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The LCK Spring Split has reached its finale. T1 have been absolutely sensational right through this season to the point that they are now unbeaten and in the final. That is sheer and unprecedented dominance, like the League of Legends world has not seen before. Gen.G are here to compete and give T1 a run for their money.
How will the final of the LCK spring split pan out? We break it down below.
T1 vs Gen.G LCK Spring Final
Let us start with an infamous split from T1. They finished the regular season of spring with 18 wins out of 18 to comfortably lead the standings. On account of finishing at the top, they just needed to win one match in the postseason to make the final. And that they did with aplomb, beating Kwangdong Freecs 3-0 to make it all the way to the final.
T1 have been led expertly in the bottom lane by Gumayusi, who averaged 5.09 kills per game along with 1.93 deaths and 5.6 assists at a KDA of 5.54 and a creep score of 339.4 in the regular season. He was even better in the playoffs with returns of 4.67 kills, 0.67 deaths and 7.67 assists per map at a KDA of 18.5 and a creep score of 273.33. His continued production will be key to whether T1 can lift the title.
One of the best players in the world Faker owns the middle lane for T1. And this season has been no different as he has razed his way to returns of 3.72 kills, 1.88 deaths and 5.47 assists per map at a KDA of 4.88 and a creep score of 280.51. These two players, marshaling the mid and bot lanes, will be crucial to T1’s final. Zeus has also been solid in the top lane with returns of 2.81 kills, 2.3 deaths and 5.56 assists per map at a KDA of 3.64.
If the final ends in a clean sweep, T1 would be the first team to complete a perfect regular season and a perfect Playoffs run. I doubt that record can be beaten any time soon in the LCK.
The challenge for Gen.G would be to somehow take T1 off their game. How exactly do they stop the train of confidence and momentum coming their way? And how do they stave off Faker and Gumayusi in the mid and bot lanes? Gen.G have had a solid season of their own, finishing second in the regular season standings with a 15-3 record, which included five straight wins to end.
Then, in the playoffs, Gen.G were faced with a tricky encounter against Words runner-up DWG Kia. That match went all the way to the final map, but Gen.G came away with the win to make the final. Beating DWG Kia has been a challenge that many have failed in Korea but Gen.G will certainly take some confidence away from that result.
Gen.G also have their own capable mid and bot laner pairing, which includes Ruler and Chovy. Ruler, in the bot lane, managed 4.2 kills, 1.46 deaths and 5.46 assists per map at a KDA of 6.63 with a creep score of 324.17. Chovy has been the team’s most efficient player, with returns of 4.24 kills, 1.44 deaths and 5.97 assists per map at a KDA of 7.08 and a creep score of 311.44.
This will be a final between two of the best mid and bot laner pairs in the world. This will be a final between two teams that are at the top of their game, at the top of their confidence levels. Based on the historical evidence from this season already, it could be T1’s season simply because no other team has even come close to beating them, including Gen.G.
I fully expect T1 to win this final with either a 3-1 or clean 3-0 scoreline. The LoL odds on T1 winning outright are rather low (1.17), guessing both scores individually will still net you x2.43 or x3.11, meaning you can place a single bet on each scenario and still end up in the profit.
There are also some interesting markets to look at in terms of exotics:
I expect Map 3 to be the fastest in the series regardless of how the first two play out. T1 plays their best matches in Game 3 traditionally and i expect them to fully stomp Gen.G there in quick fashion.
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