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this video is sponsored by we watch The Adams Family is an absolute classic of a spooky themed tale and they ruined it everything these days is getting an animated re-release and so many of them are just bad and this from what I've heard is one of the worst The Addams Family 2019 never saw it at the time I'm actually not familiar with any Adam's fan material because I'm a pleb so let's make this my first introduction this is the terrible animated Adams Family Yep this is an animated reboot cramming in a modern song there are mother exists exist form of them yet ghostly thin legs drilling their boots and their makeup is their parents ashes oh my God as she walks through the streets to her wedding ceremony ah Gomez and Morticia are being wed [Music] what is the dress code in this place there's a pilot outfit a furry coat is this just because they're going to reuse the models at the end of the film but then the civilians rise up against this Adam's tradition and so while CORE family get out of there there's references Galore but I don't get a lot of them so I guess I'm just going through the kids experience of meeting the family for the first time does The Hunchback have a history with a women's prison years [Music] why are they referencing that one song we put the lime in the coconut yeah and drink them both up but whatever with all these villagers always out to kill them The Addams Family choose to relocate to a new safe place somewhere horrible somewhere corrupt somewhere that they were in their right mind would be cut dead in nicely done this is my love that is a dead mesh so it is what the [ __ ] what kind of joke is that and then as they travel in the night they hit someone an escapee of an insane asylum thank you old boy lead the way and thus they're Frankenstein monster Butler is established and they get their theme tune straight away on the organ though it's a little bit too heavy-handed on the fan service for my tastes almost crass in how much it's winking at the audience you know [Music] that's good though and so we jump ahead to present day with all the kids the house still trying to get everyone out but it's relieved with coffee Lurch literally dusting the house and see they really just did that in a child's movie what a relatable hand I'm liking these character gags but now the kids are to be woken up and Wednesday desire something interesting for this tedious day only to notice a bicycle Bell out of the grounds that flees before confrontation and as for Pugsley set up for soul practice with Dad only to turn it into a rocket ship action sequence featuring Matrix dodging crash fake outs and more lame jokes ah they blow up so fast these days before the bombardment of explosions finally backfires on the boy and he crashes back to reality 15 minutes and there is still no plot and I'm guessing that that whole action sequence is a hint to how there's probably not going to be any more excitement like that for a while and prepare for that slowdown because this scene is a stunner Gomez here is here finally introduced a plot as Pugsley needs to practice his swordplay for an event that brings all the atoms together for the first time in 13 years and it genuinely feels like a parent talking to his child in the garden cause it's boring look at these shots I I know we just had an action this is getting a little too real there's no creativity in this theme just gags you've seen before that they don't even animate here it's off-screen and so it's dinner time I was gonna complain about how so far this movie is kind of just a hangout movie only to realize that was kind of what the good Adams Family movies were but once again here it's all mostly normal again [Music] foreign Pugsley is throwing knives there is a lion around briefly and then Uncle Fester rocks up through the window before sitting down at the table but it's still mostly just talking for being in the animation medium you'd think there'd be a lot more usage of that fact but it's played so dry and not in the good way there's nothing out there but boring Marshland there must be something we never go anywhere Wednesday wants to investigate outside the ground but it's disallowed and fester comes early to help with sword fighting that's the plot from this scene Socrates come oh wait that thing's called Socrates as well we literally just covered a character with that name in the last terrible episode I'm sorry this camera's so up close moving on we're now introduced to the real plot of the movie 20 minutes in with hag trying to sell real estate it's always the real estate business in these cliche fests but now on the scale of an entire neighbor what is that design is that meant to be a normal human I get why Morticia looks like she could snap in half but look at this guy's head it's why have you got all the characters looking so deformed when the atoms are supposed to be the odd ones out and this lady looks like she's walked right out of an illumination movie that at least makes sense actually as it's turned out during the early phases of development this was intended to be an illumination project in 2010 illumination entertainment acquired the rights and began work on get this a stop-motion animation and who was Penn for that well none other than the Tim Burton himself what and then development stopped and we got this instead Bland 3D Aesthetics that look both too bright and too flat but I'm too colorblind to break down why the shadings of this movie don't work or something anyway remember that girl from outside the gates she's her daughter and tells the news that I found a creepy Mansion up on the hill did hag not scour the area before their plannings and naturally Parker here is shoot away the movie's only an hour and 45 minutes but boy does it need to pull out all the stops to pad out the run time anyway because there's no substance here here's the kids playing in the garden Pugsley missing with his giant ballista on Wednesday burying him boredom is a serious crime but hey nice symbolism with that red balloon is a horror reference is that the point of it there's also the occasional Flair with Wednesday's Dolly Zoom low angle lighting pupil shrinking stare but it's not much oh the balloon is actually important there's usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these oh not symbolic and subtle direct but it's an artifact of fun as is the confetti that tastes like candy floss candy how do you know what cotton candy tastes like this it was my youth I made mistakes it's weird it's like a 50 50 coin flipper whether a joke lands or not to me I hate one and like the other regardless now the family noticed the neighboring town as they've drained the swamp and lifted the fog and now Lurch is playing piano again for more of that Adam's Family theme tune foreign remember those those classic piano notes kids well clearly not but your parents will give us a good review on Rotten Tomatoes because we we love our nostalgic pandering who needs plot lines anyway what is wrong with these takes you don't even want to see the other ones that is literally just a transition scene Miss needle here is also now coming to discover the atoms after spending an embarrassing amount of time making a joke how she refuses to look out the window despite everyone's reactions and so the family come in to view the new town am I stupid or does Gomez look like completely normal I guess his face is more forward than up but like how can this coffee shop be so disgusted by his appearance he looks like one of them [Music] Jesus Christ look at that bindly little legs I could pick my teeth with those limbs there's only two body types in the human world snappable and rollable it's literally just parsley and Wednesday again this is abhorrent character design at least it works with the atoms because they're supposed to look weird but then I realized how lazy even these designs are as off of the backs of that original Tim Burton pitch MGM announced in 2013 that they would produce this film basing it off The Addams Family comic which when you look at that Source material yeah it's literally just these designs put into 3D talk about basic at least Wednesday now has nooses in her hair I like that so the kids sing their cheesy song we all recognize that one of the girls is that Parker girl from before and then Uncle Fester sings as well only to scare everyone away you know these beats but now miss needler's here to greet them okay and she has a pitch to beautify their ugly home who knows how that's gonna go and they accept out of courtesy for accepting their new neighbors even though they specifically wanted to run away from humankind to somewhere safe and unpestered foreign so is that your only role in this movie Just soundtrack gags and heavily leaned references oh brother but now we're back at the house we learn of the Adam's sword display tradition Pugsley gets a baby sword that squeaks on every swing Fester hunt him the Google gaga baby training sword which I guess is funny but wouldn't they have covered this ages ago like last time he was supposed to be training and the humans arrive of course Parker is a streamer and while the adults are coerced indoors Parker [Music] has the teenage experience because this movie knows this demographic's not gonna watch this crap so it's not insulting the youth that are actually watching it and it gets the parents giggling instead damn kids and their phones but now should be the fun part a crazy horror house attacking in its quirky ways and we're off piranha plants living polar bear rug and Pugsley Pugsley has been climbing the walls in anticipation [Music] this is the kind of fun I would expect from animated Adam's Family horror references and more slapstick impossible gags I like that kinda wish pugs needed it more like a running gag that he travels everywhere via the walls like a weirdo just in the background or something but anyway as Margot here begins to eye up the house let's take a look around shall we you start to realize this house is actually really nice like yeah they dusted the place earlier and maybe the candles have gooped a bit too much but this is still an Immaculate aesthetic Mansion maybe it's just because reality is a lot more tolerant than these cartoon caricatures of what is deemed evil but it also just really doesn't work when you're looking at this unfolding and then when we do get something genuinely ominous for this real estate business and here's our bottomless pit they give us a shockingly out of touch and day to joke with we called this surfing the web is the Target demographic for this movie people stuck in 2004 or something it's a shame because I really like some other gags they've shown off but then they always shove a stale joke like this in there to really ruin the move it's impressive how formulaic it is to this love-hate relationship but if you're liking this terrible series come subscribe or catch me on Tick Tock how about that if this movie is doing dated jokes I'll do the same and if you have more of a craving for the terrible let me draw your attention to under control over on we watch for this spooky season I have done a recording of my entire reaction to this Dreadful film plus I made a drinking game too we watch allows you to watch full-length movies with your friends like a video call and you can co-watch influencers like me as well you don't need a subscription and there are loads of demos but if you want to see under control with me use the code trollf30 for a free ticket to the first 30 people or if you never got around to Watching Me versus Sharknado there are an unlimited amount of free tickets with the code Daz Halloween 22.

This is a special Halloween drinking game that I certainly couldn't do under YouTube's rules so come here to see some exclusive content of mine now Sharknado will be free until the end of the year and any viewings of these unique recordings directly supports the channel so I hope you enjoy check out the links Down Below in the description and as long as you're on Google Chrome you are good to go for movie watch parties over on we watch with Parker outside Wednesday is free to meet her now creepily chatting as they peruse ichibod the tree that's a nice Dynamic location but I can't find this crossbow joke funny she keeps hitting the uncle and he keeps disregard cutting it okay is the extra joke here that she clearly should be missing but it still hits him also punkley is getting flung around violently across this Mansion just to always be lined up for punch lines to some gag and it's weird separately the jokes are fine but putting them back to back like this makes this whole thing feel less earned so what does Margo have to improve the house it's really not much to do to make this place perfect no kidding her suggestions only reach this one room which is to knock down two walls the ceiling and replace the floor what about the other 50 rooms is the gank she's saying to delete the whole thing then mention more than just this room plus logically it's more of an exterior issue since it's an eyesore problem I know the logic doesn't matter that bad but how hard is it for her to try and Pitch pinkifying the outside or something to irk the family this plot already isn't going hard but this tangent is truly the outcome of putting zero effort in but in two weeks is the family gathering and the businesses big finale is this flamboyant running problematic if you're going to caricature certain types of people why not have everyone so slapstick and Goofy roughly the wrong way that one person is cartoonishly gay and the other one oh you know just runs normally come on give me some arms in the air over the top running too everyone be goofy and as a final kicker to the end of the scene Gomez interprets the 50 houses plan as an invitation for the whole family and they're chased off with a gate that munches on food love it full conflict is in swing we very briefly get a scene of Wednesday requesting to go to school it's worth skipping the only gag is that Wednesday is in a jump scare mood but the delivery isn't even close to well done and now here she is immediately spotting Parker and her school bully I'm not locked up in here with you you're locked up in here with me oh no she's cringe and now Wednesday is in the mood for challenging The Establishment here's Margot stirring up drama for the adults on social media which is shockingly on brand for that demographic falling for fake news but you could bear that that will go over their audience's head haha funny stupid teenager and then we're back to Wednesday again this time with a masterful scene where she in fact resurrects her frog in a dissection class this is a classic gag in the making and they're Zombie Frogs Frankenstein reference well I see why the animation isn't generally that gung-ho they spent all their efforts accurately hitting piano keys what a waste anyway it's time for another Adam's appearance this time with Grandma she appears through the fireplace and then we're back to the boring elongated shot reverse shot sequence and finally Wednesday comes home with a nice cliche twist rebelling to be non-gothic for the thrill of how mother responds so she plans to do it some more with Parker gotta also love a modern gag that filters don't affect Wednesday was it written by three people but only one of them was good or something how do I love and hate elements of this film like look at this Morticia is now having a seance call with her dead parents perfectly lining up for a gag we heard earlier the sconces were a gift from dead relatives if we get rid of them they'll be terribly hurt the next time they visit anyway they calm her concerns for Wednesday oh yeah there's the sword fighting plotline the boy is not just the Butterball punch lines but was the last time we saw this plot oh 21 minutes ago in a one hour 20 minute movie [Music] and so pugly obviously fails not in in Grande way though that'd be too interesting I failed him Fester you have Gomez why are you training him when there's only one day left there was a two-week time jump in the last 21 minutes [Music] Thank you Grandma we already have a band congrats you found the joke that perfectly split me down the middle I hate the Music Choice uninspired pop culture moment but the premise is pretty alright you know when digging more into the production details of this movie I came to find out this film had a measly budget of 24 million dollars to animate the movie but mgn chucked in 150 million for its Global Marketing campaign 150.

I remember vividly being hounded by Adam's advertising everywhere it was rice posters with cringy taglines animated recipes and makeup tips lottery tickets food collabs with KitKat cereal cereal bars Hershey IHOP icy this is just ridiculous and clearly the main point Adam's family is more than just a story it is a brand and gaining the rights leads into so much profit when used in every way possible and apparently across all expenses used this Project's gained a net profit of 72 million dollars triple the animation budget but half the marketing so they're hired for the event Wednesday rocks up in pink and Parker has gone all Goth hilarity ensues now go wipe that depressing goop off your face you first and that's enough to spark more attacks on The Addams Family it's more neighborhood peeps so it's not really a progression at all is it nothing has changed since the 15 minutes last time we were here this dance routine doesn't really look all that difficult apart from step four they're literally always on two feet just a couple splits here and there [Music] say use your feet if you're gonna show it to us directly multiple times you should probably put in at least a little more effort and then Wednesday pops up saying she's leaving and now Morticia is sad [Music] if only you followed the advice of your parents and just trusted her instead resetting every time we see you make the movie go longer [Music] hey finally Lurch is an okay joke I mean it's been done before and I kind of wish it was the actual VA singing but you got a roof for what you can with such an underdog movie besides he's already the director and writer so you can't ask for too much so this is potentially the guy who makes or breaks this movie also directing Monsters Vs alien and sausage party and Madagascar 3 and Shrek 2.

It's the sad song for the sad characters but I'll probably get copy strike for showing too much so skip mango is on a call with her boss and has the Bodacious claim that I intend to bring the house down reminder so far she has done almost nothing and her final task is still the same one from when she first discovered it [Music] song now we're raving on another one if you're wondering why it's the Hairball is introduced with Snoop Dogg it's because that's who voices him meanwhile the teens discover Margo's hidden spy room mostly because Parker can't stand not having a phone because you know that's a personality you can write in depth and with the Spy room comes hidden cameras in all the new houses and there's our science teacher Ms Gravely putting her and then the mum catches them and jails them in the Attic literally kidnapping them I knew I should have picked to live with my dad she's a divorce kid that's the joke and down in Town The Adams Family have all begun to arrive with spider cars and hedge hair and all time to initiate the big plan what we always do Glenn help people it's that damn neighborhood up again and Parker is the one who can't put it down what does this ever achieve all this time it's a plan of action to congregate by the way Hotel Transylvania 1 released seven years before this and it's suddenly feeling very much like a hotel experience hmm hmm and now all the humans are starting their mob March but the Torches are on their phones this movie is weirdly phone-centric but I don't think it's smart enough to be doing commentary on it also the teens immediately Escape their kidnapping and now in the final 15 minutes it's all coming together all the atoms are here barely even given gags they're just background characters as we see the two grannies argue and then we initiate the Berserker event starting with some ceremonious reading foreign and now the transition into manhood oh what the [ __ ] this took me two years to grow on my chin and we're supposed to just roll with that anyway seriously and now it's finally time for the sword display dance the saber berserk ah finally a hint of theatrics I guess all the animation has been saved up for the big finale huh and now apparently the whole dance was footsie tricks that wasn't in the book and the whole sequence is now an involvement with the entire family each fighting or dancing or getting in Pugsley's weight somehow it's nice to see but none of this was established and I feel cheated none of this was part of the training then it's over and Pugsley gives up saying he has led his father down I was so focused on doing things the traditional way I forgot to let you be who you are right because that's how you write an ending to this Arc cliche out of nowhere and logically against everything the atoms are standing for parksy's character wasn't even being oppressed unless you count disarming his explosives which were still prevalent afterwards anyway just an oof all around and then [Applause] the whole house is soon to come apart and The Adams Family need to protect their family again literally go ahead show them what you're good at and then pugly goes on to commit 52 murders perfectly committing to that traditional dance the moment he uses a bomb because that doesn't shatter the entire idea that the traditional dance was meaningless oh and in keeping this PG-13 Pugsley only attacks The Boulders these guys may be monsters but they're not criminals okay sometimes they're criminals but only Petty ones nice why couldn't we have gotten more of this oof you know up to this point this has been a pretty flat movie it looks flat the voice acting is flat and the writing is pretty flat in a lot of places and it irks me that I enjoyed every other joke and despise the other half but what's especially frustrating is imagining just what gold it could have been with the stop motion again and Tim Burton's touch so it still had Chris melodandri an illumination on board back then so perhaps it was a horror story to begin with it stopped development for a reason in the end this movie made 203.7 million dollars at the box office Emma's more than profitable enough for a sequel but Finn wolfhardt didn't return as pugsy makes sense he was probably the weakest anyway but good for him with Scripps as lazy and outdated as this I don't think anyone can pull off a grand performance and as all the family is cornered and trapped you think they're all gonna die but of course not they have a family holiday to go on in the sequel and Wednesday is here hope I'm not crashing the party cliche and everyone is pulled to safety suppose they all gently come to terms with their safety and the loss of the house even the regular humans start to see them as people as a family that's a much less evil way of putting it and of course Margot is still full Nazi and then in standard expositing ways Wednesday explains they have all have hidden cameras installed in their homes and tells of the secrets everyone has that makes them all freaks and so they finally turn on Margot listen Lemmings man now another connection with Norm of the north Lemmings are being mentioned what is going on with me lately I expect you to convince those brainless peons do you hear me actually mom everyone can hear you you've been live this whole time oh and it's another cliche writing scheme I should really make a terrible movie bingo card yep you know how it goes exposed to the world means canceled off the air surprisingly a cliche that gets more relevant and as a sorry from the town everyone helps rebuild their house back up hilarity ensues not really and the town is transformed as the atoms move into the 50 unsold houses and Uncle Fester gets with Margot her breath is like a baby's diaper I didn't think he said breath the first time and with the newly refurbished Luigi's Mansion and the spirit inside cursing it because apparently that's how it works they pose for a picture Allah the original original Adams Family and they call it a day there oh no not quite they've got to Faithfully recreate the original opening theme a nice reference for nostalgic fans but again pretty heavy-handed but I can appreciate the effort for detail [Music] okay piss off we're done now but on that I guess we'll cover the holiday sequel next year or maybe all the strange freshly animated marketing for now my name's been Daz you didn't really care and I'll see you in a bit foreign

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