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The LCK has been for many years an incredibly secured contender for World’s titles, however the last couple of years its domestic league  has been in a downward spiral. With only 2 maximum 3 competitive teams in the league itself, it is relatively hard to improve and come ready to the biggest stage in League of Legends esports.
Nevertheless, those 2 or 3 teams are filled entirely with top tier talent that can absolutely fight and win Worlds. In the following series we are going to take a look at the best players coming from the LCK region into Worlds 2022. A lot of incredible talent will be presented in this list from multiple lanes, so let’s enjoy our final entry in the series, the bot lane edition!
Gen.G Ruler
Ruler is currently enjoying one of his best splits, and as Worlds is almost set to start, he will be looking for his second Worlds trophy. This summer split, Gen.G achieved the highest winning percentage in individual games in LCK history. Gen.G managed to win 28 out of their latest 31 individual games, with Ruler being the stable rock behind this incredible movement. 
In the LCK finals against T1, Ruler put in an incredible performance, finishing the series with a 26/2/5 total scoreline. What is most astonishing is his champion pool, Ruler is coming to Worlds having played a total of 13 different champions in the Summer Split.
His consistency in gameplay will be key for Gen.G to finally win their ever fleeing Worlds title, now that they broke the curse in the LCK by winning the 2022 Summer Split.
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T1 Keria
The pillar of T1’s aggressiveness and adaptability, Keria comes in as one of the most versatile and mentally strong players within the LCK and Worlds. He has played a huge total of 23 different champions, and most stunning, in the support role.
Going from a peeler champion such as Tahm Kench (his highest played pick in LCK0, into an all in laner like Nautilus, and finishing with an enchanter such as Yuumi. You will find Keria can do it all, while shotcalling beside a mastermind like Faker.
Nevertheless, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. T1’s main reason for the “underwhelming” LCK Summer Split performance, was in fact the bot lane. Especially in the finals, where Gen.G’s experienced bot lane simply outplayed them both in draft and within the live server. It is well known that T1 is a strict and old school squad when it comes to champion picks and overall draft strategies, however normally Keria was the exception to the rule.
As we mentioned above he played a total of 23 different picks, with incredible success on the 2022 LCK Summer Split. We expect this kind of adaptability to show up at Worlds, where T1 will absolutely need their MVP support to show up and make a difference. Check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!


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