The Complexity of Horse Racing Betting

You may be a complete rookie when it comes to horse racing betting, yet before you go to a race track and place a bet for the first time, you can help yourself by reading a little bit in advance. You can explore horse racing information websites, and have some idea of how the horses in the day’s races have performed in the past. And you also need to have some understanding of how the betting procedure itself is conducted.

That sounds easy, but it gets complicated when the race entries chosen are in more than just the “win” category. Bettors can choose not just one horse, but also combinations of first, second or third place winners. For example, if someone bets on a first-second-third combination, then this bet is called a trifecta. They will only win if all three horses place in the order the person bet on. The simplest betting involves choosing a horse either to win the race, to “place,” meaning it finishes first or second, or to “show,” where it must be somewhere among the top three finishers.

Check the horse racing board for the odds, and then place your bet. The minimum bet at a track is usually two dollars, though you can certainly place larger wagers. At the betting window, you’ll be expected to be able to list several things quickly. When it comes to horse racing betting, you need to be swift, as all bettors in line behind you must place their bets before the race starts. State the race track number, the race number itself, how much you’re betting, what type of bet it is (win, place, show, combination bet, etc), and of course the horse number.

It’s likely that once the race is run, you’ll be tearing up your ticket. It takes awhile to get the hang of horse racing betting, and most bets don’t pay off. Even if you bet on the favorite, everyone else is likely to have done so too, meaning that if the horse wins, then everyone gets a payout, which is therefore likely to be smaller. Yet you wouldn’t be wise to constantly choose long shots for all of your horse racing betting picks either, because you’re likely to lose more money that way. After making a few tries with small bets, you’ll probably find a balance that will make your betting experience exciting, but keeping it from getting out of hand.

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