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3.7 million traders use various automation tools ranging from simple scripts that automatically buy or sell assets on exchanges to complex solutions like arbitrage bots. A contemporary auto crypto trader is a great product that offers its users endless opportunities to get rich effortlessly. However, we do not imply that you have to just pay your way to large profits.
Since most bots operate based on inputs from technical indicators or other traders, their efficiency is directly tied to how well you choose trading patterns or well-performing traders to follow. At the same time, the quality of chosen instruments also matters, especially considering how complex everything is in 2022. We have plenty of interesting products that have been causing a commotion in the international community of investors. Some products are better than others. However, many have minuscule differences that many traders don’t notice.
Let’s talk about some of the best automated cryptocurrency trading software that you may be interested in! We have found three excellent solutions from multiple service providers.
WunderTrading is well-known for its reliable DCA and GRID bots. However, the simplicity of their DCA product is what many users appreciate. You don’t need to spend much time setting up a well-performing distributed-cost average bot. It also can work on spot markets meaning that you can use it to slowly accumulate a massive amount of coins.
This bitcoin auto trader is a tool that requires little to no initial tinkering. Preset templates are quite good and will buy assets better than many humans. By removing stop loss scenarios and selling altogether, you can create a script that will buy more and more bitcoin or Ethereum to your balance and spread the price across multiple periods to ensure that the average price is better than buying many coins at once.
This strategy works best when used by people who want to invest disposable income without compromising their life savings. If you plan to hold BTC and believe that it will appreciate in the nearest future, this buying pattern will be a great choice!
This platform has one of the best arbitrage bots out there. It is the best automated crypto trading solution for those who want to utilize triangular and regular arbitrage in their trading routine. The triangular bot works by comparing three different pairs of assets to find discrepancies in prices and earn money by creating several sequential orders to capitalize on different relative evaluations of assets.
The regular arbitrage bot is a specialized algorithm that compares the prices of a certain asset on two or more exchanges to find moments when they diverge. By longing for an asset on one platform and shorting it on another, the bot makes a profit.
Cryptohopper has an easy-to-use solution that has enough complexity to attract experienced investors. On the other hand, the somewhat limited selection of exchanges may discourage some customers.
Mirror trading is one of the most popular types of automation. It has roots in Forex where it proved its efficiency when used to copy well-performing investors. Currently, you can choose from thousands of active traders on a multitude of exchanges including Binance, FTX, BitMEX, ByBit, KuCoin, OKX, and Coinbase Pro. There are other exchanges also integrated with WunderTrading.
You can start following any number of traders and order robots to copy their trades to ensure that you are not missing out on market opportunities that experienced professionals see better than novices. Prices of plans are democratic. With over 41 thousand daily active users, this platform is one of the best in the market. If you need an auto trading crypto bot that will instantly copy the actions of successful investors, this is the best choice in 2022.
Automation can be extremely helpful in many cases. While it is used mostly to diversify a portfolio or slowly accumulate assets, there are many other niche applications. In theory, you can automate all your actions on the market and create a system that does not require any intervention to perform better than your average trader.
However, choosing the best automated crypto trading app is pivotal. Since the 2010s, the market became diluted with way too many options. It is hard to find good services that will increase your profits while avoiding risks. Some argue that having too many bots is never a good idea and that humans have an intuition that often becomes a decisive factor in trading.
The opposite is also true. When it comes to cryptocurrency, automated trading is often necessary. The market operates 24/7 and does not tolerate hesitation. Robots are best suited for environments where reaction time, determination, consistency, and endurance are the most desired qualities in a trader.
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