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Top Esports are currently on a 6-win streak as they will face RNG in their only series in the LPL Week 5. Will they defeat the current MSI Champions, or will RNG stop their streak? – Both teams want to keep close with Victory5 and JD Gaming atop the standings; a win this week would ensure this.
Let’s break it all down.
TOP vs RNG LPL Week 5
Top Esports continue to be one of the best teams in the LPL. They lost to RNG during the Spring Finals, which put them in the shadows for a while. Now that the summer split has resumed, TES are convincing everyone with their performances, including beating some of the other contenders.
The team has always played around its super carry Knight, who has showcased one of the largest champion pools we’ve seen so far. 9 unique champions played across and has the highest KP within his team (78.7%). With that being said, JackeyLove is the highest damage dealer, as he takes almost 29% of the team’s total damage.
TES enjoys playing through mid and enabling Knight to make impact on the side lanes, depending on the draft. Top laner Wayward is usually the one playing weakside, as he has only played one game on Jayce.
Similarly, Royal Never Give Up continue with the playstyle they’ve always had since the Uzi days. Playing for GALA is the main objective and throwing all the possible resources to make him carry the game. RNG had great success in their Week 2 match versus FPX by having Gankplank on top to use global ultimate and stop any potential threats at bot. They’ve actually used Gankplank to great success throughout this split, and Breathe seems more and more like the right call made, during in the LPL Mid-Season roster shuffle.
With that being said, RNG is trying to become less and less GALA-dependent and Breathe and Xiaohu are taking up the roles of secondary carries.
The series will be close, as I think that the two teams are similar in terms of power levels, with the different roles balancing each other out. When it gets so close, the drafts will always have a major saying in this. RNG will likely take away Ahri who Knight has been super comfortable. After that, ADC should be taken off the board: Kalista and Senna are potential picks for both teams, together with Zeri. I’m expecting all of them banned.
The next potential bans on the list are going to be Wukong, Viego and Gwen. The first two are two of the strongest junglers and Gwen basically has no bad matchup in this meta. It will be curious to see whether RNG will ban JackeyLove’s pocket pick Draven, as that might be a key to the team’s success.
After all of these picks, Gangplank, Lee Sin, Corki and Azir will all be priorities for the two teams. Top Esports might default to weakside and not flip the bot lane, while making sure they can get fed elsewhere. I’m surprised the LPL doesn’t play much Volibear, but it’s extremely strong when it comes to forcing plays and dives on side lanes.
Overall, I think that it is going to be one of the closest series we’ve seen so far in the LPL. I’m definitely expecting a 3-game series, but guessing who strikes first is not an easy task. Small thing worth noting, RNG have almost always dropped a game against other top teams.
If we consider recent form, Top Esports come into the series favored and that’s why I’m giving them the edge. Betting on the winner might be a risky call, but there are many more bets you can make to earn good returns. Below you can find the best ones:
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