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During a recent stream, xQc revealed his all-time wagers through online gambling website Stake, totalling over half a billion dollars.
Gambling streams have become a popular and controversial part of the Twitch ecosystem as creators livestream their exploits on a variety of gambling sites. Streamers like xQc and Trainwreck have been among the most notable talents on the platform to engage in on-stream gambling. However, other top talents like Asmongold, Amouranth, and Pokimane have been heavily critical of the growing trend, with Twitch itself even making a statement about the issue. Now, during a recent stream, xQc revealed the massive amount of money he has wagered throughout his gambling.
The increase in popularity of gambling streams on Twitch has brought a wave of top creators on the platform looking to pick up on the trend. Among the talents to take up online gambling, xQc has easily been one of Twitch's most notable creators to join in. The streamer has even admitted he believes he has a "gambling addiction" during a stream, but continues to wager significant sums of money through online gambling. Now, xQc has revealed that he has wagered over half a billion dollars during his gambling streams.
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During a recent stream, xQc revealed his total wagers through his many gambling streams in response to an article from Bloomberg about online gambling. Through gambling website Stake, xQc showed that his lifetime wagers total up to over $685 million across a total of 656,376 bets. The statistics from xQc's Stake account also showed his win-loss ratio of his bets with 63,057 wins and 583,405 losses on the website. Notably, the total wagers do not necessarily equate to how much money xQc personally has put into Stake, rather being combined with any winnings from bets on the site.
xQc's claims came in response to an article from Bloomberg claiming the $119 million total he had wagered in May represented the site's earnings through a promotion code. Gambling streams have increasingly become a central focus on the streamer's Twitch channel with xQc regularly streaming his gambling on Stake. The streamer has come under fire from colleagues on Twitch multiple times for his shift into gambling content. xQc has also seen his YouTube channel temporarily banned and an age restriction placed on his Twitch account, though neither were related to the gambling streams.
xQc's massive wagers on Stake come as the Twitch community has increasingly been rallying against gambling-focused streams. Asmongold recently reached out to US Senator Ted Cruz to discuss gambling in video games with the senator later responding to Asmongold during his podcast. Many Twitch viewers have even petitioned the site to see gambling streams removed from the platform altogether. While the future of gambling on Twitch remains unclear for the time being, xQc has certainly left his mark on the website's gambling community.
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