Talking Tom and Friends – Friendly Customer Service (Season 1 Episode 2)

Big news: we lastly released the large
upgrade of the Chatting Ben application! Better late than never ever, right, Ben? Tom launched it! It’s not prepared! Now there’s numerous mad customers, I do not have time to deal with the insects! We’ll be great. I obtained Hank to assist with customer support. What? You said, the Ben application will not.
quit burping? I understand exactly how that is! Ha. Similar to the app.Now what

were you claiming again? Hello? Hello? The application will not also open up? If I were.
you, I would certainly call and whine. Yeah, I don’t actually understand technical scrap, however maybe you can help me with an issue? See I obtained this ingrown toenail … Which’s why Hank is no more.
assisting out with customer care. What’s this piece of junk? This is the solution to our abrupt increase.
in customer care calls! State hey there to Gilbert. Gilbert? Why’s it called that? It’s called after the 2 people that.
developed it, Gil and Bert … Great … They remained in such a rush to get rid.
of it they virtually provided it to us! I bet this was hi-tech back at the turn of the century. Let’s see if Gilbert works! Hi, and welcome to client.
service! Just how can I help you today? Tech assistance! I believe you said, “neck as well as spork.”.
If this is appropriate, press one.If this is not proper press the asterisk, adhered to by.
the function key, adhered to by the pound indicator. Where’s the function key on the … What? I think you said “I do not have a function trick.” If this is correct, press the function key. If this is not deal with, push any.
diagonal series of switches … Not yet. Wait up until the tone. You waited also long. Bye-bye. You informed me to wait! Genuine reducing edge technology. Not a problem. We’ll simply need to.
program it to act more human. A lot more human? It’s prime regulation is to respond to.
inquiries with the appropriate solution. People are horrible at that! No, no, no … responding to questions appropriately isn’t important … Then what is essential? Being pleasant. Up until you deal with all the pests in your application, we got ta provide Gilbert a new prime regulation like: “Do not let people go until they’re your good friend.” Reprogram? That would need.
something like I do not understand … Like a shows wizard! I understand if you can’t do it … Naturally I can do it! I did it! I configured Gilbert with a string.
of compassion commands to accomplish his prime directive.It must make

him ultra congenial. Or you recognize … as friendly as a computer system can be. Hey there, I’m Gilbert. Just how can I provide you with outstanding customer support today, my pal? The update! It keeps crashing! And cold! I hear you, friend. That’s rather irritating. We’re working with a fix now, bro. On the other hand, can I inform you regarding the application’s great new functions? … the app has an entire brand-new room filled up.
with – well, I’ll let you see what’s in there yourself.Wow! Gilbert,

I can’t wait to check it out. Hey, before you go, can I just verify.
that I supplied you with friendly customer care? You know, in fact you were pretty friendly. Pretty friendly? No male, begun. I can not allow you go until I know we’re friends. Yes, We’re definitely close friends. I’ll call you tomorrow. Did you see that?! He complied with the protocol perfectly! Gilbert, I believe you as well as I are going to get along just great. Me as well, Tom. I’ll call you when the upgrade prepares, my good friend– if I can call you a close friend … I can? Great! Listen to me. You are a solid, confident … Gilbert has things under control, so what.
do you state we head out as well as have some enjoyable? I’m still repairing insects. Penalty, remain right here as well as function, however I simply told Angela to fulfill us at your favored entertainment park– the Enchanted Headache! That does appear delightful. And I can utilize a break. Come on, she’s waiting for us! Hey, that intends to ride a roller rollercoaster?! I can not wait to ride my first.
roller rollercoaster with my buddies! I’ll be like woohoo! Do you understand what I’m stating? Gilbert, you can’t include us.Why, Tom? Trigger you’re a voice mail. I assume I obtain what you’re saying … Okay fantastic. So we run out here. I can not allow anybody go till we’re friends. You recognize what I’m claiming? Gilbert, Tom was just kidding. We’re all good friends right here. Haha. Oh! Buddies joke about. I obtain it. I had not been joking. You can not speak to it like that. We have.
to ensure Gilbert assumes we’re its pals! Currently let me power him off appropriately so we can … I have actually obtained a better idea. Tom? Are you attempting to unplug me? Let us go! You dumb container of circuits! Those words were not pleasant … not friendly in all. Consider this! All because you.
configured Gilbert to be a nutjob! Don’t condemn me! We would not be in this circumstance if you didn’t desire to cut corners and also release.
my app prior to the bugs were worked out. Sorry, I assumed you were far better at your task! Hi there! Hey buddy. Tom wishes to ask forgiveness.
for attempting to disconnect you in the past. Right, Tom? Yeah, you know what pals state …

Forgive and also fail to remember! My voice-detection software can tell.
you’re simply being counterfeit as well as condescending. Whaaaat? Begin, that’s absurd,.
Gilly. We’re absolutely pals. No, Tom, we’re not friends, that’s.
why I’m going to reprogram you. Reprogram me … how? Just a little shock treatment, Tom. Below’s a little test to see just how much.
you learn about me. Very first concern: What’s my favorite shade? Blue? The proper response is red. Okay! Not blue. Red! Why are you stunning me? So you’ll remember. That’s in fact real – an emotionally billed … People, let me in! That’s Angela. Hey, Gil, do you mind if I let her in? Never, Hank. We’re close friends. You individuals, I am out here. Let me in. – This is our opportunity.
– Obviously. Hank! Why did you shut the door?! It’s cold! I think you intend to tell me where you were? We made a decision to stay in and hang around.
with our good close friend Gilbert.Yep.

You see, his programs won’t.
allow us go until we’re his pals. Provide me a break. You can not be buddies.
with a foolish voice mail. Whoa! “Foolish voice mail?”.
Angela, I assumed we were friends. Oh, sorry, Gilbert. I didn’t suggest to – wait a 2nd, why am I asking forgiveness to a talking flowchart? – Do not talk with my pal like that.
– See, Gilbert, we’re defending you, that' ' s what buddies do for each other. Individuals, do you desire me just to disconnect this thing? Guy, what is your problem? I can see I’m going to need to show you.
just how serious I have to do with my friends! Pals … Are you my close friend? No? You must be destroyed.Guys, what is going on

? Ben set Gilbert to be a monster. What? No! Once more- none of this would have taken place … Quit it, both of you, it’s Gilbert. that does not comprehend friendship, not you. Angela’s right. Anticipating a computer to make buddies with clients, I am sorry, Ben. No, I need to have known. A computer can never ever be your close friend. Which means, Gilbert’s prime regulation is impossible! That’s how we beat him! Okay, here’s the suggestion … I do not have any friends. You should be damaged. Invite to customer care! Exactly how can I assist you today? Yes, I need some guidance. There’s this person.
that I believed he was a pal, yet currently I don’t assume so. And also why do you believe he isn’t your buddy now? Well, he forces individuals to associate him.
and also take him places …

As well as if they don’t do what he wants he also gets hazardous! Oh, man, you should eliminate him from your life, since a person that imitates that is not an actual good friend. Perfect. That’s what I wished to listen to. Before I allow you go, can I confirm that we are buddies? Um, no … You simply informed me not to. What? That individual I simply informed you regarding …? That person was you! As well as currently, Gilbert, I’m going to hang up on you. No! I can not let you go until you’re my good friend! However Gilbert, you yourself told.
Angela not to be your good friend! Just how can you tell her to be your good friend,.
as well as likewise inform her not to be your good friend? No, reasonable! That’s a trick question! No, pals, close friends, have to be pals, friends until completion. The old trick concern eliminates witch. Many Thanks, Captain Kirk. I ultimately released the pest repairs for my application. It prepared. We checked it …

say goodbye to reducing edges. And everybody appears to such as the brand-new variation. They love it! I must understand, I respond to the phones now. Hello there! This is Tom – not a robotic. Just how can I help you? Hi, I intend to speak with my buddy Gilbert. Gilbert? We removed that stack of scrap! What? Say goodbye to Gilbert? Did you understand he was my pal! Nooo !! – Hello There Gilbert. Are you my buddy?
– Yes. And buddies will do anything for each other, ideal?.

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