The Social Life of Accomplishment

What occurs when individuals “attain”? Why do responses to “accomplishment” differ so greatly? As well as exactly how might an anthropological research study of accomplishment and also its effects enable us to establish an extra nuanced design of the determined firm that runs in the social globe? These concerns exist at the heart of this quantity. Making use of study from Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA, and also Latin America, this collection creates an ingenious structure for discussing accomplishment’s numerous effects-one which unites advanced academic understandings right into national politics, psychology, principles, materiality, aurality, personification, impact and also story. In doing so, the quantity developments a brand-new schedule for the research study of accomplishment within sociology, stressing the relevance of accomplishment as a minute of social development, and also the intricacy of “the up-and-comer” as a subject placement.

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