Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest: 2022 LCS Spring betting analysis –

The 2022 LCS Spring Split is entering its second week and will bring a matchup between the LCS Lock In champion Team Liquid and league underdog FlyQuest.
After being knocked out by Liquid in the LCS Lock In quarterfinals, FlyQuest is back this week to get its revenge. The team had a perfect 2-0 start to the split last week, taking down both Counter Logic Gaming and Golden Guardians. Liquid fell to 100 Thieves in its opening match but bounced back against Immortals. 
With these first-week results in mind, this game between Liquid and FlyQuest might be a more interesting rematch than most would have expected after watching the LCS Lock In tournament. There is no doubt that Liquid is still a strong team, but it looks like FlyQuest is also slowly improving and learning from its mistakes early on in the season. 
After watching the first week of games this split, there is no doubt that the bot lane will be crucial for whoever wins this match. With Liquid having picked up former Rogue bot laner Steven “Hans Sama” Liv in the offseason, the team has a strong and consistent carry in the bot lane. 
The same goes for FlyQuest, even though Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen often flies under the radar. This changed during last week’s two games though, as the Canadian bot laner absolutely crushed his opposition with a total of 18 kills during the two games played. The first game against CLG was his most dominant, where he finished with a score of 11/1/7 on Jhin. 
These performances have echoed throughout the whole of LCS, making this upcoming match against Liquid very interesting. Usually, most people would count out FlyQuest when going up against such an individually talented team as Liquid, but if Johnsun keeps up the momentum then there’s a chance for a big upset. 
Pulling off a performance like this against the likes of Hans Sama will obviously be difficult, so Johnsun will have to look for a comfort pick in champion select. Following that, he will have the confidence to see if he can outplay Hans Sama alongside experienced FlyQuest support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black. If that happens, then we might be looking at a closer match than expected. 
On the other hand, if the FlyQuest bot lane falls behind it seems hard for the team to take a lead on the map. The individual level of Liquid is high at every position, meaning that there is no room for error. 
Team Liquid roster: 
FlyQuest roster: 
With recent results and the individual players from each team in mind, there’s no other way around this match than to call Liquid a big favorite. This is despite Liquid dropping a game to 100 Thieves last week and FlyQuest currently sitting at a 2-0 record. Going with FlyQuest in this match will bring a lot of risk with it but also a high reward if the team pulls out the upset. In this case, we would like to bet on Liquid. The edge that Liquid gets in each lane due to individual skill is simply too great to go with FlyQuest in this one. 
Going with the obvious choice of Liquid in this match will give odds of 1.24, which should be combined with other matches to give a reasonable return. FlyQuest will give high odds of 3.65, but it seems unlikely that it will win
Team Liquid and FlyQuest will clash in the LCS on Sunday, February 13. 


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