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On September 30, 2022, Tesla Inc TSLA will host its second annual AI Day. Loup Ventures managing partner Gene Munster shares his take on what the event means for Tesla investors.
What Happened: The second annual AI Day will showcase artificial intelligence, software and chip development and other technological advances for the leading electric vehicle company.
Munster is excited about the event as it provides updates from the company and CEO Elon Musk.
“It serves a second purpose of outlining the company’s progress and long-term vision on the topic,” Munster said.
Munster expects this year’s event to be similar to the first AI Day, with focuses on humanoid robot Optimus and Tesla’s full self-driving.
“AI Day II is already a win for Tesla. As investors we believe that AI Day will be combination of hard-to-understand technical jargon along with optimistic comments from Elon regarding the timeline of FSD.”

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Why It’s Important: Munster said some people, including Tesla investors, may feel like little was added to the Tesla storyline at the event.
“That takeaway misses the point: Autonomy is coming, and no other automaker has more progress than Tesla has in advancing its potential,” Munster said. “Eventually, Tesla will get it right and FSD will ship. And, once again, the company will be years ahead of its competition.”
Munster points to Level 5 FSD being mentioned by Musk since 2018, but the technology currently costing $15,000 and being in the Level 2 to Level 3 range. An update released by Tesla recently provides improved features, according to Munster.
“We believe that the latest updates underscore how even some of FSD’s basic driving behaviors still need refinement.”
Munster said AI Day is a chance for Tesla to present use cases for FSD and how the technology is advancing to save lives, something that could help with naysayers who think it won’t ever be approved by lawmakers.
Critics of FSD cited by Munster include the NHTSA, Ralph Nader and The Dawn Product.
Along with the focus on FSD, Munster sees AI Day as a chance for Tesla to show off a working Optimus prototype, something Musk has hinted at.
“While the odds of seeing a working prototype at the event are low, we view Tesla outlining its long-term obstacles related to the humanoid opportunity as time well spent given the size of its addressable market.”
Munster said the global market for physical labor is bigger than U.S. manufacturing labor.
“It’s a massive market, even bigger than the $2.5 trillion in annual global car sales.”
While AI Day II could offer repeats from the first annual event, Munster shares reasons why investors should be excited to get an update on the progress of FSD and Optimus and what it could mean for the future of the company.
TSLA Price Action: Tesla shares were down 2.51% to $270.21 on Friday.
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