The world’s first robot hotel “Henn na Hotel” 🛏 Amazing Japan trip with interesting items

I have remained at the globe'' s very first robot hotel! There were great deals of intriguing devices in the room along with the robot. Please enjoy it till the end! Excellent night. I'' m at Hamamatsu terminal where it rainfalls today. I thought I'' d go residence tonight. I have something to do in Tokyo early in the morning tomorrow. I decided to remain near here tonight. The rain and also wind are pretty strong today! It was that hotel that I reached after strolling for about 8 mins while turning my umbrella over numerous times along the way.We will stay over night at this “” unusual resort”” today! This is the world'' s very first robot resort “. “Strange” is a concept that assures to maintain changing. So the one that will welcome you in the entrance hall is … oh! The robot will deal with the check-in procedure. You can select from 4 languages besides Japanese. Get in the needed details on this touch panel. After entering the election, address, as well as contact number, we will make the repayment. You'' re looking best beside you. There are a number of kinds of rooms, yet the cost was 8100 yen. After making the repayment, you will get the room key and check-in is full! In a manner, it'' s the largest highlight of this resort. Well after that, I will certainly bother you. He will certainly bow effectively. Next to the front workdesk, there are features that you can take openly. There are toothbrushes, brushes, razors, dress and more.There were also smartphone cleaners as well as disinfectants. You can likewise rent a virtual reality headset. After that, I will certainly most likely to the area on the third flooring that I scheduled. In fact, it appears that the entire floor on the 3rd flooring is made with a certain idea. I will present it before going to bed. I ' m expecting seeing'various interesting things in the room ♪ It ' s a type that turns on the light by inserting a card key.How wonderful! It ' s stylish and beautiful. It

is big sufficient to sleep alone. The view from the window is … Workplace buildings welcome you. You can see Tokyo Tower on the top floors. Free takeaway slippers are big sufficient. There are two hangers. There is additionally a safety box. It ' s huge enough to hold a purse'or smartphone. Phone calls to the entrance hall get on the bed. There is additionally room under the bed. A little luggage is most likely to fit. There is a remote control as well as a pamphlet on the workdesk. There is additionally a handout for Domino ' s Pizza residence distribution SIM cards.There is likewise lighting to light up the desk.

This is an emergency light. It shines just by eliminating it. It is a system that disappears automatically when you place it back. There are two push-button controls lined up nicely. One is for the ac system installed on the ceiling. The various other is for television. It ' s fun to see TV at the inn. And also this box stands apart in the space. What is it? There are numerous touch panels on the door. When opened up, it appears like a refrigerator, however it ' s not cold. Actually, this is'the automated clothing cleaning up device “LG styler”. It eliminates creases as well as smells “from clothes and also also disinfects them. I chose to try it with my own clothing! Hang the t-shirt on the wall mount as well as established it. It appears that there is additionally a function to care for the folds of the pants, yet given that it was jeans, I passed this time.You place your trousers below. The usage is pasted on the touch panel. Check the water container under the

machine and activate the maker! There are different modes and also it looks like a cleaning machine. There were some settings I didn ' t understand. Include beverage as well as sterilization, as well as begin cleaning up! I ' m expecting exactly how it will be finished. It makes a great deal of sound, so it seems'better to do it while you are awake. Incidentally, the television has a Chromecast. For that reason, you can watch YouTube and Netflix from your mobile phone. Allow ' s take a look at YouTube. Oh, you can see it appropriately ♪ Incidentally, Wi-Fi is likewise comfortable. After all it is powerful and also fun to see on a cinema. A smartphone can operate YouTube as opposed to a remote. Please also look into my main channel. Unwind for a while while watching the video … I ' m mosting likely to buy dinner! It was excellent! It ' s raining. It ' s late at evening'and also I can just secure. The shops are quite closed, as well as if I wear ' t do anything, I ' ll most likely to an ease store.Oh, I located Shohei Otani. I want you to make an exceptional performance this year also.

Well, this location is likewise near to Tokyo Tower. The elevation is 333m. The typical price of illuminating is 21,000 yen a day. And also I arrived at the Yoshinoya. When I saw the sign, I wished to consume beef bowl. Nevertheless, I ' m only doing takeout. I will acquire it and also consume it at the resort. Besides beef dish, I also purchase raw eggs and also pork soup. After purchasing, take the slip and also await it to be completed. It appears that you can likewise get in the store with the touch panel.I will go back to the inn when I purchase it. We will stop at a comfort store heading

. I procured a drink. I ' m residence. Will it react when approaching? Oh, it ' s the same as when signing in. By the means, there are vending machines as well as cleaning equipments on the first floor. I don ' t usage it for one evening today, however it ' s helpful for travel and service journeys. There was likewise an ice maker. Oh, it appears like cleaning is over! Which one … oh, it ' s warm! It additionally has a nice fragrance. This behaves. And below is the refrigerator. I ' ll maintain what I consume alcohol tomorrow closed. There is an electrical kettle so you can steam water. Well then, I will. Yes. scrumptious. As well as raw eggs that are indispensable for beef dish. Added beef. Butajiru is also really glamorous. As well as beer after job is indispensable. This suffices lovely ♪ Hmm, it ' s the most effective. Of program, the beef bowl is also scrumptious! Stir the eggs. This is tempting. The most effective ♪ Gyudon, the most seen restaurant of the year. Tonight is likewise tasty! The pork soup is likewise packed with active ingredients as well as is pleasing to eat.I finished eating in no time while consuming alcohol beer. Thank you for the meal! Let ' s take a

bathroom. It ' s tidy and glossy. The toilet is geared up with a washlet. Besides body soap,'there are shampoo and conditioner. The water stress in the shower is enough. Soak in warm water leisurely. Ah ~ Heaven ♪ Feel revitalized with a hair dryer. After leaving the bathroom, massage therapy your feet. There is a massage machine called “Sorachi”. Put both feet as well as activate! Oh, it feels quite stifled. By the method, why is there such a massage therapy maker in the area? That ' s because this space collaborates with Phiten, which knows to Hanyu and others. It seems that aqua titanium, which has a soothing impact, is contained in every location such as wall surfaces, floors, and also ceilings. It appears that the seating surface area of this chair likewise consists of aqua titanium.The corridor is the very same, and the whole flooring on the third floor is the idea area. Well, I ' m kicked back as well as I assume it ' s

time to head to bed. The cushion is a shiatsu pillow collectively created with a therapist. It appears'that gold is embedded in the plumes of the futon. luxury! After that, wrap it in gold and take a remainder ♪ It is practical to have a USB outlet at the bedside. Good morning … good! It is excellent climate. I will have the yogurt and combined juice I got the day previously. I ' m impatient and also I ' ll put in a layer. I don ' t have much time, so just a little. Well', how is the surface? This is also fluffy. It has a good scent. For the time being, I shower to maintain myself awake. It ' s about time to have a look at. Hi! greetings! Have a look at on the touch panel. Simply get in the room trick. thank you for assisting me. The eyes don ' t match.That? Did you get sidetracked if you walked around? Well, I don'' t wish to see cancer cells. Excuse me. By the method, I ' d like to take a time off today, however right here is the male staff. Well, that ' s all for the within of the hotel, yet there are some intriguing things outside. There is an electric kickboard that you can quickly make use of in the city. It ' s not an unusual hotel solution, yet it ' s a port. You can utilize it'instantly using your smart device application as well as charge card. I will certainly reveal you exactly how to use it in one more video clip. Allow ' s get on. I ' m anticipating it since it ' s my very first time to utilize an'electrical kickboard. If you kick it a number of times and make a run, you can ride it with both feet. Oh, this is enjoyable! The restriction is 30km, however the optimum rate is 42km. It really feels odd to stand and

run. It feels like a bike. It ' s very easy due to the fact that it increases at the touch of a switch. There are also turn signals and horns. Free participants are a little expensive at 250 yen for 10 minutes or 1000 yen for 60 mins. Nonetheless, it ' s enjoyable sufficient just'to use it for taking in the sights. Ah ~ it was enjoyable ♪ Then, allow ' s go. I consume breakfast'before I finish my errands.I got in the Doutor before Hamamatsucho

terminal. Doutor hasn ' t been in a lengthy time. Milan sandwich and also iced coffee(681 yen). The crunchy bread is delicious, isn ' t it? Yeah, it’s scrumptious! I took pleasure in the breakfast leisurely. Anyway, it was an interesting hotel. Nevertheless, I hung around without seeing humans, but it was comfortable. The world ' s initial robotic resort, I hope'it will certainly be handy for those that are interested! That ' s it for this video clip! Thanks for your following video.

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