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Singapore, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Top 8 Finalists for the 2022 Season One Era7: Game of Truth World Cup Tournament have been revealed on the 27th of Sep.!
Coming from all corners of the world, including Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Vietnam and the other country, the Top 8 players will start their final journey on the 29th of Sep. to compete for the WCT S1 Champion through the last four rounds of battles!
Element, the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading marketplace, also announced on September 23 a strategic partnership with Era7, BNB Chain’s TOP light competition GameFi project, to help sustain the world’s first NFT card game light competitive tournament “Era7 WCT”. At the same time, Element will continue to promote the cooperation and innovation of NFT ecology and help more welfare events and activities.
This emerging tournament has gained recognition within the industry. Era7’s another main strategic partner, Fundamental Labs is a leading Web3 and crypto venture capital firm focusing exclusively on accelerating fundamental innovations, mass adoption of blockchain tech, and creating value for a better digital society. While in the field of GameFi, it was the innovation of Era7’s continuous EsportsFi Ecosystem that took their  fancy,
Meanwhile, as The CTH Group’s diamond level strategic partner, Era7 will participate in one of the main Web3 conferences of the year, MiamiWeb3 held by The CTH Group and the City of Miami.Era7 and Fundamental Labs will work closely and work on building a sustainable GameF Ecosystem.
What will be the reaction to the combination of eSports and cryptocurrency? This is not about FTX dropping $210 million to title the famous North American eSports club TSM (Team SoloMid), or G2 Esports, Team Vitality, 100 Thieves, all these eSports teams issuing NFT, but imagine that all your gains in the gaming world, including but not limited to Every coin you earn in Azeroth, every piece of equipment you lay down in Eldon’s Ring, every story you experience in DND, becomes the only, and tradable and realizable, virtual currency on the planet.
It is true that not everyone can accept such a setting, and traditional games may not all be suitable for combining with crypto currency, but card games are a good breakthrough. The reason is simple: players of Magic, Hearthstone, Pokémon, and all kinds of ballista cards have long been used to exchanging their beloved decks with money, and there is a relatively unified consensus on the value judgment and circulation of each card. And the addition of cryptocurrency, so that all kinds of props in the game have a more secure, unified, high-circulation nature, but also let the interests of players get a greater guarantee.
Era7: Game Of Truth as a TCG game, from this idea was born. In simple terms, this is a game where you fight in a field of 3*3 on each side, and if players simply want to experience the charm of this game’s combat, then they can have a lot of fun without spending a penny. Including combat values, special abilities, thinking about the position, opponent prediction, etc.
If players want to go a step further and experience earning cryptocurrency with their skills, it’s time to get involved in real eSports. ra7 has a very stable dual token economic model that allows players to be guaranteed their benefits. It also combines the core advantages of blockchain and eSports by introducing the world’s innovative and leading concept, EsportFi, which uses blockchain technology and DeFi financial attributes to drive the game. Move your fingers to get fun and happiness and real benefits.
If players are no longer satisfied with playing against AI bot and want to give their poker skills a bigger stage to showcase, Era7 World Cup Tournament Season1 will meet such needs and allow players to realize themselves in an unimagined way. Era7 is already on the way to building a long term ecology for WCT, continuing to expand the BUSD prize pool through continuous player participation. The ultimate goal is to create a global prize pool of top tournaments. This is an eSports experience like no other in the web3 space.
Players participation allows eSports, long term tournament ecology to be linked through continuous prize pool incentives. It allows users to further focus on the act of playing and earning in WCT tournaments, refer to the deck choices of more outstanding players, and gradually shift from pure in-game asset reward returns to more cash reward competition channels, thus enabling the in-game card series and dual tokens to be fully consumed and used, optimizing their own decks and forming a virtuous economic cycle.
E-sports, is not just about positioning, shooting, attacking and defending, in Era7, players are able to think and work hard in exchange for their beloved decks, meet the challenges of their opponents with their unique tactical understanding, and achieve the admiration of others and the rewards of reality with victory.
When crypto currency is combined with eSports, the possibilities immediately become infinite. Such a product not only provides users with a competitive game mode and revenue, but also ensures security, fairness and circulation, effectively safeguarding the user ecology, product and Token ecology in the long run.
Era7 has opened the journey of WCT Season 1 on 9.11, and all players can participate in it to win high crypto currency rewards.The tournament supports spectator mode throughout, and also has influencers live streaming to accompany the spectators, so that both participants and players can experience the joy of the game.
On October 1, the winner of WCT Season 1 will be revealed. It is very exciting to see what deck and strategy the strongest king will use, who will win the ultimate prize, and how many waves such an ongoing event combining eSports and blockchain can make.
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