named after the 365 days of the year to show its reliability is one of the popular mobile sports betting apps. One of the things that make Bet365 stand out is it allows users to access over 140,000 events throughout the year.
In addition, Bet365 has live streaming, which enables users to watch certain games/events live. Some of the games you can wager on Bet365 include soccer, Irish horse racing, basketball, and tennis.
The mobile sports betting app is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play Store.
BetFair is for those who want to broaden their wagering options. The mobile sports betting app allows users to wager on cricket, rugby, greyhound racing, tennis, horse racing, golf, boxing, and even political elections.
Other things that make this mobile sports betting app unique is live streaming notifications, same game multi, in-play betting, and two-tap racing bets among other features.
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William Hill
William Hill has been around for a long time. For some reason, this mobile sports betting app delivers high-end in-play scoreboards. Like most mobile sports betting apps, William Hill enables punters to wager on table tennis, football and boxing among other popular sports.
With features such as flash odds, bet boost, #YourOdds, cash-in, and race boost, William Hill will continue to be among the top sports betting apps. To download it, you need to visit the App Store or the Google Play Store.
The list of mobile sports betting apps will be incomplete without the mention of PaddyPower, one of the world’s easy to use mobile sports betting apps. The app is designed in a manner that makes it easy to navigate.
Even if it is your first time to use mobile sports betting apps, you will place your bet without a hassle with PaddyPower. Unlike most of the mobile sports apps, PaddyPower gives fast access to several casino games.
Some of the casino games you are likely to access using PaddyPower include giant grizzly, roulette, blackjack, quantum roulette, spin a win, and blue wizard among dozens of casino games.
With an elaborate dashboard, you can complete registration in less than five minutes. The deposit process is also simple.
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With BetVictor, you can create your own sports betting markets, which enables you to choose diverse custom bets. All the odds in the BetVictor mobile sports betting app are updated in real time, giving punters an edge.
You can also cash out in a few minutes as long as you have attained the required threshold. BetVictor has a plethora of different sportsbooks, which explains why many punters prefer using the app.
Final Thoughts
There is no doubt that mobile sports betting apps come with many benefits. Some of the perks of wagering using mobile sports betting apps include convenience, exceptional features, a plethora of gaming options, access to Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, and incredible user experience.
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