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Following their respective wins in the quarterfinals, DK and T1 will go up against each other in the semifinals of Worlds 2021. It will be a battle between the two Korean giants: the old legacy and the new generation of players. Who will prevail and go to the finals? We’re going to look at how these two teams have done so far and what we can expect going forward.
As usual, we will break down the LoL Worlds Odds and likely in-play outcomes at the end of the article. (Odds are courtesy of Bet365)
If anyone can do it, It’s Faker.
DAMWON Kia continue their undefeated run at Worlds 2021. The Korean 1st feed dominated MAD Lions in the quarterfinals, with a quick 3-0. Now, they will go up against their compatriots T1, led by the legendary mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.
DK’s strength continues to be their top side of the map. Both Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and Heo “ShowMaker” Su are keeping their consistent level of play, but the shining star of this Worlds 2021 for DK is Kim “Khan” Dong-ha.
The top laner has been a core element to DK’s success. He’s very comfortable on his carries, and he’s being gapping all his counterparts during the tournament. It feels like we’re seeing the peak player from a few years ago. Considering it will probably be his last year of competitive, it would be perfect for him to end as a World champion. Once done, he will take the mandatory military service.
After missing out on last year’s Worlds, T1 made the best possible return in 2021. Not only they came out first in their groups, but they also quickly beat Hanwha Life Esports in the quarterfinals. In some way, T1’s run has been similar to DK’s.
Just like DK, T1 fixed their problems towards the end of Summer. The top side of the map has been improving steadily, and the mid-jungle duo is working really well. However, T1’s most important elements are the bot laners. In particular, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok is always ready to roam around the map and help his teammates, while Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong scales safely to be the late-game win condition.

If we’re taking the two bot lanes in a vacuum, I think that T1’s is favored. DK, however, has a much stronger top side of the map. It will important to see how these two teams will play and decide their strategies.
With that being said, I think that DK is the better team and will advance to the finals (1.40x). They’ve been such a dominant force this Worlds, and don’t seem like they’ll stop. T1 will surely have a chance, and it will likely come down to their coordination between support and junglers. Whoever creates a greater impact, especially around mid-top, will probably win the series.
Our prediction on the score is a 3-2 for DK. MAD Lions almost took a win against them in quarters, and I expect T1 to be able to capitalize more effectively on the enemies’ mistakes. The odds are also very good in this case: you’ll get a 4.50x return on your investment.
I think that the first game of the series will be played slowly, as the momentum will be important throughout the series. There will be a lot of focus on objectives, so betting on over-4.5 drakes is reasonable (1.72x).
Korean teams play with a lot of composure, so they’ll break the enemies’ base gradually, in order to force them into a mistake. As a result, I suggest going over-1.5 inhibitors (x1.66): it is a very good opportunity to make extra cash and make the most out of this series.
We have DK and EDG advancing in our Worlds 2021 Pick’ems.
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